Chris Gilmour sees cardboard world

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Chris_Gilmour_cardboard_lambretta.jpgBy painstakingly recreating objects that most people take for granted, Chris Gilmour hopes to enable viewers to rediscover beauty in the everyday. The thing is, that approach is now clichéd in the art world and the subjects Chris chooses are hardly boring. He’s able to transcend the idea by including over-the-top attention to detail in his work, which is then able to find it’s own unique merit next to the already appealing originals.
>Chris_gilmour_cardboard_lambretta_3.jpgChris’s work is most likely the inspiration for IKEA’s popular IKEA
Flat Pack Landmarks
campaign, which was used to announce the recent
opening of its new Brooklyn location. The Swedish furniture company
seems to have missed the point of the artworks, which is a shame
because it’s managed to reawaken our appreciation for this humble
Lambretta in a manner that could be beneficial for sales no longer
novel furniture.

Chris Gilmour

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    OOO, Interesting story))

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