Daytona Motorsports Group becomes AMA Pro Racing, announces classes and rules

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AMA_Pro_Racing.jpgDaytona Motorsports Group, the controversial new owner of the AMA racing series, has announced that it will do business under the name AMA Pro Racing and has released initial details of its new road race series. As of next year, there will be three classes: Factory Superbike, American Superbike and Daytona Superbike. Click through for details on all three.
>Factory Superbike
This will be the premier series for factory teams (hence the name)
running liter bikes. The class will run World Superbike rules as of
2011, operating under the current AMA Superbike regulations until then
to allow the teams to make the transition. Teams will be allowed open
tire selection and unlimited testing, while qualifying will be limited
to a single bike. This will be the final and headline race at most
events. An AMA spokesman describes the class as, “Works bikes,
salaried star riders, rules written by and requested by the
manufacturers, special tires, no-holds barred superbike racing by the
strongest teams in America.”

American Superbike
The second tier class will feature privateer teams racing alongside
factory-supported ones. Control tires and fuel will be used, as will
homologated bikes and parts. Testing will be limited in an effort to
reduce costs, making the class more appealing to smaller teams.
Qualifying will be by Superpole arrangement, meaning the ten fastest
riders in practice will take part to determine the grid.

Daytona Superbike
Designed for 600cc bikes, it’s rumored this class could also feature
675cc triples (allowing Triumph, and possibly MV Agusta to compete) and
maybe even 1200cc air-cooled twins. The power-to-weight ratio and
maximum horsepower will be limited, although we don’t know what figures
to expect for this. All competing bikes and the parts they use must be
homologated for the series. Like American Superbike, fuel, tires and
testing will be controlled and qualifying will be by Superpole.

Full rules for all three classes will be published in September.

Our initial take on this is that the major fears of manufacturers and
fans — that racing classes would be fundamentally altered and
standardized in an effort to turn bike racing into something like
NASCAR — haven’t come to pass. The three classes sound extremely
similar to what already exists. In the paranoid environment that
existed before this announcement, the Motorcycle Industry Council went
so far as to issue a request for proposal for an alternative racing
series, it remains to be seen what will come of that, although we’d
hazard a guess at nothing. Of course, the true measure of any race
series isn’t its rules and regulations, but the quality of the racing
it’s able to create, the way it promotes itself and the size of the
audience it’s able to attract. We’ll know more about that next April.

AMA Pro Racing

  • Ben

    Aside from the spec tire rule in WSB (which admittidly probably makes the racing closer), I like those rules. Screw the whole American and Daytona “superbike” classes, just have World Supersport rules allowing 600 multi’s 675 triples, and 750 twins (come on Ducati bring me an 848R that’s 750cc’s and spins to the moon!!!). The whole point is to advance technology not create parity. Yes Suzuki has been running away with the series here for the last umpteen years, but how much of that is Yoshimura, and how much of it is Suzuki, or the riders? World is closer matched, with the podiums changing often, with a team that started out as a privateer team winning races and giving feedback to HRC. Race teams, that don’t have a history of racing complained that the rules in AMA Superbike weren’t fair to the little guys, that they couldn’t get the factory “kit” parts. MAKE THEM!!! JE and Wiesco will custom make pistons, thinner head gaskets can be had at any laser cutter, cams can be reground or made from billet. The Factory teams don’t always know what’s best, look at what Ferracci did in both AMA and World before Ducati took things in house. Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you get to complain about parity.

    Done ranting.

  • Gary Sideburn

    Does anyone in America give a sh*t about road racing anyway?
    3000 fans or less at some of your premier domestic race meet.
    You should be glad anyone invested in it, say thanks very much and actually go and watch some racing.

  • Wes

    Largely? No. That’s why we need Goodspeed.

  • Jerry S

    Lets tear down completely the top 3 bikes every part every week-Mladin and Spies and Suzuki Probably would have never dominated
    I love the World superbike rules and racing
    Its competitive and fun to watch
    The Ama superbike has sucked for years
    Lets get rid of it now-why wait till 2011
    The factories can afford any changes

  • Jeff Kniss

    The 450 project needs to be run this year, keep it simple put a claim rule on the motor only, it will fill the grids 40 TO 50 easy, bring in back gate money for the series and bring every single manufacturer to the grid,I hope you can see this and I know you all have your hands full this year , do something that is easy and this classis easy if you need someone to run this group I have years running a multipupose race track and putting on many diffent type of events. you can contact me at the e-mail above thank you and I hope you can see the benefit of putting this together this year yes this year you can make this happen and bring the up and coming talent moving up and giving fans something that will be really fun to see and follow thanks for your time

  • Jim

    After watching the Daytona 200 last night, i am done watching US road racing put on by DMG.
    600 as the premeir class???, 1000-1125cc bikes running with the 600′s? Rolling starts? Pit Windows? Under the lights so it wouldn’t conflict with the live qualifying of trashcar.
    Screw DMG i am sticking to watching motogp and WSBK until suck time we get real superbike racing back on in the USA.

  • James

    You wait all winter long to watch motorcycle racing. You get to the track you see 600’s, 675’s, 848’s, 998’s, and 1125’s on the track at the same time. Man I thought I was at a track day at Grattan or Gingerman. Except the track days are more organized when accidents happen and 4 laps are not lost to an error from the safety car or a red flag caused by the safety car. Not a lot of organization there. All motorcycle enthusiasts know cars and bikes on the track do not work. Wasn’t it a couple years ago the safety car picked up the wrong Honda? What’s up with the Daytona group? Are you trying to lose fans by not showing the superbike series till weeks later? Also spoke to several friends and racing fans all were shocked and didn’t really know what to say about the Daytona 200 just it was a let down.
    I guess we can say at least we have World Superbike and Moto GP. Glad Ben Spies is off and running hopefully Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards have a great year also.

  • Dave King

    Motorcycle racing in the US is getting worse and worse. Back in the 60′s they gave the crap Harleys an advantage by limiting over head valve bikes to 500 cc. Even then the 500 twin cylinder bike blew off the Harleys. Now in “Superbike” racing they let 1125 cc Buell race against 600 cc bikes. Even then the crappy design of the Buells led to an accident.

    Why come up with a daft set of rules for the U.S. when they are a perfectly good set of rules that the rest of the World uses. Adopt World Super Bike rules and lets have some good racing. Then when the U.S. guys get elevated to world racing, they are still under the same regs.

    Come on already!

  • Jason Weir

    I think that DMG has actually ruined a sport for an entire generation.
    The rest of the world runs by similar rules to WSBK they have a support class they have super sport and the top of it all is SUPERBIKE which has made lots of changes and managed to stay cutting edge.
    The DMG seems to have it out to push away all of its talent Matt Mladin may not be the best person to interview but put him on a bike and he just wins thats the way it is. They say they are trying to put the rules into place so you can have closer racing well Matt’s on a bike bought from a dealership and still is winning.
    DMG should have stuck to what it knows best Cars. But remember its not their fault they got to buy the series its AMA that screwed up and they are the ones to blame.
    Before you lose more talent to other series open up your eyes and realize that the wheel has all ready been invented and you just tried to re-invent it and screwed up royally. Next you will ahve them racing on Ovals with pavement and it will be Mat Jr racing his dad

  • Robert Barlow

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    would you please forward this message to him. Thanks..

    bob barlow

  • Roger Edmondson

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