Ultra Motor A2B: one part bicycle, one part electric scooter

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Ultra_motor_a2b.jpgCombining the ease of an electric scooter with the practicality of a bicycle, the A2B could be a better urban commuter than either. Unassisted, it will run for 20 miles at 20mph on a single charge, doubling that range (but not the speed) with an extra battery pack. Depending on local regulations, the A2B can use bike lanes and paths capable of safely separating it from traffic, and can be locked up at a rack or in a building’s bike room. The Kleenex box–sized battery pops out, meaning the bike can stay downstairs while you recharge its battery just like you would a cell phone. That makes so much sense, we can’t believe no one’s thought of it before. Ultra Motor is currently selling the A2B in both Europe and the States, though its ultimate plan is to create citywide networks of short term rental vehicles.

Ultra Motor via Inhabitat

  • http://www.ebikehub.com/forum ebikehub

    The A2B is cool

  • http://javelinacycles.com Rick

    This is going to the coolest new bike on the market. It is going to get A2B just as it says.

  • Rick

    Ultra Motor the manufacture of this bike is going to have demo bikes available at its premiere dealers first week of July. This bike has a 500watt motor 750peak watts 36 volt 12Ahr battery plenty of power to get you around town. http://javelinacycles.com/ will get the first demos and will be taking orders with the first run of bike available for sale toward the end of July. The A2B has an MSRP price of $2599 and expected to be sold out. The Europa also electric bike is now available for sale MSRP is $1899 36 volt and 400watt motor. Call Javelina Cycles 480-598-3373 or http://javelinacycles.com/

  • Mike Boost

    I’m interested in purchasing one.
    Please let me know if there is a distributer in Portland Oregon.
    (email and/or phone)


    • kevin

      I am a local dealer of ultramotor in sw portland.
      contact us at http://www.oregontrikke.com or at 503-6861275, we do ship our product out of state.

  • http://www.coastaltrailrentals.com Ben Jones

    This is no different from the Crystalyte or BionX electric assist kits with the difference that the bike comes with it which limits your options. With the BionX PL350 you can use the auto assist to get up to 60 miles. Oh and the price tag being a good $600-$800 more for this. It’ll be a lot easier to use an added system on bike trails as they resmeble bikes more than if you were to be cruising around on a sidewalk or bike lane on a scooter.

  • http://www.javelinacycles.com Rick

    The A2B Demo bikes are out and they are a great ride looks and rides like a bike and with power more like a scooter. This bike is silent not even a hum from this new motor. Take a ride in the park and hear the birds sing refreshing and fun to ride. I was unsure of the size of the bike but it is plenty big for me 6’1” rider 240 lb, it is not a small bike. This bike should accommodate 6’ to 6’4” rider no problem. Nothing on the market comes close. Comes in a large box install the handle bars and you are ready to ride in 20min but first charge it. http://www.javelinacycles.com

  • alan cameron

    where in europe can i buy an a2b bike
    i live in scotland
    are they available in the u.k.
    alan cameron

  • morgan

    I had a chance to demo this bike. It was incredible. I am selling my communter bike and this will be its 4 season replacement. Let’s build some racks for this!

  • John Fallon

    Where can I buy this in Seattle area or USA.

  • alex

    very nice a little high cost, but maye it will go down like cell phones../
    alex in las Vegas ….. I want one !!