ErockIT pedals its way to 50mph

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ErockIT.jpgTalk about a weird combination. The ErockIT is a human-electric hybrid — we’ve seen that before — but, instead of a weedy little motor, it makes over 45lb/ft of torque, 13bhp and can top out at 50mph. While you’re pedaling. The pedals aren’t connected directly to the rear wheel, but instead help generate electric power, which is then delivered to the wheel via a motor. This means they spin once every time the wheel goes around 50 times. Using a mix of motorcycle and bicycle components, the ErockIT should be a blast to ride, but will likely run afoul of legislation, meaning you’ll need a license to ride one and it won’t be allowed on bike paths. It should go on sale next year.


  • lancelot

    Can’t wait man wonder what the Sockit to em price gonna be.