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Recognizing that, when it comes to selling bikes today, heritage can play an equally important role to modern racing, Yamaha is taking steps worldwide to preserve, showcase and make accessible its historic race machines. Last month, the company’s European division began formally supporting the Yamaha Classic Racing Team and in Japan they’ve established a museum dedicated to restoring important historical products.
>Yamaha TZ750.jpgRun by former race team mechanic Ferry Brouwer, the Yamaha Classic
Racing Team campaigns vintage bikes at races across Europe. The team
describes itself, its racers and its bikes best:

Examples include the unique YZ634 350 cc 2 cylinder 2 stroke bike, the
factory racer in 1972 and the 500cc YZR500 OW45 GP bike ridden so
successfully by Kenny Roberts in 1979. The 1972 screaming 2 stroke
YZ623C 125cc and the YZ634A 500cc 2 stroke GP bike of the same year are
race bikes that were completely recreated by the team. Yamaha fully
endorsed the building of these replicas. The absolute stars of the team
are the breathtakingly beautiful 125 (RA31A) and 250 cc (RD05A) works 4
cylinder machines which in the hands of Phil Read gave Yamaha a double
world championship in 1968.

The Yamaha Classic Racing Team riders form an incredible roll call of
those glorious racing days. Amongst the regular riders such as Dieter
Braun, Svend Andersson, and former Yamaha Factory riders Michelle Duff,
Rodney Gould and Chas Mortimer, guest appearances will take place at
events with star riders as Giacomo Agostini, Steve Baker, Christian
Sarron and Luca Cadalora. They will ride the machines of the Yamaha
Classic Racing Team in the style that made them winners in their time.

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