Honda USA evaluating DN-01 sales

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Honda_DN-01_usa.jpgAn industry source has revealed to us that America Honda is investigating the potential consumer appeal of the DN-01. The machine was tucked away in a special lounge area within the company’s display at last weekend’s Laguna Seca MotoGP. There, Honda surveyed potential customers, carefully noting their thoughts and comments.
>American_Honda_DN-01.jpgThe Honda DN-01 combines the user friendliness of a scooter with the
image of a performance cruiser and totally original, futuristic looks.
Its unique selling point is the Human Friendly Transmission, a CVT
programmed to work like a six-speed manual or a full automatic.

The DN-01 could offer enormous appeal to current car drivers looking to
make the switch to motorcycles, but waiting for the right machine to
come along to prompt them to do so. By offering them things they’re
used to (automatic transmissions and storage space) combined with an
image that adapts traditional outsider opinion of what a motorcycle
should look like into a package that doesn’t scream “I have back hair,”
the DN-01 could be the right bike for a lot of new riders. Combine all
that with its sensible engine capacity and incredibly low seat height
and you have an upmarket product that’s appealing and accessible in
ways never before possible on two wheels. Do it Honda.

  • hugo becker

    looks great, comfortable and technically superb. Bring it home!

  • Sharon Turner

    I WANT!
    Now just keep the price reasonable so I can afford it.

  • Joshua Childs

    I ride a VFR800 VTEC now and am ready for this bike to come to the U.S. I been researching this bike and it’s technology for years. Is it coming in 09′ or not?

  • Charles Morrison

    Honda, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this bike here!

  • paul biernacki

    I will buy this!
    Bring it to the USA.
    I currently ride a Burgman 650…awesome machine…
    The DN-01 will be in my garage!

  • Matthew Roberson

    If Honda will bring this bike or a similar HFT cruiser to the U.S. market, I will buy it. All Honda has to do is put a quality HFT out there and available to the public and they will sell hundreds of thousands of them in the United States. The demand is HUGE for an automatic motorcycle by the best company. You build it and sell it, and we WILL buy it!!!

  • Steve

    I ride a Burgman 650 also and would absolutely buy this if available in the U.S.

  • Walter Belt

    Please forward to Honda USA that if they bring it, I will buy.

  • Joe

    If you bring it i will buy it. Have a F4i and ready for something to crusie around in and still look good doing it.

  • Richard Carr

    Yes, please sell the DN-01 in the US this year or I will have to go to Japan to buy one. I’m riding a Legacy automatic motorcycle but it’s only a 250cc I’m sold on automatic motorcycles because of a number of reasons.
    1-No worry about being in first gear.
    2-No more miss shifting.
    3-No more using all four to drive.
    4-No more waiting to stop before putting both feet down.
    5-No more clutch and foot brake on steep hills.
    6-Care free stop and go driving.
    7-Just get on-it and go, if your shifting you won’t keep up.
    8-No more clutch maintenance.
    9-Just jump on it with both hands and go.
    10-A Honda Automatic motorcycle is a dream come true.

  • William J. Pence

    I’m like all the others that have made commits concerning the Honda DN-01. I am very much interested in purchasing it if it is available here in America. I totally agree with Mr. Richard Carr on his committs on the Honda DN-01, in fact we are close friends. So, please let us know when we can purchase the DN-01 here in America

  • Thomas

    I have been riding an ’02 Reflex for a few years now and am ready to upgrade. IF Honda is going to bring the DN-01, I’ll wait for that. Beautiful ‘bike’ and it is exactly what I want. Bring it to the US and I’ll buy one as well.

  • Tom bartlett

    I’ve been excitedly following the DN-01 since 2005 and would definitely buy one of these fantastic machines. Everything about this bike makes sense…..any idiot can learn to shift gears in an hour…but why worry about it if you don’t have to….I’ve enjoyed my Honda Reflex, it’s great but the Dn-01 is a dream come true. Please bring it to the USA and let’s prove to the “Shifting=Manhood” crowd that this is the future.

  • Alan Paul

    I’ve been waiting 3 long years for this baby to invade our shores…TORO TORO TORO!
    Come on make it a surprise attack in ’09
    Otherwise I’ll keep my dowm payment on my Can Am Spyder (semi-auto) which is due to hit my retailer in November.

  • Alan Paul

    PS… Anybody seen that new CZi-110 due out in Thailand, pretty cool scooter around 193 mpg fuel injection @ 100 cc can due over 100 mph. I would buy one of those too as my dingy.

  • Grant

    Hi Alan. We actually covered the CZ-i 110. You can read about it here.

  • Alan paul

    WAKE UP…The DN-01 is freak’n here!!!

  • Alan Paul

    HEY where’s the Purple one???

  • Matt

    Unfortunately, the DN-01 comes with a price tag of $14,599 plus tax, title and liscensing. That’s about $16,000 where I live. I’ll have to wait and save, or maybe something else will come out with a more reasonable price. Why so high a price, Honda????

  • eric

    how many of the posters here now own one?

  • mohon

    I have first seen this bike on internet at 2007. from then i was waiting for more specification. I was wondered seeing her sit positon & transmission.I ride a yamaha cruiser love to ride at a go for more than 5-6 hour. Also I like to race in the street. so I was waiting for this bike. it will be a pleasure for me to buy one of it if you make it available in subcontinent specially in Bangladesh. waiting for her…..

  • mr sarjerao

    i am indian
    i know that to ho much cost honda dn-01 2010
    in india
    bike cost + trnsopotation+ other charge =