2009 Buell 1125CR, like an 1125R but uglier

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Buell_1125CR_headlight.jpgUpdate: check out our Buell 1125CR review.

Like the Buell 1125 R, but don’t think it’s ugly enough yet? Well then we have the bike for you. The 1125CR drops the fairing in favor of a headlight and cowl that remind us of the Suzuki B-King, gains flat bars and reduces the final drive ratio by 8 percent, making it a better bike for city streets and back roads alike. The 146bhp liquid-cooled v-twin and high-spec chassis remain intact. Kudos to Buell for not dumbing down its sportsbike-based streetfighter.
>Buell_1125CR_left.jpgThe 1125CR will cost $11,695 and be available in either black or red. Erik Buell describes his new creation as, “Part superbike and part streetfighter, the 1125CR is my vision of a 21st century cafe racer. It’s got Clubman-style bars and a flyscreen instead of a fairing. Then we geared it down to optimize acceleration.”

Buell_1125CR_clocks.jpgWhile the 1125CR isn’t the most exciting new model we’ve seen recently, it will further diversify the company’s range. We’re excited to see a factory streetfighter that maintains the full performance of its sportier sibling, even if it does make us want to scratch out our eyes.


  • kevin

    First time i have disagreed with you guys since i started reading HFL. i think it is WAY better looking than the “sportbike” version. they are both BFU, mind you, but this is an improvement.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Kevin, we appreciate your honesty. I suggest you check out the new,
    white 1125R though.

  • kevin

    i think the white one looks like a TL1000 that had everything but the fairing put through a shrinky-dink machine.

  • xb

    Well i tend to dissagree with you and i don’t felel bad about it considering this page is about the ugliest peace of crap i have seen. i 2nd grader could ahve designed a better web site then this.
    and that logo looks like something a vato would have graffitied on a LA wall.
    this bike is nice and the 1125R in white rules.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Thanks for the interesting comment, xb. Since you mention a second grade student, maybe you could attend a second grade grammar and spelling class. Afterwards, you’ll be able to state an opinion properly and tell us all about it. Like show-and-tell.

    “A” is “apple.” “B” is for…

  • Ben

    I don’t like the way the handlebars are integrated, but I do like the over all look much more than the R model. Maybe it’s like the CBR1000RR and 999, where they’ll grow on you like a fungus.

  • Rich

    I love it…the air intakes for the radiator shrouds combined with the fly screen make the bike look like a buffed iron pumper of a bike–different from all the euro-wanna-bes.

    This is the bike I’ve been waiting for…now if only my wife can put up with spending some of our kids’ college fund…

  • simon

    if you take off the huge intakes then it would look bad-ass

  • xb

    Grant, is nat that I am a bad speler butt a crappy cite like this dezervez crappy spelin to mach et.
    you are just jelous cuase this site sucks ass so bad you can’t get any sponsors so you could afford a Buell and instead you have to settle for some cheap Japp rice burner.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Ah, that’s a timeless cover-up, xb. To be honest, I’m perfectly happy that the different visual elements of the site have so deeply affected you that you felt the need to not only engage with the editorial, but continually return and share your thoughts.

    Also, I’d appreciate it if you kept the boring racist commenting to yourself.

  • http://www.proportioninc.com kicktheboard

    I think Buell has finally hit the nail on the head with this bike, though it didn’t drive it all the way home. Ya the ducts are a little big, but the form is there. The exhaust is a little awkward but easily fixed.

    Modern cafe racer is a good way to look at it. Buell’s distinct look has come a long way with this bike, and it has almost fully matured into a timeless design. Almost. The design team should have been just a little more OCD in the end. I’m a designer – its what we’re paid to do.

  • Mat

    Sounds like it could get me from one cafe to the next way before the song ends, and still have time to dance when I got there. I can only imagine how happy those sixties rockers would be with one of these. I think there are some people who just will never understand. I will agree that it does not have the same look as a modified Triumph, but I think it will get the job done. I can imaging what older bike riders of the the sixties thought of the the original Cafe Racers. I think many would write the same remarks as you are about the CR1125. I would not buy one for myself though, I get scared riding a ton down the freeway.

  • dsf

    guys (and gals), ride it! i have and it is freekin’ awesome. So, before you go crucifying buell for going their own way and not being sheep, hold your guns until you’ve seen it in person, sat on it, and spent some miles in the saddle. I prefer the optional high handlebars over the OE clubmans…this made in USA bike ROCKS!

  • http://nordogsfxdxpix.blogspot.com/ NorDog

    Well, I hated the 1125R when I first saw the pix of it, but liked it in person.

    I really hated the look of the 1125CR in the pics, but loved it when I finally saw one yesterday.

    I loved the pics I first saw of the B-King, but hated it in person.

    So, pix just don’t tell the story for me.

    Granted, many hate the 1125 radiator cowls. I really didn’t notice them on the 1125R. But I really like them on the CR, especially when sitting on it. They look like they should have photon torpedo launchers in the tips.

    My Ducati friends give me grief over my FXDX H-D, and my H-D friends give me grief over my S4RS. Everyone seems to hate something.

    I don’t care either way. I like what I like, and don’t what I don’t.

    But as a rule, I don’t rag on other people’s choices in bikes. Though there are a few exceptions that prove the rule. The Honda Rune comes to mind. ;-)

  • Grimturtle

    Well I have to totally disagree with you guys on this one (love this site by the way).

    I’m just about to start playing the field for ‘my first big bike’ but i’ve ridden for a few years, and this is probably the best package I’ve seen. For me, it’s got great looks, awesome engine (sound and specs) and all the good components (shocks, brakes, chassis, geometry).

    Ugly? no way. The scoops may be a tad large but that’s the only thing I don’t love. Overall size, headlight, wheels, paintjob; all top notch IMO. Buell only need to drop the price a tad and they’ve already convinced me.

  • Ben the Engineer

    Ugly? Would you care to quantify that?

    Function and performance ARE what looks good. What I see is the return of the streetfighter after years of repli-racers, Ducati desperately dropping weight and price to keep up, the Japanese big 4 adopting the underslung muffler stub and for the first time in a hundred years, an American built sportbike that is undeniably world class.

    The most compelling vehicles in the world are the focused vision of one man. Bravo Erik, keep it up.

  • Jacob Peterson

    All my life I have loved cars, especially sports cars, and muscle cars. And all my like since 6 I have been dirtbiking. And all my life I have loved sports bikes. But I always wonderd, why don’t they put large ram air intakes on the bikes to get some extra horsepower…. they know it works… This bike to me is beautifull, and even though alot of people hate it, I love it. I love all naked bikes, but I always hated that the companies that built them put one generation-to-old engines in them, and dumbed them down further…When I first saw this bike, I imagined myself bursting through a brick wall on it, like frickin batman or something, and I love the fact that besides the Ducati streetfighter 1098, it is completely unmatched. that being said, the differance Between that Ducati and this Buell are so minimal, it will come down to rider, and in all the rescent races with 1098s and rc8s, the buell has shown it can win, it can compete, and for about 4 thousand less. Besides that, this little brute is about as American as it gets. I am joining the army and getting my large enlistment bonus, and this is where my money will go. I don’t care how many people don’t like it, because I love it, and that means when I ride it, it’ll be unique, because no one else will be on it. :-) And whatever they are on, I will blow there drawers off. lol

  • zanon

    I thought the 1125CR looked awful as well, but I saw them in real life and they actually look quite good.

    Not Ducati good, but still good. The pictures don’t do they justice.

    They make the Lightening range look a little boring, actually, and I used to think those looked great.

  • Mechnic

    For a long time now i have been into the unique bikes. I was looking at getting a MV Agusta F4…but the price has always been a bit of an issue. Killer bikes and ones you don’t see everywhere (eg.GSXR, CBR, ect..) Well when I saw that Buell was going liquid cooled and with a totally new power plant I was excited. Then I saw it live and in person. Nice bike just didn’t do it for me. Well I have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 4 years. To my surprise one day i picked up a copy of a bike magazine and low and behold the 1125CR was on the cover. That day I walked over to the guys that do the military sales for overseas people. They only sell American vehicles. Think about it the 1125CR is born right in the Good ol USA. I put my order in and I pick her up in September. I can’t wait to show my GSXR friends their worst fear lol, an American beauty. That can carve corners better then any inline 4 could ever hope to do. Thanks Erik Buell, I can now once again be proud to own an American vehicle.

  • Toecutter

    I just bought a 2009 1125CR in red, paid $8380

    Buell announced that it is ending production at the end of the month (Oct.09)and so I went down to the local HD dealer to see what kind of deal they were offering on the remaining bikes.

    Needless to say I glad that I made the effort.

    Style, performance, handling, and it is somewhat unique compared with the usual fare.

    Mine is RED.

  • toecutter

    Did I mention that it’s red?

  • Zany

    I wonder if anyone has tried flipping the bars of the Clubman to get the hight and raised up feeling that takes the pressure of ones back?

    Every time I hear that no one likes the bars, no one gives a alternitive that works! Soooo, anyone try flipping the bars to get the hight?

    I will be trying it with my new CR this month, hpe to find throttle cables, break, & hydrolic lines that are long enough!

  • Robert

    I just found one for $6995.00 out the door. I’m having a hard time justifying not doing it. I own a 1995 Buell S2 and with the 1125CR sitting next to it in the garage I think I’ll have all the bases covered…

  • CR Star

    Zany, you can not turn up the bars because the controls and levers are pinned through the bars. You need to buy the upright riser bar kit and it comes with the longer cables etc. After you ride with the new bars it will feel like the Buell 1125CR was made for you!

  • Zany

    CR Star & others, You are right I have to change out bars. No problem though, very easy to do, got Woods High Bars from ProTaper and cut to size. Drilled in the alignment holes all fine now, purchased a new front SS brake line to fit better. Buell extented lines for there upright bar kit is fine for Clutch & Throttle lines but not Brake line. Woods Hi Bars are 3.74 in Higher with 2.73 in Pullback, at speeds around the hill country in Texas I have no more back trouble and after a few tewks in suspension all is great. The Ducks and Aprilia’s don’t like me much cause I come up from behind and clean there clock. Laters, hope to have a Drummer exhauset on by bike by next September after the VA hospital lets me go home and ride again. Zany out…..