1950s Italian Police display mad stunt skills

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italian_police_motorcycle_display.jpgRemember when motorcycle stunts weren’t about men in flat-billed baseball caps swearing too much? Remember when policemen happily went about their jobs of protecting the peace while joyfully entertaining civilians? Remember when gentlemen showed up to displays of motorcycle daring-do in dashing suits? We don’t, but we’re happy to see that there may have once been such a time. This video comes from 1950s Italy and demonstrates the kind of mass coordinated riding that only seems possible in post war, quasi-socialist Mediterranean countries. Can you imagine the NYPD doing something similar? We can’t.

via Moto22

  • Retrorider

    >post war, quasi-socialist Mediterranean

    Well, Italy wasn’t exactly known for any leftwing sympathies. Rather the opposite.

    Nevertheless, thanks for the clip.

  • Supergome

    Retrorider doesn’t know what “socialist” means.