Details: 2008 Triumph Speed Triple brake mounts

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2008_Triumph_Speed_Triple_brakes.jpgWith all this talk of Triumph’s 2009 models we thought we’d take a look back at one of our favorite current bikes. The 2008 Triumph Speed Triple is an extremely thorough lesson in how to create a handsome, timeless, class-defying design. That attention to detail is carried through even to its brakes, which mount the disc carriers directly to the spokes instead of the hub. Think of this as a halfway house between Buell-style rim mounted brakes and traditional mounting methods. Benefits include easier disc changes, increased rigidity, more direct transfer of braking forces and super sex appeal.


  • johnc

    pierre terblanche @ ducati used this design on the multistrada.

  • Ben

    Nothing new under the sun, the CBR600F3′s had the same large radius mounting. I’m not sure how it will aid disk changes, as they’re still bolted on teh same way any other disk is done, Increased rigidity isn’t always a good thing, as I’d rather have full floating rotors over a solidly mounted one (can you say disk warp?), and sex appeal? Its a rotor, and probably stainless. Gimme a cast iron, or carbon ceramic composite and we’ll talk sexy.

  • mugget

    full floating rotors? i thought that it’s the rotor and carrier that make up the ‘full floating’ setup, so you can still do that with this method.

    sure others may have done this, but how many do it now? points to Triumph for reducing weight, visual clutter and improving performance.