2009 Triumph Daytona 675 improved incrementally

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2009_Triumph_Daytona_675.jpgFacelifts, usually at around the two-year mark, are all the rage in supersport 600 circles. It seems that Triumph isn’t immune to fashion (despite offering the class-defying Triumph Daytona 675 in a putrid shade of piss yellow), taking a knife to the Daytona’s still beautiful face in an effort to keep it at the top of the class. In addition to the more aggressive, yet bizarrely Honda DN-01-like headlights, the 2009 model loses 3kg (now 162kg), gains 3bhp (now 128bhp) and receives a host of less numerical but equally important tweaks.
>2009_Triumph_Daytona_675_4.jpgMost of the weight shaving takes place in the exhaust, which sheds 2kg,
while a useful 1kg is taken off the unsprung weight with new wheels.
Suspension and brakes are also upgraded; the latter feature Nissin’s
latest radial monobloc calipers.

2009_Triumph_Daytona_675_2.jpgThe power gain is thanks to a 450rpm-higher rev limit, while the stock
engine also gains the hydraulic cam chain tensioner and taller first
gear previously available in the race kit. An optional add-on will be a
“plug and play” quick shifter, which we’re both surprised and delighted
to see on a factory options list. We’d totally check that box but only
for novelty value. The 675 is already capable of far outperforming our
riding talent.

2009_Triumph_Daytona_675_3.jpgNot pictured (thanks Triumph press photographer!) are the revised
instruments and cockpit. The 2009 model will be available in black and
red. We’ll take one of each.


  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urban rider

    No sure about the more aggressive look. I like the Daytona because it looks less aggressive than its Jap counterparts, a bit more distinguished somehow…

    Even Triumph can’t design pretty mirrors though!

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Yeah, I kinda prefer the old model’s looks too. It’s still a beautiful bike though.

  • Philbrey

    Yeah, I also prefer the older model’s looks. The new headlights and air intake make the bike look like a Honda-Yamaha cross bred bastard child (*puke*). I don’t see how they could have made the instrument panel any better, except for maybe hiding the wires better.

    3kg weight? Damn, wasn’t the original light enough? And an extra 3HP? Whoopee. Though the extra 450RPM is very welcome.

    Nah, I’m still happy with my ’08 675 thanks.

  • Tim

    I’m with you all on this one too, fell in love with the original 675 and glad I bought it before the “face lift”. I think they’ve traded the distinct 675 charm for a more aggressive jap look.

  • Ben

    looking at it from the side, did they squish the front? It reminds me of what Triumph did to the Daytona 955 a few years ago and stretched the nose out, changing the proportions and not for the better. I wonder where the 3kg were lost and if you could get rid of those on an ’08/prior. HP and revs can be had, that whole “Speed’s just a question of money, how fast do you want to go?” Thing.

  • conrad Wiggan

    Ok…fellas…the prior 675 was awsome…now the 2009 is not only setting the pace…it is blowing the jap bike clear out the water….lol…i love it….

  • calvin

    i think it’s a good looking bike.
    and it’s pretty much the same bike.
    lose 3kg and gain 3bhp. well done triumph.
    I don’t think they’ve traded the distinct 675 charm for a more aggressive jap look.
    it can’t be! because it looks (almost) the same.

  • Wendy Shew

    the extra 3hp sounds awesome and 3kg lighter is not much, but it still adds extra points in my book since im a female that is less than 1/3 of the weight of the bike. personally, though, im still a huge fan of the front end on the 2008. the 2009 front end looks more like another one of the japanese bikes which is a huge turn off for me since the first thing that attracted me to the 675 triple and one of the main reasons i fell in love with the bike was because it had a different look from all the japanese sport bikes. what color do you guys think the 2009 limited edition will be? they’ve come out with basically all the colors already but green and white; triumph did already come out with white on the tiger and speed triple already. But, the new, hot color that a lot of manufacturers came out with this year was white. then again, italians do love their racing green. please leave your feedback.

    • kit

      I think Triumph should really consider manufacturer white version, the color would look beautiful with this bike because of it body line. I’m painting my 06 to white recently :)

  • John Jenkins

    Slipper-clutch is the only thing that needs to be add to the Triumph Daytona 675. Other then that, it is a perfect bike. But my racing day are over. So the engine quality means more to me these days. And that is were the Triumph Daytona 675 kicks all the ass.


  • Will

    Anyone know what the US price will be?

  • Brian Evans

    This is a step forward. Nice update to the styling, cool bike! I might have to actually get one…

  • K. Kline

    I’ll be sure to take one home before Winter rolls away! Will, if you still look here US price goes up to $9699. ‘Will’ be worth it though!

  • Luis Chicas

    2009 models brochures

  • M Marinelli

    This is a a great bike!! Is it possible to get ABS after market brakes for the Daytona 675 2009 model when it is released? Can anyone help?


  • saad

    how much is this bike?

    new or second hand?
    The 2009 model

    when is it out?

  • JK

    The 2009 Daytona is going to fly out the door! This is a great looking bike regardless what little they did cosmetically. It’s an eye catcher compared to the dime-a-dozen Jap bikes. I’m definitely going to be getting one once it comes out in January to replace my 2009 Thruxton.
    Just totaled this couple of weeks ago!!

  • Dan the Canadian

    Great Bike……
    Can`t wait to see the first Jap to produce a V-3 675 to compete with them…..

  • Colin Macgregor

    Awesome bike, just picked up my red 08 model with extra carbon fibre bits and pieces and triumph aftermarket exhaust. Ive travelled 1000 kms around North island roads of NZ and am loving this bike! The look, the sound, cant wait to get it to a track day .I think the 06 – 08 face has it all over the 09 but maybe it’ll grow on you with time.I suppose they had to alter it a bit after 3 years the same.

  • Nelson

    I intend to purchase a 2008 or 2009 model in March/April this year. I would have to pay an extra 500-600 sterling for the 2009 model – do you think its worth the extra cash? Had a 2007 R6 before but cant wait to try the 3 cylinder engine – love the sound!!

  • Caleb, OH

    I bought my ’07 off my friend in November. I got about 8 rides on it before it got too cold to ride. Over the winter I purchased a Jardine exhaust, flush mounts, double bubble and gel seat. The Jardine exhaust sounds amazing and looks even better. This bike is awesome. I even converted my roomate who used to like r6′s. The 675 is now his favorite bike out now :)

  • frank

    hey hey i think that the new 2009 shape is sweet . ja its a few minor changes but the lights and that front piece on the nose is leker. 2 things i don’t like is the very pointy nose and those mirrors. otherwise i hear it engine is far superior to all the 600 out their. listen be honest it has the best styling out of all those bikes but i love that red and white on the Yamaha R6. but otherwise i way prefer the triumph daytona 675. i hope to get 1 in may but the 09 model . love it .

  • william

    Hey I’m new to the forum and the daytona. I just picked up the 09 675 triumph daytona and all I can say is pure bliss, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, for 9479$ sticker and a 1000$ rebate bringing it to 8479$ u can’t beat it. Did I mention the performance for a 675cc bike is more like riding a gsxr 750 with better handling. It’s considered to be a middleclass bike but while doing some spirited riding with a buddy of mine who has the 1098 ducati the bike is right along side him with ease. Acceleration is quicker than the ducati up to a 100 mph! The only downfall is that they only made 2 colors for 09.Red and black the limited addition comes in wht/blu, I have the red.

  • Lee-anne

    i just picked up my new 09 daytona 675 yesterday and am very happy. i prefer the sexy new glammed up look of the 09 v’s the 08 and the fact that its lighter, faster and better brakes who am i to complain. in aus its just under $16g, but i think its worth it. though it would be just perfect if it had a slipper clutch. i just came from a gsxr1000 and the slipper clutch was awesome.

  • Matthew DK

    Just purchased the 09′ AMAZING bike!! Also I live in BC and couldnt ask for a better bike on corners and through the mountains!!!

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  • Marty (AU)

    I love my 08 SE, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Looks, power delivery, handling 5/5. The litrebike boys go a little red when you pass them on the mountains. I’m taking my baby to the track in 2 weeks, can’t wait.

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