$12,000 Suzuki Hayabusa outperforms $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron

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2008_Suzuki_Hayabusa.jpgIn real world road conditions, every rider knows that motorcycles are faster than cars. It’s not just a power to weight thing either, we’re able to exploit our size advantage to: a) move to the outside of corners for better vision, allowing more speed with more safety and b) move through traffic safely and efficiently in a way no car ever could. Car drivers just don’t get it, trotting out on-paper performance numbers for impossibly expensive cars that are occasionally better than those of their two-wheeled counterparts. But now we have them definitively beaten. The 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa is quicker than the fastest car in the world.
>2008_Suzuki_Hayabusa_blue.jpgFrightened of expensive insurance rates and draconian legislation, most
motorcycle manufacturers don’t release official performance data or
even power figures. So until now, we didn’t know how fast the new
Hayabusa was. England’s BIKE magazine hooked up a GPS data logger, took
a stock 2008 Hayabusa to an airstrip and recorded the numbers; here they are
compared to official data on the Bugatti Veyron.

182bhp (measured at rear wheel) – Suzuki Hayabusa
1,001bhp (measured at crank) – Bugatti Veyron

Horsepower to Kilogram:

.827 – Suzuki Hayabusa
.53 – Bugatti Veyron


2.74 seconds – Suzuki Hayabusa
2.46 seconds – Bugatti Veyron

1/4 mile:

9.985 seconds – Suzuki Hayabusa
10.2 seconds – Bugatti Veyron


18 seconds (184mph restricted top speed) – Suzuki Hayabusa
19.8 seconds – Bugatti Veyron)

  • GKAI

    Wow that’s pretty cool :)

  • Andrew

    someones gonna take that top restriction off & die.

    fast as hellz.

    • Matt Guynn

      the funny part about that is… i have a youtube video of a Hayabusa doing over 220 at the top of 5th gear, no telling how fast he went when reaching the top of 6th..

  • beercheck

    Pfff. ‘busa would probably take 14 seconds to get from 184-186..

    • Mark

      Ummmmm, No. I have one. It pulls HARD all the way up to the Limiter. It is only turning 7,ooo RPM at 186. The bike is only getting into its power band at that speed. it has ALOT more left. This is personal experiance talking. Not something I read.

    • viktor popp

      My 2004 hayabusa,no governor,race pipes,power commander and K&N filter,197 hp.6th gear at 9700rpm–190mph,Speedometer stop.I kept going to
      10800rpm,speed??????[redline 11000rpm]from 9700rpm to 10800rpm in 6th gear,4-5 seconds.

  • ben j

    but the Veyron’s claim to fame is top speed. The other categories are nice bonuses, but until the Hayabusa can do 253.19mph, the Veyron wins. Even if someone manages to make a ‘busa go that fast, I guarantee that it’ll look like the scariest thing a human has ever done, where the Veyron makes it look like a good way to go down to the store and grab a gallon of milk.

    • Mario

      Somebody has made a Hayabusa that goes that fast. He lives in Holland and his name is Frank Gillebaard , at Elvington U.K. he did 427 kmh and that is 20 kmh faster then the Veyron. This turbo charged Suzuki is pure evil !!!

    • viktor popp

      Google,Hayabusa at Maxton. 256.79mph,street legal

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Ben: That sums up the Veyron perfectly and it’s why I’d pick the Busa (well, actually a CBR1000RR) every time.

  • The Green Baron

    I’ve ridden the Suzuki Hayabusa, and compared to the Veyron, it’s a suck-and-blow garbage bag primarily designed for white trash and ghetto sluts in muffin-topped thong/short combinations.

    Sure, it’s faster in the quarter-mile; so’s a nitrous-fed ’82 Mustang on drag radials.

    Furthermore, the time will come – and I speak from experience – when you get on your Hayabusa and IT. FEELS. SLOW. When that day comes in the Veyron, you’re driving a Veyron. When it comes on a ‘Busa, you’re just another squid locking up the rear brake on the entrance to on-ramps.

    • Eric

      Green, the Suzuki Hayabusa is aurguably one of the most important and significant motorcycles in history. It has enormous street creed, and has enjoyed an increase in sales each year in production. Modified Hayabusa’s can even approach and surpass the Veyron’s top speed. Your comment is rediculous.

      That being said, both the Hayabusa and the Veyron are in similiar catagories in that they both push today’s engineering limits for cars and bikes.

  • Johnny Wisconsin

    From this and other false dichotomies we can deduce that The Green Baron is just another bitter Veyron owner who’s been beaten by both a Haybusa and a nitrous-fed ’82 Mustang on drag radials. Jesus, Green, get over it. At least you’re still unbelievably wealthy.

  • Ezzy

    Veyron isn’t the world’s fastest car, The SSC Ultimate Aero TT is. And this test is useless in all its forms.

  • Ugo

    SSC aero thing is a go-kart on steroids, not a car…

    • Jesse

      A SSC is a go-cart?? It weighs 2900lbs how the hell is that a go-cart?

  • Zaitsev

    I think this is an interesting article but too many blanket statements and bias for me to really appreciate. I’ve owned two cars in my time that no 600cc class bike could touch (my friends Gixxer 1k is another story, however, haha). My point being “In real world road conditions, every rider knows that motorcycles are faster than cars” is a crap statement.

    Another thing is it appears all testing was done in the Busa’s playing field. I’d love to see what cornering G-forces you could get out of both vehicles as well as 200-250mph times — oh, wait, that might take some alteration on the Busa’s end. Why not pick the current Viper or Z06? Clearly they would both be punished by the Zook.

  • delta5

    Don’t get me wrong, I love bikes, (more Yamaha than Suzuki, but still.)

    But at the end of the day, if it starts dumping rain, if I want to have a conversation with someone, if I’m going on a road trip, it’s the Veyron every time. I can have my thrills AND a little bit of comfort. (I don’t care how soft the leather is, it’s not a Rolls.)

    There’s also a bit of safety factor. A friend has 3 bikes, and 2 are always in the shop as he keeps getting t-boned and cut off because NO ONE pays attention to or sees bikes around here. I want fast, but I also want to live when that Escalade blows a red light!

    start flame bait
    Besides, thanks to more contact patch, (race) cars will always be faster around a road course than (race) bikes! :D

  • why me

    ben j
    you should google john noonan. he has been 261 on his busa at bonneville.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Hey Zaitsev, you know the Hayabusa is kinda like having two GSX-R600 motors in one chassis, right? As for the crap statement about real world speed and handling, Wes and I’ve both driven fast cars as well as fast bikes.

    BIkes are faster. And as of 2008, that includes the 600 class.

  • kyle

    I’m pretty sure people have busas that do 250 in a standing mile.
    and they dont cost millions of dollars, or look like lowered and stretched VW Bugs.
    Personally, I’d rather have the hennessey 1000 GT that’s currently in concept form; I love the fact that optional equipment will be limited to 200 extra hp.

  • Zaitsev


    “Hey Zaitsev, you know the Hayabusa is kinda like having two GSX-R600 motors in one chassis, right?” — Sorry, you’ll have to better illustrate the point of that, it flew over my head.

    “BIkes are faster. And as of 2008, that includes the 600 class.” — Hehe… Ok, then EVERY OTHER 600cc class bike that I’ve ran on the street that fell on its face past 120mph as I left it bus lengths behind me must have not been a 2008. I will read up on the vast improvements they made on that year model of R6, CBR, and the like. Thanks for the tip!

  • Matt

    …is quicker than the fastest car in the world

    How is that??? The Veryon still gets to 60 quicker and it weights ±3700 lbs more. In real world driving that is what matters most.

    • Dan

      thats because the busa has so much power then it cannot use it all at such low speeds.
      basically it would flip over backwards, it would need a wheelie bar or sumthing to get a better 0-60

  • James

    A few things you forgot: top speed (Veyron), Safety (Veyron), room enough in the vehicle for your model wife and/or actress mistress (Veyron). Nice try tho.

  • Ty

    On the track? Sebastien Bourdais set the lap record around Laguna Seca early last year in a Panoz Champ Car with a 1:05.
    That’s roughly 15 seconds a lap faster than Casey Stoner could manage in MotoGP qualifying there this year. In straight match, off the slow corners, the bike would jet away for a bit, then be eaten alive everywhere else, braking late into corners, through corners, the car carrying so much more speed over huge chunks of the track. The open-wheel car would be lapping the bike in no time. Aero plus downforce plus grip plus 800 horsepower plus just 1500 pounds of car equals big-time speed.
    However, bike racing is still way cooler and the car driver isn’t hanging it out there like the rider. John Surtees won GP motorcycle titles on an MV and then the Formula 1 title for Ferrari. Michael Schumacher said that Valentino Rossi could have been a competitive F1 driver. Have we ever seen the reverse? A top-line car driver become a champion motorcycle racer?
    On the road? Dunno about car v. bike on mountain roads and it should NEVER be attempted. But Car and Driver did an actual test in 1996 with blazing fast motojournalist Brian Catterson. “The results of a speed comparison test between a Dodge Viper GTS and a Yamaha YZF motorcycle, are presented. The Yamaha motorcycle was easily the faster of the two in drag racing conditions, but the Viper outraced the Yamaha when pitted together on a 2.5-mile road course.” I think they may have closed off Angeles Crest Highway for this, but I can’t recall. Anyone?
    But, in Southern California real-world traffic, forget it. The worse it is, the better off the bike. We’ve got lots of six-figure cars out here that I lane-split past all the time. They hate it. I smile.

  • Aaron

    Pure speed AND handling, the Ariel Atom will spank both the bike and the bling-car around a track.

    Top Gear track times – http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/show/powerlaps.shtml

    * 0-60 sub 3 seconds
    * 0-100-0 sub 11 seconds

    Power to Weight:
    * 5.7 lbs/bhp (245bhp)
    * 4.7 lbs/bhp (300bhp)

  • crazyhorse

    Although I love the Veyron for all its fine engineering. I also know that you can get far better performance and handling out of a Busa for far, far less money. $1.7 million USD will build one hell on a Hayabusa, that would very easy conquer all of the Veyron records as well as the SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s top speed of around 270 mph. To better compare apples to apples, which is hard with cars and bikes, I should be allowed to modify the Busa with and aerodynamic shell as well and a turbocharger, since the Veyron has four. Bikes are speed limited due to poor aerodynamics, but with $1.7 million, I should have no problem fixing that. With an aeroshell and a stabilizer, with 550hp, 320 mph should be attainable.

  • Daniel

    I just bought the hayabusa and love it but I hate the restrictor on it.

    • Pete

      You need something called a “timing retard eliminator”. I had the GIpro gear indicator/retarder combination on my ’07 Busa. The ’08 comes stock with a gear indicator so there is no need for the combo which saved me some money this time. However, if you don’t have the ’08, I’d suggest getting the combo with the indicator. It’s around a hundred bucks for the retarder alone. Find ‘em cheaper on ebay. Here is a link that should help. Be safe! Peace.


    • MavEryck

      You buy a TRE

      It costs about $125.00

      Use Google to find it.

    • Tim Heslin

      Hi, did you every find the answer to the restrictor removal issue / if so please share

      Thank you

  • syed abdul faiq

    i love this bike very much

  • ben spiers

    i love reading all the stories of bike vs car, etc. I race a bike and also love cars, road bike are faster than road cars,( i don’t mean top speed, hence bugatti) although the turbobusas are quicker but stupidly fast and plain stupid for the road!
    A full factory f1 style car is the quickest mode of transport around a track simply because of the downforce and contact patched with the tyres, Even the moto gp bikes are no way as fast. Moral of the story, there is something always faster, whether it being a bike or car, enjoy both, i do….

  • HIM

    What you guys dont seem to get is yes, cars can beat bikes… but its all in perspective, you cant compair a 250cc dirtbike to a mustang… and look at cost, what would you rather spend $12k to get a bike drop a few thousand into it and go 250mph OR spend 1.7 million and hit 270 mph.. Now surely if you had 1.7 million dollars to spend and you built a complete costume bike with only speed in mind, Im sure you could blow away any car… Delta 5… yes a race car would win VS a bike on a RACECAR TRACK… but a bike would beat a racecar on a BIKE TRACK.. you cant compair one to the other when one is at its home.. only place you can compair fairly is on the drag strip… When it comes down to it.. If you where to spend the same amount of $$ on a bike as a car, then raced them the bike will always come out on top

  • HA

    1.7 M for a status symbol…its not an investment as it will depreciate once you drive it…From a pure speed freaks point of view what a tremendous waste of money. You could buy a late 90′s F1 car (100K). After purchasing that you could also buy a New Hayabusa one for each day of the week(84K). Then you could by a used Top Fuel Dragster (~100K + 5000/run). Then buy a few 100-250K Daily Drivers…

    Or you could just but one Veyron that is slower than everything mentioned above.

    To address the above post there are Hayabusas that go 250mph especially on pavement(not salt). Noonans will do that easily and there are many milers that can do that speed. They are more prevalent than you might think. It costs around 12-40K to make that kind of power. There are MANY 500+ hp Turbo busas in the world.

    IMO your money is much better spend on a few 20 YO supermodels…

  • R1

    As a motorcyclist I must admit I wouldn’t mind having a Veyron in the garage as a spare vehicle to use on really rainy and cold days once in awhile. It would even haul more crud then my bike. All that thing needs is a roof rack and it’s ready for a trip to the lumber yard! Cars can be interesting and useful at times, you just have to be flexible.

  • Sal Camo

    I ride a Busa (06) and a drive A c6 Zo6

    Nothing feels like geeting up there in the 200 zone on a bike…its modded with the TRE9 using the 5th map for all gears.) +PC3 intake/ and headers.
    The Zo6 with make you shit. ( cam /headers) and the Bike is just a new level of adrenaline.
    Any ole fool can take my Zo6 to 200…and feel fairly comfortable doing it..It take a MAN to go 200+ on a bike. THATS the real difference. Any rich pansey can call their Bugatti king. But a Busa MAN makes himself a king by facing speeds and the feeling of a free fall + 75 extra mph.

  • jewelz4sure

    2000 hayabusa (unrestricted) turbo, veyron would never touch it, why not veyron is turbocharged, hope you got the windows up, either that or choke on the smoke from my tailpipes, 2000 hayabusa specs are brutal, in light of that I really wish suzuki would make a sportscar, give them 1.6 million dollars to play with!

  • jewelz4sure

    oh yeah, and for some reason, I keep seeing 2.8 sec. 0-60 times for veyron

  • MavEryck

    I just bought the 2009 Hayabusa (Black/Grey) yesterday. Earlier in the day I sold my 2002 Limited Edition Hayabusa (Black).

    The only thing that I kept off of the old Busa, to use on the new Busa was the TRE.

    Now I have no top speed restriction.

    I grow tired of the questions where Hayabusas are concerned. If anyone with a car (that they think is fast) would like to bring it to Southern CA, then I will gladly take them out on the open road and show them the back end of a Hayabusa at any speed that they would care to take their car up to.

    Show me the car owner that regularly takes his vehicle past 200 and I will be the first to shake his hand.

    After I shake his hand I’m still going to beat him though.

    The Hayabusa reigns supreme and I am willing to prove it where it counts; In the real World.

  • Laura

    Just remember that the Veryon top speed is 253.19 its quad turboed 64 valve engine that weighs about 4 times the weight of a busa. That busa can go ahead and win in the quarter. When that bike runs out of gears the Bugatti will be crusing passing the speeds of formula cars.

    The bugatti sucks in more air a minute than we breath in 4 days. The tires last 15 minutes at top speed and the gas tank lasts 12 minutes.

    • brandon rigsby

      Way to go giving a word for word dialouge of Top Gear.

  • Dave

    Laura, interesting statistics and romantic presentation…however….

    A sprocket and turbo system modification (5-6k) and the Busa is now crusing at formula car speeds….

    For a cost of an average new car,…The Busa with mods will challenge the Veyon in virtually every speed catagory.

    I’m impressed with the Veyron’s capabilities, but I’m blown away by the potential of a Suzuki Hayabusa. The factory unit is a tamed down version of a complete monster of a bike. The motor has been able to produce over 700hp on dyno tests with big turbos for god’s sake! And I can add from experience, this bike is ROCK solid at speed.

  • David

    Hey Crazyhorse the reason motorbikes are limited. The actual reason is political and it is believed to have originated from a PISSED OFF BMW boss driving his top of the range BMW on the autoban at its top speed when he was passed by 1 or 2 motorbikes.
    He was so irrate that he made complaints to almost every country in the developed world about the “dangers of these two wheeled devices”.
    In a premptive move to allow development of future bikes the Jap manufacturers appeased the balance impared, capsule enclosed, lifeless majaroity they agreed to impose the limit of 298kph or 186mph.

    That is the story or a least one of the versions that I have been told.

    I don’t give a rats arse about these $1.7Million ugly super cars which actually cost $5Million each or any other 4 wheel capsule. I love my bikes and riding as opposed to driving and in the real world I am always faster around the city or on the highway.
    If they want drags and top end I have a friend with a 450Hp rear wheel 04 busa and change the cogs for max top speed.

    I changed from my busa to a 2008 ZX14 which is just the same in performance as the new busa. Still got my K2 1000,


  • spoda – 420riders Toledo,OH

    I have owned a grey and black 2008 Hayabusa since early 3/08 and have dumped a faily good amount of money into it since. Stock the machine was a new experience having more horsepower than the gen-1 that had a full pipe and pc. I decided to take my gen-2 to a new level and see what the bikes potntnial actually is. The bike was currently dynoed at 189.4 horsepower at the rear wheel. It has a full titanium orient express ‘ti-force’ pipe, pc3 powercommander,tre w/gear sensor (bike reads 5th gear at all times w/gen-1 style). 6 over McIntosh arm w/built in air tank, air shifter, airbox mod, adjustable lowering links (dropped 2inches), lowering tripple tree (lowered 1 1/2inches), smoked puig Z-racing windscreen, black powdercoated pegs and levers, blackouts for rear tail lights/signals.everyone has chrome around here so I wanted to go w/a stealth look. This bike is beyond fast and I have yet to meet a car which could even come close to keeping up with me including supercharged ford gt’s, mercedes slr McLarens, ferraris, etc. Real world road conditions equal seeing 1 or 2 Veyrons on the road in 1 year only to be driven by a 60year old retired executives or someone who bought the vehicle as a “money status symbol” and wouldn’t know what to do with the power at hand. It is an incredible vehicle and a master of engineering but at the 1.7million dollar price tag it should be just that.. the fastest. As someone stated dump the money into the hayabusa and watch what it will do. I would rather dump 20k into a bike that will walk away from that veyron up until 200-205mph and have him pass me only to meet up at a light and shoot the shit both commending how amazing the engineering is on the car and bike. You can guarantee the veyron hasn’t encountered something that gave it an ass whooping until the low 200s. Point is I saved 1,680,000dollars and could invest a little more to run the Veyron in the top end. Fighter pilots in documentaries have stated the rush from riding these rockets is the only thing they can compare to being up in the air in that cockpit. Two different experiences between the Veyron and Hayabusa, It definitely takes a lot more balls to put that bike 200+mph than sit in a car comfortably and do it. Both the best in their class but the Generation 2 Suzuki Hayabusa is obviously the better buy. Plus I can get away from the Super Troopers while the Veyron is stuck in traffic and receives that wreckless op for 200mph in a 70mph zone “real world situation” LOL. Whatever you drive and/or ride be safe, have fun, and much love.

    420rider Toledo, OH

  • Dan Zue

    Strange as I got the emphasis of the article unlike many of the commentors I have read above.

    Afordably many commoners can own a Hayabusa and experience the thrill of accelleration like a Veyron. I certainly cannot own a Veyron and do own a busa. The Zero to Sixty is amazing and doable as well a legal every day I ride it.

    Si it comes down to…
    Can you afford a Veyron, or are you on a busa budget. Face it, any car that can perform (acceleration) anywhere close to a busa is not in the aforable range for any middleclass American. For the dollar, busa is the most bang for the buck, PERIOD!

  • Karl

    I have a limited 2003 busa and with some mods i did beat a murcielago so i think a bit more changes on my old busa and the veyron stays lookin’ at my taillight to

  • bubba

    hiya get ur bums over to the uk we have bends
    you dum yanks
    how much did VW spend on the car hhmmm
    ride it like you stole it
    busa owner



  • Mike

    >Hi, did you every find the answer to the restrictor removal issue / if so please share

    TRE (Timing retard eliminator) basically fools the computer to believing you are in a different gear and therefore does not trigger the limiter. There are various versions of it(Ivans/smart TRE/etc), go read about them its extremely common in the Busa community and is everywhere on the net.

    Riding the Hayabusa is like being propelled by the hand of god.

  • greenbusa

    My turbo Busa is daily ridden on pump gas everyday makes 450+ hp and weighs 500lbs, how is that for power to weight ratio, and will go from 0-180 in just over 8 seconds and top speed of over 240 and I have about 15g in it, bring on the cars, by the time he reaches 100 I will be out of sight and there are alot of busas out there faster than mine

  • FalcoPerigri

    Veyrons are for worshippers like Jeremy Clarkson and they deserve each other. Will ANY Formula 1 driver part with that kind of money for a Veyron to go into his garage? If you hate money that much, give it to starving, homeless children. There is more skill involved in taking a bike like the a Hayabusa off the side-stand and riding out of a Supermarket car park than driving the Veyron at top speed. With 2 million to spend, there is no way I would throw it away on a depreciating, useless, gas-guzzling liability. Ask Jackie Steward if you want a second opinion! I’d rather buy a Van Gogh if there are any left going at that price, or a nice apartment or even a Spitfire Plus my own airfield.!
    Green Baron, let us know when you are the Green Hornet. Maybe then someone might take some interest in your views and perhaps some of your moves…(though I rather doubt it…)
    Motorcycles and cars are about expressing your character in completely different ways. Think of riding a powerful black stallion. THAT, requires skill and courage. The rest of the 4 wheel brigade falls somewhere between the likes of the Calgary Stampede and a Real Estate Agent’s Carrera OR, if you happen to be a SULTAN (say of Brunei)you can also sit in your Veyron when you are bored with your wives. Frankly I think Jeremy Clarkson looked his best on a scooter with a bucket on his head trying to ride out of Saigon. That sight alone, is worth 10 Veyrons! GO JEREMY!

  • Steeeve

    Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that the veyron is almost $1.7m more than the busa….

  • Dan

    I dare say the ‘busa would be slower around a race circuit than a veyron.I know for sure that a veyron can stop quicker and more than likely corner faster than any road bike on normal street tyres.Obviously a bike is far cheaper than a luxurious car,but remember your body is your most valuable asset in this world and a bike places greater risk on this valuable asset.

    • Satasaurus

      Wrong and wrong. There’s no way that a Bugatti Veybubble can corner faster then a bike, even a Hayabusa. Also don’t let the thin metal shell of a car give you a false sense of security. If you crash in anything street legal at those kind of speeds you’re toast. Sure the bike leaves you more exposed, but at 200 mph someone in a Veyron would be as dead as someone on a Busa.

  • death valley

    remember boys $12k vs $1.7M… and a good used busa can be had for $6k or less..fugly but functional..and hey where’s the picture of the $1.7m 10001hp competition..wonder how much a used one goes for..did someone say ford mustang…thats a pathetic comparison to a busa..i think busa was designed for the open road and evading arrest, not drag strips and fat couch potatoes..bigger gas tanks needed..boycott BP..

  • Alberto

    No Guts, No Glory!! The owner of a Veyron may have the Glory of owning this status symbol, but the owner of the Hyabusa has both!! It takes Guts to do 200+ on this mad machine and it has the Glory of making you King!!(of the road).

  • Victor

    I already own a Hayabusa, so all I’d want is an RCC turbo and a good mechanic. People asking about speed limiters take your bike to an ECU tuner. De-restriction is literally the click of a button. If not, buy a smart-TRE in order to preserve your gear indicator.

    No car will EVER compare to thrill/terror/violence/joy/freedom/versatility of fast bike.

    It is my opinion that those that do not ride actually cannot comprehend just how fast a sportsbike feels, regardless of what size the engine is.

  • Joe

    Yep I own a rcc turbo busa with 320 hp and its a rocket better than cocain !!!