Derringer Cycles pedalling board track-style mopeds

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Derringer_Cycles.jpgFiguring that there’s an unexploited group of people out there looking for frugal transportation but put-off by traditional moped looks, Derringer Cycles brings us this board track-style 50cc scooter/bicycle hybrid. Just like a traditional moped, riders pedal to get going, then sit back and relax while the tiny engine takes them up to 35mph while returning up to 180mpg.
>Derringer_cycles_1.jpgWhile we think board-track racing is cool, we can’t help but feel that
custom bikes created to emulate its style feel a bit overwrought.
Derringer claims that many of the mopeds that have already been sold
were purchased along with in-home display stands, indicating that
customers are buying them as toys, not real transportation. Having said
that, the bicycle-style chassis and girder front suspension are neat,
as is the sprung Brooks saddle. Call us crazy, but we’d rather have a
traditional 50cc moped or scooter, but then we’re just a couple of
internet nerds.

Derringer Cycles via Autofiends

  • contender

    They were burglarized in the very recent past. Much of their showroom stock was taken, and the article stated that there was already a waiting list to get one of these tarted up bicycles.

  • Todd Gingerich

    Do you have a catalog of the track bikes along with prices and do they come with a top speed of 55mph. If you do have a catalog my address is 3085 Running Deer Rd. N.E. Iowa City, Iowa 52240. Thank you Todd Gingerich P.S. The bikes are very cool.

  • Grant

    Todd, if you use the link to Derringer at the bottom of Wes’ post, you’ll see on they list numbers and an email address on the company site’s homepage. We’re pretty sure Derringer would be happy to send you whatever you needed.

  • that guy

    55 mph???????????? umm no not without a shifter kit and extensive mods trust me you dont want to go 55 on a bicycle the geometry is wrong

  • Daryl Plueger

    In the early 1950s I watched my uncle Bob Hudson race Board Track on Television at the old Veledrome Track I believe in Burbank Calif>It was televized with old “Leather Britches” Dick Lane as the announcer.Once in awhile we would go out there on Friday night and watch them live.The track was banked so steep I could not run up the side,at speed in the turns they were almost laid out completely sideways.Bob Hudson my Uncle was a 2 time California State Champion.My Dad and both my Uncles raced track and board track and also 6 day bicycle races.My Dad has a great scrapbook showing himself racing and he worked for Bailey”s bicycle shop in the late 1930s and Bailey was his sponsor.My Dad is 88 years old and he”s sharp as a tack” Dale Plueger is his name.Dad would be more than happy to tell you what it was like racing back then.He is still building old bikes and is a really cool Dude.
    Daryl Plueger….1-714-636-7203

    • Dale Plueger

      Hey Daryl,

      Your Dad is sitting here reading this. He may be old but he still knows how to check on you and see what you are up to.

      If anyone wants to hear some great stories, call Dale at 310-670-8492. He’d love to share the good old days of bike racing.

      Daryl…. call your Dad!

  • Port Woo

    “Sharp as a tack” is an understatement.
    This 88 years young guy has a razor sharp mind. And his physical appearance ?, OVERPOWERING
    I bumped into him some 15 or 16 years ago and became good friends and regular Friday Breakfast partner.
    Once my drain pipe in front of my house broken down and he fixed it (inclduing buying parts) in less than 2 hours !! What a guy–@ this young age.
    If he cannot have breakfast with me, I always demand a RAIN CHECK., AS I NEVER WANT TO MISS THE BREAKFAST MEET too much, as one of the waitress said, “you two have not solved all the world’s problem yet ?” for the sake of humanity.


  • slump

    You should check out imperial cycles they design and build similar bikes with a more custom and street feel. They also build there own frames and have a gas tank made for them. Plus it is almost half the cost.

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  • helen

    My brother has a 50cc moped.He like to ride a Moped and enjoys alot during driving it.