Honda VFR750R RC30 quality captured on film

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Honda-VFR750R-rc30.jpgEvery so often, Honda makes a bike with so much care and so much devotion that it’s elevated into the ranks of all-time greats. The RC30 was one of those bikes. Click through to find out why.


  • Grant Ray

    If adults still needed bedtime stories, this would be mine.

  • urbanrider

    Is that the one in the P.Diddy, or Puff Daddy back then, video? He is on a black one and crashes it, I think it was the tribute to Biggy.

  • Wes

    That’s a GSX-R 1100.

  • urbanrider

    Really?!?! I can just make out the suzuki name on the front of the bike now you say that.

    I’m showing my age not knowing that! :)

  • Wes

    Yep, the fairing’s pretty different, but the dual round headlights are very similar. The seat unit’s a give away, the RC30 was single-seat only.

  • SDMike

    Simply brilliant.