Vincent Nero poised for new motorcycle golden age

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Vincent_Nero_s.jpgBecause of skyrocketing fuel costs, increasing congestion levels and a growing demand for risk among America’s corporate classes, transportation design students Ian Galvin and Craig Mackiewicz foresee a new golden age for motorcycles looming on the horizon. This Vincent Nero concept is their vision for the era’s ideal motorcycle, one that combines the romance of the past with an economical, but fun to use, mid-size v-twin engine and an upright riding position.
>Vincent_nero_1.jpgWhile we can see clear design influences beyond the girder front
suspension from both the Confederate Renovatio and Bienville Studios
, Ian and Craig are able to bring their own unique look to the
whole visually heavy front end, emphasized engine, evocative-of-speed
seat thing. We particularly like the abrupt tank and pinched lines
combined with the exposed rear shocks and attractive mechanical
elements. The whole bike draws enough influence from vintage machinery to
evoke emotional memories, but doesn’t come across as heavy-handed like
the cartoon-ish Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger.

In addition to the attractive-yet-functional Nero, Ian and Craig also
envision a Nero S, potentially available as another model or as
individual part upgrades. The café racer–style half fairing works
particularly well with the rest of the bike’s lines, once again combining
traditional shapes in an original way, as do the spoked wheels.

Vincent_nero_engine.jpgIan and Craig just graduated from the College for Creative
Studies. The Nero is their senior thesis project. We hope to see more
motorcycle design from both in the near future.

Ian Galvin

  • BSAKat

    I like everything about it but that front end. It looks heavy and…I don’t know…gawky. It doesn’t look fast, which is something the original Vincents had going for them. I love the HRD on the engine though…

  • stacius

    Where are the exhaust pipes?

  • Wes

    The exhaust exits underneath the engine, Buell-style on the Nero and through shotgun cans on the Nero S. They’re there, look closely.

  • David Mucci

    I’m infatuated with the renderings these guys produced. There were lots of countless hours spent throughout the weekend nights to the early morning on this project and it’s definitely reflective of that.

    I see only Ian’s site is linked below, so here’s Craig Mackiewicz’s as well:

  • davide medina

    Hi guys, I love maingly Buells Firebolt especially I trying to get some bike renderings using CATIA and I posted some sketches on my website. I can assure that we all must respect this creature and his creator. Each one of us has his own taste but hard work is a universal value.