Harley-Davidson XR1200 coming home to USA?

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Harley-Davidson_XR1200_USA.jpgHarley just purchased the rights to use the XR1200 name in America from Storz Performance. Could this mean Harley will sell the XR750-inspired performance bike in the country of its origin? The XR1200 has been declared a Europe-only model by the company, despite being manufactured in Missouri and calls from American enthusiasts of form and function for the model to be sold here. Storz was using the name to sell a flat track performance kit for the 1200 Sportster.  

via Motorcycle.com

  • raffyv3

    That is full of awesome. It would be great to see Harley bring the “sporty” Sportster to the states. I’ve read nothing but good things and positive reviews about the XR.

    • harleyrider1

      the harley davidson motor company announced on nov 21 2008 that they are making available 750 limited edition xr1200′s for purchase in the usa. contact your local dealer to give them a deposit! available in black, orange or pewter denim!
      should sell for about 11 grand!
      shhhhh don’t tell anyone!

  • contender

    Harley is starting to interest me. The vrod is less awful than everything in the last ten years, Buell’s got a Rotax, they talk of buying MV Augusta, and I thought the XR1200 was a winner from its inception. Right on.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    It’s really going to boggle the mind if they don’t bring it in.

  • Grant

    Uh, they’re kind of already in Kansas City, aren’t they?

  • Ed Gray

    The kids are grown up and gone, time to get myself a road bike again, after a couple decades without. Would love to buy American but a cruiser is not what I want (nor is a crotch rocket). The XR1200 has form AND function – comfortable ergos, sweet handling, etc. – but I can’t buy one because: A) I live in the USA, where the bike is built and B) We Americans don’t want it. Hmm.

  • Phil Salvatore

    It will be the perfect compliment to my Street Rod. Harley usually waits at least a decade between one sports model flop to try it again. The Street Rod was pulled after a two year run with unsold 2006′s still lingering in showrooms to this day. Is it any wonder Harley is selling the XR in Europe first? It’s amazing the bike is even built. Want to bet it’s special order only like the FJR-1300 was? would you blame them?

    • Mike Hills

      Hey what’s up? You’ve obviously made your mind up you don’t like the XR1200 so why you banging on about not being able to get one in the States or is it just sour grapes because HD are selling them in Europe first? Well tough shit bub, now you know how it felt when you Yanks bought up all the British bikes back in the sixties n seventies and left nothing for us Brits and you’re STILL doing it you greedy bastards! What goes around comes around pal and the XR1200 sure goes around corners good too but then you Yanks don’t do corners do you! So, you might not like it after all.
      Oh by the way, they’re selling like hot cakes here in the UK so why don’t you buy one here and ship it back to the States? Oh yeah I forgot, you don’t like em do you.

  • http://cancerfraudbadbiotech.com eagreenhalgh

    I grew up on rice burners.I love rice burners (once a “go-faster ” always a go-faster), BUT there was ONLY one Harley I’ve ever wanted; and this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!If Harley doesn’t sell it in North America , then I’ll have to buy the Storz model. Anybody remember Cal Rayburn?!!!!!!!!!How about replica leathers to go with it?

  • Jason A Busch

    Harley announced to dealers this morning that the first 750 U.S. XR1200′s are available for pre-delivery ordering between now and the 15th of December! Go see your dealer now. I ordered mine at 11:30 am Central time and was bike 149 of 750 already!

    • GEORGE Roiz


  • Wendy

    This bike has created awesome feed back! This is a great edition to the Harley family! I heard Mitchell’s Modesto Harley-Davidson in CA still has one left, call them today! 209-522-1061

  • 82A

    This bike seems a little too much, too late. The original street racer by H-D was the 1984-85 XR-1000. Much closer to the real XR-750 and much, much lighter that this (ahem) Sportster. If you really want to ride something that is the closest to the real thing, check out SHR’s Grand National.

  • van

    if you dont
    have one get one love this bike it does everything rite and looks good doing it best thing hd ever made AMEN LOOKING FOR SMALL FAIRING AND 2 INTO 1 EXAUST ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO LOOK PEACE OUT