Benelli Quattro: radical new 600cc sportsbike coming soon

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Benelli_Quattro_600.jpgFactory insiders have revealed that Benelli is developing a new 600cc sportsbike capable of competing with the Japanese. Like MV Agusta, the company was inspired by the success of the Triumph Daytona 675 and now wants to bring its own unique character to the 600 class. Strangely, since the Tornado superbike is a triple, they’re looking to do so with a conventional four-cylinder engine in an extremely unconventional chassis.
>Benelli_Quattro_600_engine.jpgThe Quattro will be the first entirely new model developed by Benelli
under Chinese ownership, so development money shouldn’t be an issue.
Its project leader is Pierluigi Marco who, while working at Bimota,
oversaw development of the Tesi’s hub-center steered front end. Thusly,
speculation leans toward the bike using a similar arrangement. We think
its more likely that slightly more conventional suspension will be
mounted to a BX 449-inspired partially carbon chassis, but also expect
the usual assortment of oddly-arranged mechanicals.

The engine, above, is a conventional, if over square DOHC,
16-valve, inline-four with fuel injection. It will be the first engine
to use Benelli Electronic Ignition Management, which sounds
suspiciously like traction control to us.

The Benelli Quattro is expected to drop at the EICMA show in November. We’ll bring you details.

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  • spdriver

    The second time here, and I saw this four-cylinder machines. At present, China Qianjiang has solved the crankshaft and cylinder head problems, but not yet a formal lab report, the main problem is that Italy provided to us ecu long period of time, we had to experiment with the carburetor. Now Italy to my ecu problems have not been completely resolved out, experiment on and off, I wanted to do with the Walbro the ecu, but the company does not give resolved, so that once again interrupted the progress of the whole experiment, and good depressed!
    I really want to crying, Chinese companies with overseas compared to mature companies really bad too far, just because an ECU, delays in the whole experiment, I think that what counted, it is simply a joke, is now, EFI systems on the international market more than that, why is it necessary benelli own ecu Moreover, benelli’s own ecu has not been test certified.
    Good envy abroad oath engineers, we have brought things that can be readily, but the companies do not, ah,,,
    However, when this year has done a Due 756 experiment, experimental results quite successful. This engine, I did not use Italian two-cylinder ecu, but directly used the Walbro’s three-cylinder ecu.
    Some things should not have to say, I said, I really have much to say, but the leadership of Chinese companies tend to care about. Only the boss wanted to do things, things that value will only be on the agenda, otherwise, all other things depend on the back. 756 is an example, because the boss is serious about 756.