Rizoma sliders protect 2008 CBR1000RR without detracting from looks

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Honda_CBR1000RR_Rizoma_1.jpgFinally, practical protection for a bike that requires no fairing modification and no ugly and enormous nylon pegs. These Rizoma sliders bolt directly to the CBR1000RR’s engine cases and should offer just enough protection to prevent major damage in a minor drop. They should be available for more bikes soon. More photos after the jump.
>Honda_CBR1000RR_rizoma_2.jpgHonda_cbr1000RR_rizoma_3.jpgRizoma via Motoblog.it

  • Matt

    Very nice piece of kit. Not only do they look good but they might even look better that without. I really like the look of the new CBR and these look very nice on it.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    We agree with you on the CBR looking good, to our minds its the best since ’92.

  • http://flailings.blogspot.com/ Dan

    Have to agree about the sliders and the CBR, I was reserving judgement until I FINALLY saw one the other day: very nice indeed. Although the ’04 is hard to beat in the looks stakes.

  • Sean

    Have you seen the price on these sliders?
    Also not easily available in the US.

  • Ray

    I would like to know if these sliders are made for the 2006-2007 1000rr model?

  • Danny

    Hi Iam very happy to see this type of protector”’do have it for engine case as well… let me know???? COST… MORE PICTURES… everthing you have….thanks Danny