Suzuki SD-01 and SD-02 scooter concepts blow minds in Bangkok

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Suzuki_SD-02.jpgSuzuki has just unveiled two new scooter concepts at the 29th International Motor Show of Bangkok. Based on the same platform and using the same technology, the differences between the two are suprising. While the black SD-01 with its red accents and webbed seat would be the ultimate vehicle for dealing drugs on a council estate in Hackney, the all-white SD-02 and its classy mesh seat would be ideal for cruising through Shibuya.
>Suzuki_SD-01.jpgBoth concepts feature all-LED lighting, phosphorescent handlebar grips, movable
seats and an onboard PDA capable of displaying instruments, GPS
navigation or syncing with a cell phone or MP3 player. Other cool
details are the star-shaped brake discs and clean integration of all
the mechanical components.

via Scooter Insight

  • urban rider

    Shouldn’t concept bikes push the boundaries of design? If this is the future then Suzuki seem to be running out of ideas.

    I would love to see KTM do a concept scooter!

  • hulabula

    That Scooter is so beautyful Good work for suzuki !

  • scott

    when it will be out in the market? and what’s the selling price?

  • Lavonne Heinze

    TomTom has done a great job with this model. Looks good,it’s inexpensive,has great features, and is easy to use. What us could you ask for? Good to go!

  • hong le

    i want to know about the price of that scooter