Details: Custom Ducati Multistrada

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multidetail1.jpgExposed, the standard Ducati Mulitstrada’s sub-frame section is massive, bulky and downright unattractive. When we came across this custom version of a Multistrada on Pitted Chrome, we were amazed at such an elegant revision and visually minimal solution.>multidetail2.jpgBy dismissing the pillion option and under-seat exhaust, the the entire subframe was ground off and replaced by two elegantly exposed rods with fittings for the seat cowling and exhaust hanger. However they didn’t stop there. The rods have been milled to fit LED rear blinkers as well as rounded end-caps.

multidetail3.jpg While this could never pass government inspection and safety specifications, we still think the principles behind the exposed structure, bracketry and use of integration expressed here would be great to see coming from the dealer floor instead of some Italian guy’s garage.
  • hoyt

    Great work. A fine example of lighting being an integral part of styling, not something to lop off. Lighting can actually be used to add to a design.

    The header work is tireless and clever.

    Anyone know why he would have re-located the oil cooler?

  • B.Case

    Very nice. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more custom Multistradas on the scene, for what you can pick one up for used. A poor man’s Hypermotard, if you will. Makes sense, since Terblanche created the Hypermotard from a torn apart ‘Strada.

    • a

      You mean rich mans! Cost more to customize, since custom = 1.

  • dave

    Interesting work for “an Italian working in his garage..”

    Some really beautiful work in there, and some interesting uses of form.

  • harley motorcycle parts

    I’ll love to see more of these.

  • dan

    Some great detailing in there! It reminded me of this Ducati build: