Norton M28 concept envisions future high-performance single

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Norton_M28_concept.jpgArron Rogers, a Coventry University Vehicle Design graduate, thinks the key to creating a lightweight, high-performance motorcycle is simplification. Accordingly, exposed mechanical elements take the place of bodywork while the 499cc single-cylinder engine is used as a stressed member in the carbon fiber chassis. That engine uses a desmodromic valve drive — a technology originally patented by Norton in 1924 — in order to make an estimated 70bhp.
>norton_M28_concept-rear.jpgThe suspension is probably the most novel feature on the M28. While the
girder out front can now be considered commonplace for a concept bike,
the Virtual Pivot Point rear suspension, inspired by mountain bikes, is
the first of its kind we’ve seen. A linkage system designed to activate
the suspension differently depending on the kind of input received, it
allows the shock to be mounted closer to the center of gravity while
maintaining a progressive axle path and also minimizes chain growth.

Our favorite part of Arron’s design is the absence of a traditional
fuel tank and airbox — the former lies under the seat while the latter
is incorporated into the carbon frame rails — which means the area
above the engine is empty. This negative space subverts traditional
motorcycle design language in a pleasingly antagonistic way.

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  • edward

    I have a KTM duke 690, 330#s and 65 BHP single. The Gas tank is draped over the frame much as the pannier designs of Norton and AJS in their last gasp at racing. The bike is derived from a long distance desert racer so the overall configuration is not rode performance oriented. The final Norton Manx, never completed, had a horizontal single cylinder engine, oil in frame ( large dia. single tube) that was an attempt to match the multis of the Italians with low drag. A lost cause in a road race. John Surtees has salvaged the remains and has performed at classic meets. Attempts to rekindle the Norton magic might well to study the bike Surtees has resuscitated.

  • JR