KTM X-Bow coming to USA, to be street legal

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KTM_X-Bow_USA.jpgDespite earlier claiming that it would sell the X-Bow in Europe and Asia only, KTM has announced plans to import the vehicle to North America. The best part? It’ll be street legal. The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer’s first car, the KTM X-Bow is designed to offer the performance of a bike in a four-wheeled package. It weighs just 700kg (1,543lb) thanks to a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, while using an Audi-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 237bhp.

>KTM_X-Bow_USA_2.jpgSpeaking at the company’s annual North American dealer conference in
Salt Lake City, KTM’s managing director of sales and marketing, Hubert
Trunkenpolz, said, “We need support of the VW/Audi Group and we need to
overcome some legal hurdles concerning licensing, but at the end of the
day we want to see this car on the streets in America. We will do
whatever is possible to bring the car to the U.S.— that, I promise.”

KTM_X-Bow_USA_3.jpgX-Bow production started on June 16th with the limited-to-100 Dallara special edtion. The company will produce 1,000 of the motorcycle-influenced cars
annually at its new, purpose-built factory in Graz, Austria. It’s not
known how many of those will reach the US, or when sales will start,
but we’d hazard a guess at the 2010 model year. US Pricing hasn’t been announced either, but the vehicle retails for about $70,000 in Europe.

KTM_X-Bow_USA_4.jpgThe X-Bow is expected to be the first of a range of cars from KTM. In
keeping with its race-ready motorcycle heritage, the next vehicle will
be a KTM SUV capable of competing in the Dakar Rally. The KTM New
is expected some time in 2010 and will be followed by a
range of innovative city vehicles that will be produced with it partner
Bajaj. A more powerful, 300bhp X-Bow is also expected some time around
the turn of the decade.

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  • http://www.thetransportationrevolution.com Max

    so who’s gonna sell it? is it going to be in KTM stores or in high end car dealerships? Cars are an entirely different beast and you know KTM stores don’t have the ability to work on cars…yet

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Max: That’s a good question. Also figure in most motorcycle dealers’ inability to effectually deal with high-end clients and their usual bad, non-city-center retails locations. It’ll be interesting to see how KTM deals with that.

  • Larry Kahn

    As cool as a go-kart-on-steriods this may be, it would be hella scary driving around regular traffic in this. I can see how easy some jacked-up SUV/pick-up would roll right over you. Or a BMW GS even! Maybe some ATV flag things on them? But good on them (KTM) for bringing it to the table.

  • BobJones

    70k? I’ll take an Audi RS4 instead.

  • diskreet

    $70k is a steal. Fast, easy to drive fast (read the review) and wilder looks than a Lamborghini mid-intercourse with a dragon. If they will still be selling these in 2 or 3 years, KTM is going to get a ton of money from me.

    • http://obsessionworks.com Atlantian

      Btw, 70k is not a steal at all.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    diskreet: Exactly. But I’m going to hold out for the Dakar-ready SUV and use it to tow my race bikes.

  • Murphious

    I would guess they plan on selling the X-Bow through VW/Audi dealers—since that is the engine underneath and the statement “we need support of the VW/Audi Group and we need to overcome some legal hurdles concerning licensing…”

  • Nate

    Awesome design, but I think KTM will hit a wall while trying to get it legalized in the U.S. Especialy since the big three are going under. I would love to see this on the road.

  • sam

    those mirrors are hideous, they should be on the front wheel wells or something

  • http://obsessionworks.com Atlantian

    70k is a bit steep.. I think I would rather get a Caterham CSR superlight and save about 10 grand.

    But I think the X-Bow will be easier to license then a Seven, since there is a wide front bumper and it’s slightly heavier/bulkier.

  • hector

    when i first saw the x-bow, it blew my mind. it was the craziest[in a good way]thing i’ve ever seen!i was in love w/it, especially since i saw its go-kartish features, i thought it would’ve had a low price, something like 30k but.. 70k… i think that is kinda expensive. especialy sinceit barely has any luxuries to it. just look at it, besides the carbon fiber, its basically alot of metal and a nice engine.. along w/wheels.

    • Nigel

      no its price is cause of the engine and how its made to withstand offroad conditions like you said its street legal with alot of gocart sims i have one in england and take it to the sand pits alot and it can stand the conditions greatly

  • http://myspace comfotable

    Tha t car is nice

  • http://salviaspirit.com Salvia Silvia

    Fantastic ideas noted here and I appreciate your take on things. One thing I have witnessed is what we think about is 100% what we get. We create our own reality.