Honda Combined ABS explained in elaborate video detail

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Honda_CBR_Combined_ABS.jpgAfter watching the three videos that follow the jump several times, we think it’s safe to say that we’re now further from being able to explain the Honda Combined ABS system than ever before. The first video demonstrates the new system, as used on a CBR600RR test bike, while the two that follow go back to explain earlier, less sophisticated versions of Honda’s Combined Braking System and antilock brakes. We recommend sitting down and taking a deep breath before attempting to view them.

  • thelastosirus

    Finally I found some detailed info for the CBS. I thought this would be the perfect system, but I have doubts now. I did not know that the computer actually brakes for you. And that the hydralic motors are working non-stop. What happens when one of the motors fail? It’s only a matter of time. Will there be a manual control fallback system?

  • Bob

    The same question could be asked for what happens when ABS fails in a car…

    I would imagine the ABS light in the HUD will come on if there was a failure.

  • zdjsgbxsoy

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