Suzuki Gemma 250 goes on sale in Japan

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Suzuki_Gemma_250.jpgWe’re big fans of the Suzuki Gemma and its futuristic cruiser style. Based on the Burgman 250, it’s a little smaller, a little lighter and a lot better looking. The company defines the scoot as, “a fresh new vehicle for adult couples actively breezing their way in the city.” While most vehicles targeted at people like us are repulsive in their condescension, the Gemma is the right color, the right size and looks totally unique. Suzuki currently has no plans to sell the Gemma outside of Japan, but maybe if we ask nicely enough, they’ll change their minds. Please? More pictures follow the jump.
>Suzuki_Gemma_250_1.jpgSuzuki_Gemma_250_2.jpgSuzuki_Gemma_250_3.jpgSuzuki_Gemma_250_4.jpgSuzuki via Motociclismo

  • leather furniture

    This is what you call futuristic scooter.

  • S. Behrmann

    I currently have a Yamaha Morphous but I’d sell it and get this Suzuki Gemma in a New York minute. The Gemma is a little shorter and weighs a little less, making it just perfect for women. That’s my main grip about the Morph, it’s 50 to 70 lbs. heavier than I’d like, especially wet weight. The Gemma would be perfect if the price were right.

    Suzuki, please PLEASE send us this scooter here in the USA. And hurry, I ain’t getting any younger. I’ll take mine in white!
    Susan in New Jersey

  • Katman

    The Gemma is BUTT UGLY, sorry to much
    plastic. Why not make a bare bones
    scooter like the Big Ruckus from
    Honda since they no longer make it?

    The Big Ruckus is easy to modify
    and fun to ride.

    Can be seen on
    the BIG RUCKUS needs a replacement
    since Honda dropped it. They failed
    to advertise it and only brought it in
    the country for two years. Second year
    went to a silver color, still in spite
    of less visual impact sales rose over
    the 2005 Yellow and black color. Another
    year on line sales would have risen again.

    I now have three of them as they are
    the best bike I rode in 40 years of
    riding. I have all three in the ’05
    Yellow and Black color scheme.

    From Pittsburgh, PA USA

    • Jo'At the Adventurer

      Why? Because we already have the Big Ruckus. And personally I rather not have a ruckus when I’m riding, I’ll take the plastic element protection anyday, so I can focus more on the beauty of day.

    • Words from the Wise

      Honda dropped the big Ruckus because only you and two other people liked it. You think the Ruckus is pretty and the Gemma is ugly, well sir that’s just your taste and I appreciate that. I on the other hand think the Gemma looks outstanding and is a refreshing new scooter design. I want it. I would pay upwards to $5500 for it. The plastics serve a purpose other than gorgeous looks, it keeps road grime off of my suit. That’s very important to me. But you are more than welcome to strip the plastics and ride it with a bare frame.

  • cWj

    Katman, if you think Suzuki should’ve made a Ruckus instead of this, you’ve completly missed the point of this. If you’re looking for something like this or the Morph or a Silver Wing, you’re probably not looking for something like the Ruckus.

  • joe black

    I agree with the Katman , I hate all that plastic . The Big Ruckus was the best scooter idea ever .


  • gordon blunt

    I want one ! canada needs this scooter . after getting so many ugly attempts at a mid size scooter and for that matter a great deal of maxi scooters this one finally has it right . having said that , it’s too cool for canada and i doubt would suzuki really cares about us anyway .

  • Ruckimike

    Looks cool to me, wish they offered it in a twin with bigger displacement. If price is not too prohibitive I would consider this instead of the Burgman 650.