Rossi defeats Stoner in epic Laguna Seca MotoGP

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Valentino_Rossi_Laguna_seca_2008.jpgWe don’t think we’ve ever seen better racing than we saw between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner yesterday. Any thoughts of Rossi being past his prime or Stoner being a mediocre racer on a fantastic bike were erased by the truly awesome display of skill put on by both riders. If only Stoner hadn’t crashed, we’d have loved to have seen them rub elbows right up to the finish line. The clip after the jump shows Rossi completing either the luckiest or most skillful pass we’ve ever seen going through the corkscrew. We’ll let you decide which.

Note to CBS: Fire the NASCAR film crew, let Kevin Schwantz stick to riding bikes and never again trade coverage of the best racing you’re ever likely to get your hands on for footage of American back markers like Nicky Hayden and Ben Spies lapping slowly for uncontested positions. If you want people to watch bike racing, you need to capture its excitement, not its shady corporate underbelly.

If anyone has a complete video of the race, we’d love to see it.

  • Andrew

    in the cork screw!!

    pretty exciting; good find.

  • lordcaffeine

    I agree that Schwantz and even more so Greg White need to be banned from commenting on racing. If yelling “SIDE BY SIDE” is the best thing that you can think to say while watching Valentino and Stoner go back in forth for the lead at 200 mph you don’t have a place in Television.
    Be fair though, Dorna gives the same video feed to everyone who covers the race and Hayden is hardly a backmarker!

  • AJ

    “Hayden is hardly a backmarker!” quote last comment… how many wins ?? how many podiums since 2006 ? On the same bike as Pedrosa !!

  • Grant

    Dorna gave the feed, but the lame-o CBS crew had editing power over what to show. I’m willing to bet none of the Euro channels switched to the B-cam rolls to watch either a couple of relatively unknown wildcards at the back or a very boring Hayden when they could be watching the best racing battle since Rossi V Biaggi at South Africa 2004.

    Focusing on the Americans and discussing their personality traits instead of the genius racing at the front was pure NASCAR production, (soon to be AMA as well). The coverage and commenting was so bad Wes and I were yelling at the television. And we weren’t even drunk. Let’s hope this mistake isn’t repeated for Indianapolis.

    Also, when Hayden is roughly half a minute back from the leaders, that pretty much makes him a backmarker.

  • Dr.Danger

    I nearly fell off my couch when Rossi did that sketchy move passing him down the corkscrew. I really thought he was going to take himself and Stoner down. I wasn’t surprised that Stoner crashed, his Desmo looked like it was handling loose the whole race.

  • dimitri

    Hi Grant,

    You are very right about the coverage. I, as a continental euro boy, really didn’t see any backmarker on eurosports coverage. Eurosport solely concentrated on the fight between Rossi and Stoner. After that was finished they focused on the fight between dovi and hayden. Which in the end was a pretty good fight too.

  • Half Moon Bay

    OK…by far the best racing I’ve seen i quite a while…no doubt. CBS – are YOU KIDDING ME?
    D/L the Euro feed and see how MUCH YOU missed. Rossi kissing LS pavement, the actual award ceremony (for SHAME CBS) and the usual brilliant commentary from Toby, Randy et al.
    Was there for practice on friday….what a brilliant weekend.

  • ben Part

    Try BBC2 next time.
    Straight no Slush Puppy.

  • Suraj gurung

    i was very much impressed by “the doctor” in lugana .Tho stoner commented little bit negatively ,i think that shouldn’t be becoz stoner’s bike is much powerful than that of rossi ,that is his technique.having such powerful bike also stoner could not do anything to rossi. If rossi had got that sort of bike no one could got him. Having less powerful bike also he could do it then what would be the result of having powerful bike with him. Rossi taught how we can haunt a lion when we are mouse.