Sons of Anarchy to bring packaged rebellion to TV

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Sons_of_anarchy.jpgSons of Anarchy, FX’s big ticket show for the fall, is set to debut next Wednesday, September 3. Starring Charlie Hunnam (Children of Men) alongside Ron Perlman (Hell Boy, every B action movie ever), it tells the story of a 1-percent motorcycle club as it struggles to defend its small California town against the evil influences of corporate culture and drugs, all while running guns and battling rival gangs. Think of it as sort of a perverse fable for American life. Judging by the trailer that’s after the jump, it looks pretty entertaining too, adding bikes to the list of everything we like in a TV show: glorified violence, slick production, guns, explosions and a strong yet confused moral undercurrent.
We bet the execs over at Harley-Davidson are excited for the show too.
It serves as not just an ad for their products (all the main cast
members ride Dyna Glides and Road Kings, mocking all other machines as
“Garbage Wagons”), but also for the fantasy lifestyle they’ve so successfully
co-opted and branded as their own. Harley fans will be able to live
out all their sociopathic, rebellious fantasies from the comfort of
their McMansion’s living room.

We’re somewhat confused by the Sons of Anarchy’s blatant commercialism
paired with its anti-corporate, anti-mainstream plot, just like we
don’t understand its relationship with clubs like the Hell’s Angels or
Bandidos (Hunnam’s character is loosely based on former Bandito Edward
Winterhalder). Regardless, we’ll be tuning in, at least for the first

Sons of Anarchy

  • contender

    I am excited for this show as well, though the HD tie-in rubs me the wrong way. In my mind ‘outlaws’ would ride nothing newer than a shovelhead.

    Didn’t Sonny Barger and company deem all non-modified Harleys as Trash Wagons back in the day? Seems every color-wearing biker I see now is riding a bone-stock evo anyway. Oh well.

  • Remy

    I’d rather watch City Limits starring Kim Cattrall and Rae Dawn Chong on repeat. But that’s just me.

  • Betzblue

    OKAY Sons of Anarchy is gong into it’s 3rd season and I don’t believe for one freaking minute that Kurt Sutter even heard of Edwat Winterhalder
    ( And I know that his name is Edward) much less read any of his books, So that claim , that JAX is “loosely based” on him is just fucking absurd!

    And I will never read any of his books just for GP.