Triumph classic and cruiser range updated for 2009, poses for photo shoot

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2009_Triumph_Bonneville_SE_bw.jpgIn addition to the all-new 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600, Triumph’s entire modern classic and cruiser range has been updated for the 2009 model year. The biggest change is the addition of fuel injection (Triumph no longer makes any carbureted bikes) and the new colors you can see here. Triumph’s complete location shoot and specs for each model after the jump.
>2009_Triumph_Bonneville_black.JPG2009_Triumph_Bonneville_white.JPGTriumph Bonneville
Now available in either black or white, it adapts a ‘70s influenced
look complete with 17” seven-spoke mag wheels, a mostly-black engine and
a lower seat height. A host of unseen chassis changes are claimed to
make the Bonneville a better handler. Power is 67bhp. The leather panniers on the white Bonnie are seriously good-looking. 

2009_triumph_Bonneville_SE_black.JPGTriumph Bonneville SE
Same engine and chassis as the Bonneville, but is available in either
black or blue/white color schemes. The main difference is brushed aluminum engine covers, the addition of a tachometer and
chrome tank badges.

2009_Triumph_Boneville_t100_bw.JPGTriumph Bonneville T100
The T100 gets a more ‘60s-style look with spoked wheels (19” on the
front), black clocks and fork gaiters. The T100 will be available in
black/white, green/white, red/silver and a limited edition orange/white.

2009_Triumph_Thruxton_red.JPGTriumph Thruxton
The big change is the inclusino of flat bars over clip-ons. Power is
69bhp, there are bar-end mirrors, megaphone exhausts, spoked wheels
(18” front) and two color schemes: red with a white stripe down the
middle, or black with a gold stripe.

2009_Triumph_Scrambler_black.JPG2009_Triumph_Scrambler_matte_green.JPGTriumph Scrambler
New colors: either black or a really cool matte green. 59bhp.

2009_Triumph_America_blue_white.JPGTriumph Bonneville America
61bhp, good looking wheels, brushed engine covers and paint that comes in black, blue/white or light blue/dark blue flavors.

2009_triumph_speedmaster.JPG2009_Triumph_Speedmaster_black.JPGTriumph Speedmaster
61bhp, a mostly black engine and black or black/white paint.

While all of these bikes remain some of the most handsome retros
available, we’d have liked to have seen louder pipes on the Scrambler, more power across the range and some more character — something that’s
more than skin deep — imbued in all the above models.


  • Mat Rempit

    I have pygmalion levels of lust for that matte green Scrambler.

    A buddy at work has a newish Bonnie, which I believe is basically the same as the Scrambler, and I too have always thought it’s sound could be a bit deeper, dirtier.

    Retro-necro they may be, but I love these bikes.

  • Wes

    The Scrambler makes quite a bit less power than the Bonnie, but is thoroughly reworked for more instant torque low down the rev range and way more character. It deserves a little bit fruitier exhaust note. The Bonneville’s engine ends up feeling like a sewing machine, it just doesn’t do anything exciting at all, anywhere. I guess it looks nice.

    We’d wholeheartedly recommend a green Scrambler.

  • crashtd

    do you ever get the feeling Wes or Grant are Triumph owners? lol

  • Wes

    I know, I know. It’s just that Triumph goes for an all at once approach with news, releasing everything new at their dealer conference, which just happened to be last weekend. The only thing I own with a Triumph badge on it is a jacket

  • Ben Part

    for a Trumpet scrambler with added fruit try the German tuner:
    personally I think their W650 Kawasaki racer is rather out sauces the Brit. Sorry.

  • contender

    I love the classics. I’ve some close to breaking my ‘no new bikes’ rule on the t100 and scrambler a couple times. The specs seem like they would bore me though. Perhaps I should ride one to eradicate the lust; I am sure my clapped-out TLS is far more engaging.

  • Ntinos

    Good site but does anyone know if TRIUMPH will launch tourist model like Trophy series?

  • Otto Uberswengen

    Mags look good ya?…easier to clean and therefore more time actually riding..
    However, try adjusting/cleaning the chain
    without the centre-stand…
    What’s the REAL reason for making the Tacho and Centre-stand Accessories(extras)…?
    Is it some form of Extra-Terrestrial
    Laughable if it wasn’t so serious…
    and enough for me to look elsewhere
    even though I have been a Bonneville Devottee since 1975.(T140)
    One thing that hasn’t changed…Triumph will NEVER deliver a finished product.
    That was how the Honda Four
    really cleaned them up in 1969….
    This 2009 “Anniversary” bunch is sadly disappointing, despite
    fine design/re-creation of the “Bonneville”.
    Thruxton is great and “Belstaff” Versions
    are fabulous and should be made widely available and permanently part of the model line-up…not sure about the Macgreger inspired “pink” version for hairdressers…
    No Tach, No Centre-stand, NO DEAL…

  • Eric Struch

    Oooh, I dunno… I have a rather large, longstanding axe to grind against the whole concept of a “modern classic”. It’s an oxymoron that usually occupies the same place in my cranium as the “factory custom” (if it leaves the factory looking like that, then it can’t be a custom). I feel like if you can’t handle the upkeep, then you don’t deserve the look, but damn, that new Bonnie with the fakie Lester mags is kinda hot..! They even got rid of that ugly-ass exhaust upkink! Maybe after 3 headache- inducing ’71 T120′s I should rethink this whole “real not retro” biz…

  • Pat

    I bought & built up a BonnieBlack and loved it. Then I (re)built another ’05 Bonnie and painted it red, Red, RED! I sold them because I finally became a victim of the broken spokes problem our new generation Bonnies were known for. I bailed!

    But now they’ve got fuel injection so I can ride to the higher altitudes, 17″ forged alloy wheels, and tubeless tires that I can repair on the road. And with it’s narrower and lower saddle, my 5′ 2″ness can put (at least) one tippie-toe down at the light.

    I’m in the process of makeing a bagger outa my new Bandit 1255cc, but if/when I get the money…. I may just consider ANOTHER Bonnie! I’ve never enjoyed another bike the way I enjoyed riding, being seen on, and talking ’bout my Bonnie.

  • JRB

    Got a 2009 Scrambler (GREEN) too much snow outside to ride it. Does anyone have a pipe suggestion to make this sound like a machine that is alive??

  • SDR

    Arrow exhaust, natch.

  • Markus

    T100 very cool. but the slab seat is very hard. Guarantees a retro-arse after a few miles.

  • nigel

    i’ll keep my ’70 TR6C

  • John Spencer

    Love my 01 Bonneville. Bought it new, from Tom Hicks himself (so. cal triumph)put 50000 miles on it, wrecked it 3 times, broke my leg twice…. now it sits, totaled, behind my garage,while I wait for my next bike…. maybe Bonneville SE? The paint is right(blu/white)…all it needs is a centerstand, some lower ( proper Britbike bars) and some knee pads.