Heiwa selling custom Honda FTR223

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heiwa223.jpgWe really really wish we could read Japanese or that Heiwa Motorcycles was based in the US, because they’re now selling their amazing FTR223 street trackers on their Japanese-only site. While the language barrier means we can’t give precise details, we think the machines speak for themselves.>Heiwa’s level of craftsmanship and attention to detail are nothing short of astounding. Handcrafted fixtures and bracketry look like they were designed integrally from the original Honda design team. In fact, we happily can’t find a single thing we’d change, except for the fact that we can’t have one.

heiwa223-2.jpgheiwa223-3.jpgheiwa223-4.jpgHeiwa Motorcycles

  • Dr.Danger

    Looks like the one for sale in their stock area is only $5K. I wonder how much it would cost to import.

  • Cloughlin


    Check out the painfully hot ftr’s these guys snapped while in Japan.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    Beautiful. Not quite sure about that mondo front wheel, but gorgeous.

  • J Patrick Belmonte

    Definitely a sublime marriage of form & function. I like the “old school” look and the less is more about it that only a one lung-er can be. On the flip side of the coin I like the DERBI Mulahacen 459, even better the Mulhacen Angel Nieto Cafe Limited Edition. JPB

    • matt w

      i have one for sale in indiana

      • Bruce Monighan

        I stumbled across your post that you had an FTR for sale. I realize this was a while ago, do you still have it?
        Bruce Monighan

  • dead-O

    nice bike