Details: 2009 Suzuki DR-Z400SM graphics

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2009_Suzuki_DR-Z400SM.jpgFor 2009, the Suzuki DR-Z400SM is largely unchanged aside from the addition of these new graphics. Available in either black or white, both feature this barbwire backwoods camo graphic. While we like the bike — a simple, rugged, efficient supermoto with a fantastic chassis that easily makes up for the limited power — and the two solid color options, the graphics just don’t work. Barbwire, to us, evokes bad memories of Pam Anderson doing unspeakable things to Tommy Lee, while the camo print smacks of side-by-side ATVs and deer bait. Unless Suzuki is really going after the lucrative white trash demo, we fail to understand what these graphics are doing on a supermoto that’s perfect for the city. Let’s hope that like the graffiti CBR600RR, these are stickers that’ll easily peel off, leaving you with a handsome, solid-colored motorcycle.


  • Ty

    You guys don’t think the barbed wire will help keep the SM from getting stolen? Especially in NYC? Well, might need a a razor wire version for the East Coast. Or maybe some pit bull graphics, assorted fire-arms…

  • Wes

    Well maybe some actual razor wire might help, but I wouldn’t put it past thieves being able to get past even that.

  • http://suzukidrz400sm james

    i was wondering if a can get the
    graphic kit for my 2007 drzsm
    if so how much. black kit.

  • Steven E.

    I dig the 09′graphics.It looks like urban grafitti.It didnt keep me from buying a white one.I wonder what the next Suzuki sm will look like next year ? My sources tell me they will use the fuel injected rm 450 motor!!

  • Jon E

    WHAT?!?! who in their right mind would take the stickers off a graffiti cbr!? thats like repainting a repsol cbr! those are graphics are the opposite of nascar trailer trash, imo they make the bike look really urban and modern. as for the barb wire on the drz, i think it was used in a tasteful manner