Jake Loniak’s Deus Ex Machina wearable motorcycle explained in video

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Jake_Loniak_Deus_Ex_Machina.jpgWhen we first revealed Jake Loniak’s Deus Ex Machina wearable motorcycle concept, we knew it was pretty cool but didn’t expect it to receive quite as much attention as it has. Now, after first seeing it here, Popular Science has put the renderings on the cover of its September edition. But all that attention hasn’t been positive. As with any radical idea, people are skeptical of its ability to function as intended.
For a quick refresher, Jake designed Deus while studying for a
Transportation Design degree at the Art Center College of Design. It
uses nano phosphate batteries and artificial muscles to give it a
theoretical top speed of 75mph.

This video demonstrates Deus’s intended functional ability: namely
standing up while being mounted and then laying down for high-speed
stability. While all this looks incredibly futuristic, according to
Popular Science, its technology is grounded in reality, meaning a
functional prototype may be feasible. The 36 artificial muscles, for
instance, are made by Festo, while the Lithium Ion batteries are
produced by Massachusetts-based A123.

“This isn’t a fantasy,” Loniak told the magazine. “I believe a working
prototype could be made, but it would take a great deal of time and

via Popular Science

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    The sensation of speed would be intense.

    tilting wheels for twisty roads?

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