Honda CZ-i 110 does 100mph, returns 134mpg

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Honda_CZ-i_110.jpgHonda Thailand’s stated goal is to become “the number one most admired company that is at the forefront of the environmental issue.” And with a 110cc, fuel-injected four-stroke capable of both 100mph and 134mpg, we believe that they’re capable of doing so, even outside Southeast Asia. Maybe with a better slogan.
>The CZ-i 110 shows what Honda’s PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection)
technology is capable of when applied to small, four-stroke engines.
Namely: improved fuel economy, lower emissions and high performance
than its carbureted counterparts. Compared to the 100cc model it
replaces, the new CZ-i returns 18 percent better fuel economy while
achieving 25 percent higher torque, all while ensuring cleaner combustion,
capable of fully halving the incredibly harsh upcoming Euro 6 emissions

To westerners accustomed to higher-cost, higher-performance machines,
the addition of fuel injection may not sound like a huge technological
leap forward, but to the world’s largest motorcycle market, Thailand,
it represents a sea change in thinking. With about 1.65 million bikes
sold there a year, nearly all basic scoots like the CZ-i, an 18 percent
reduction in fuel economy across the market would represent a huge
reduction in energy use and pollution. While we don’t think that Honda
has any intention to bring the CZ-i stateside, nor do we believe there
would be a market for it, it’s bikes like this and the
trickle-down of technology they bring, which will ultimately have a real effect
on global carbon emissions.

Honda Thailand via Gizmag

Thanks for the tip, Ted.

  • Schneegz

    Eat your heart out, Prius geeks.

  • Ben

    While Gizmodo may not think there is a market for a 110cc model, a 50cc model, that doesn’t require a motorcycle endorcement, but still goes 50 mph, would go a hell of a ways towards competing with Yamaha’s Zuma 50cc, and being a clean 4-stroke would be very nice.

  • ear

    If the 50cc went 50mph then it would require a motorcycle endorsement. At least here in GA it would.

    “A moped is any motor driven cycle with an engine not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters (3.05 cubic inches) that can propel the cycle at a speed not to exceed 30 miles per hour (MPH)”

  • syco

    Probably takes a while to get to 100?

  • Wes

    Ben: I don’t understand the Gizmodo comment?

    We see a lack of market potential in the states for this bike because of the general emphasis on bikes as toys instead of a legitimate form of alternative transportation. There’s already many 50cc scooters availabe that get better economy, they’re just not fast enough to keep up with traffic.

    syco: Yes, this is probably pretty slow, but would be fast enough to keep up or outpace traffic in town and even in the suburbs, all while returning over 100mpg. As a cheap, practical, frugal form of transportation, you can’t beat scooters like this.

  • skarachi

    this bike is interesting. does honda plans to market honda CZ-i in the philippines?

    • pab bonza

      Honda CZ-i is now available in our shop at P.J.BONZA Motorcycle Trading.