Moriwaki debuts first 600GP prototype at Suzuka

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Moriwaki_600GP_prototype_1.jpgThe ink’s not even dry yet on Dorna’s ruling that 250GP will turn into a class for 600cc four-strokes in 2011, but Moriwaki has rolled out a prototype of what it thinks a 600GP competitor should look like. Unlike KTM or Aprillia, who still insist they won’t participate in the new class, Moriwaki is considering running a factory team and brought the prototype to display at the Suzuka 8 Hours as a statement of intent. Click through for details on the bike.
>Moriwaki_600GP_prototype.jpgMoriwaki’s 600GP prototype use a CBR600RR engine housed in a bespoke
tubular steel chassis that allows the fitment of a much longer,
MotoGP-style swingarm. Also present is GP-spec Öhlins suspension and a
neat GP-style exhaust. The rest of the machine is fairly rough, running
250GP bodywork and stock CBR clocks for instance. This is to be
expected, Dorna hasn’t finalized rules for the new class yet and it’s
not even known if engines will be production or prototype-spec. Rather,
this appears to be a working concept from Moriwaki, brought out to
gauge interest and sponsorship opportunities should they decide to
enter the series.

It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the two-year new team
hiatus idea that’s been thrown around. Intended to allow existing teams
time to adapt to such a drastic change in racing formulas without
facing competition from new players able to capitalize on existing
four-stroke knowledge, it could mean that Moriwaki would have to wait
until 2013 to enter the series. Comprehensive rules for 600GP are
expected to be agreed upon later this year; we’ll keep you updated.

Moriwaki via Motorbox

  • Jeff Kniss

    I think they should get back to really looking at cost and what every manufacture already has ,and that is 450 single, these are mostly kids that are up and commers and the sponsreship money is gone the 450 are closer to a good racer than most people think and everyone makes them so the field is already full with competion its not to late to get this going it makes sense is that why its not happening ?wake up!!!!

    • Chris M.

      Yeah, only problem with that is the 450 singles don’t go any faster then existing 125 two strokes.

      • tgold

        The 450 motors are grenades and they are WAY more expensive to maintain than a two stroke.
        Also most of them have only a four or five speed gearbox.

  • Abe

    Not to mention, do you have ANY idea what a buncha 450 singles puttin and pluggin round a racetrack would sound like?? Gross……