Lambrettwist will sell you scooters

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Lambrettwist.jpgIn 1960, Italy was a simpler place. The kind of country where, while lounging beachside in your gentleman’s one-piece swim trunks, you might suddenly be overcome by the urge to do the Lambrettwist. Of course, it helped if you actually owned a Lambretta, or were just a cog in the marketing machine trying to come up with ways to differentiate your product by associating it with swinging cultural reforms. Actually, we think Lambretta should relaunch this campaign completely unaltered, because if this film doesn’t make you want to buy a scooter, we don’t know what will.
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  • Matt

    Where did you dig that up? What a great video, now I really want to go out and get a scooter, move to Italy also. Made my day with that one guys. Thanx.

  • hoyt

    This replay would not only be effective in selling, but it would save them a bundle of money and time.

    for the ages

  • Cheap Motor Scooters

    Lambrettas are very nice. I am partial to Vespas, and Buddys though. Still, a good read and video on a great scooter.

    Kyle Park