Honda CBR1000RR goes red, white and blue for HRC

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2008_honda_CBR1000RR_HRC.jpgThe 2008 Honda CBR1000RR has been released in a special edition HRC red, white and blue color scheme in Japan. In addition to the colors — traditional to HRC bikes — the CBR comes with plastic clutch and alternator covers. Our favorite so far, these new colors combined with the all-black engine and frame highlight the strong, attractive shapes of the fairing, further strengthening the CBR1000RR’s position as the most desirable bike of 2008. No word as to the availability of these colors in Europe and North America, but we wouldn’t rule them out for 2009.


  • fab

    do you know what colour schemes australia will be getting

  • Chris

    I live in Florida and want this bike any ideas how to get one?

  • joe camarillo

    dude that is a sick bike.. ididnt no that those collers would mix