French police train for on-bike combat

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french_motorcycle_police_guns.jpgA moving bike probably isn’t the ideal platform from which to unload a clip on a perp, but for the elite motorcycle squad tasked with protecting President Sarkozy’s motorcade, it might be a necessary one. One look at the accuracy with which they’re able to deliver handgun rounds to head-shaped targets while on the move should be enough to dissuade any potential assassins. Can Secret Service agents even ride motorcycles?

via Oliepeil

  • Leonardo Gómez

    This isn’t exactly news; in Colombia we’ve done this years and years ago, in Suzuki Freewinds, GS500 and DR650 owned by the police and the army… and not exactly with pistols…

  • contender

    Maybe so Leonardo, but they aren’t wearing Dior.

    The police in Panama that always rode two-up on a DR650 with an AK-47 drawn were definitely more menacing than these Frenchmen look to be, however.

  • Wes

    I see your AK-47 and raise you an RPG:
    Iran Motorcycle Troops