2009 Aprilia RSV4 Factory: official photos

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2009_Aprilia_RSV4_FActory_3.jpgWell, after posting a cell phone camera shot and leaked details,  it looks like the embargo on the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 — scheduled for official release tomorrow — is leaking like a sieve. Here’s a bunch of official photos of both the road-going Aprilia RSV4 Factory (in red) and the racing Aprilia RSV4 (in black). >2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory.jpgaprilia rsv4 factory.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_8.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_race.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_7.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_4.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Facotry_9.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_1.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_5.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_6.jpg2009_Aprilia_RSV4_Factory_11.jpgvia MC24

  • Ben Feldman

    Finally a bike for ’09 that I actually find impressive. I wonder if they’ve fixed their parts availability and cash flow issues yet.

    • Justin Whyte

      They are owned by Piaggio now. I don’t think cash flow is that big of an issue now.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    I know the parts and service are huge issues, but I’m really looking forward to riding one.

  • http://www.apriliaforum.com Ed

    Parts and cash have not been an issue since the 2004 Piaggio takeover. We get a solid 99% of everything we order in about 5 days.

  • Ben

    Hey Ed, thanks for the heads up. That’s good to hear. I take back my comment about parts & cash flow concerns. I’ll take an RSV4 and that V-twin supermoto please.

  • ep


  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    ep: if you take a look at 2009 Aprilia RSV4 uncovered, you’ll see that while a price hasn’t been announced yet, it’s looking increasingly likely that it’ll be in the 1198S rather than 1098R range.

  • Igy

    The factory will cost about 27.000 Euro, the basic version about 20.000.

    That’s defo Ducati level….

    • Marcello

      Hello all,
      the Price in Germany of the RSV 4 Facftory will be 19790 € incl. VAT and she is already soldout ;(



  • http://sportbikeblog.blogspot.com Novantii

    I’ve been following the RSV4 for quite some time and seriously planned on buying one… but I must say the final bike isn’t so impressive in the looks department. Not even where the prior twin-powered RSV was.

    Whilst it’s not ‘ugly’, per se, it simply looks too Japanese. Now, I like Japanese bikes; I just don’t like when expensive Italian bikes look Japanese.

    Even though this bike looks hot right now; in 5 years, between the Goldwing-esque horizontal row of afterthought headlights, geometric graphics, and generic silhouette, it will age about as well as a Gixxer does.

    On the price issue, this is what another blog is saying:

    “Pricing isn’t likely to be for the faint of heart – expect to pay around US$30,000 for the base model, with the Factory version probably being closer to US$40,000!”

    I do not know how reliable it is, but if it’s even close to the mark, I’ll be looking at a nice new BMW S1000RR instead…

  • UFO

    Price is around £14,000 for the Factory. Parts and cash are NOT an issue! We have more problems with Suzuki etc…

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    If anyone can give us a link to official info on the price, please send it to us.

  • ep

    I know pricing is different in the UK than it is in the states. A new 1098 in the states costs about a third less than a new one in the UK if you do the conversion. So speculating about US prices based on European figures yields inflated numbers (I hope).

    BMW is talking about releasing the S1000RR in Japanese litre bike range, which would be $12k-$14k.Considering that, I honestly can’t see Aprilia or KTM doing very well in the showrooms with $20k+ flagships. It doesn’t make good sense.

  • http://www.race-fit.com jake royle

    I’m really in love. I’m really picky with bikes but i’m not telling the mrs i’m getting one, she’d leave me if she knew how much its going to cost

  • http://sportbikeblog.blogspot.com novantii


    Argh! Don’t mention the KTM. The latest issue of Roadracingworld has a review on the ’09 and it lists its MSRP at around $20,000 with the exhaust burning the testers leg and clunky transmission.

    There was so much hype behind that bike that its really tragic to see it just fade into obscurity this early. I hope the Aprilia is destined to be totally different.

    I was pulling my hair out waiting for the release pics of the RSV4, now I am pulling my hair out waiting for the performance and price numbers. It will either be the cheapest GP bike ever produced or the most overpriced and quirky Fireblade ever produced.

    Maybe they’re hoping rumors spread about it costing $40,000 so people drool hopelessly at it for a month or two, then they can drop the bomb on us that its $4,000 and comes with free custom-fitted Dainese leathers.

  • Anthony Rutland

    I agree with the looks being more japanese than italian blooded passion. The front end looks verrrry similar to a honda 600RR and I seriously cant stand hondas…wonder how I’ll fit this motor in my 04 factory???? The paint is very lackluster as well. How about an all gloss/flat black version? That was popular for a while. I mean cummon, it obviously wont be in the same price range as a jap bike so why make it look like one? I’m keeping my factory….

  • ep

    Aprilia isn’t particularly known for its subtle color schemes. Check out one of those yellow, black, white and red paint schemes with blue wheels and a three different shades of gold on the frame, brakes and forks. Slap on the lion decals and you’ve got yourself a proper Aprilia boy-racer.

    I’m sure the base model RSV4 will be more to our liking with some solid or two tone schemes available.

    Novantii – I read the same article in RW on the RC8 and had exactly the same reaction as you. I actually went to my local KTM shop in June to put a deposit down and fortunately for me the sales guy didn’t know anything about the RC8 so he didn’t want my money. If he had I’d have been out $500 bucks, b/c $20k is about $5k too high for me.

  • http://www.motionsforum.com isaac

    After looking at the ‘comparo’ between all the 2009 sportbikes(1000cc +)this one is the lightest most powerful along side the BMW S1000 RR. I have made my 1000cc bike choice and it is this one. I may have to save a little extra for the Aprilia namesake but it will be worth it. It is the most unique both in looks and engine configuration. Way to go Aprilia!

  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforum.com isaac


    - this is the right link for my name, sorry guys.

  • dean sl1000r

    sexy as, not sure about exhaust.

  • Mike

    Nice bike….Danish importer tells me its the same price for the race vertion, as I costed on a ZX10R buildet for IDM Superbike…. 24000 Euro, cant wait to get some of them…

  • dan

    the price for the rsv4 factory in australia is $29990 + orc incl a $2500 aprilia pack. first shipment sold out.

  • jeff

    i had sex with one last night, was nice, i made sexy exploxion

  • William Flores

    The looks of this bike are totally sexy in my opinion….It had me drooling…I’ll stick with my customized Versys for a couple more years and search for this bike (Used) at that time…..I love it!! I can’t wait to ride one!

  • ezzy

    first of all most italian bikes are for needle dicks that don’t know how to ride. that being said this is the first time in my life I have any hope for an italian bike and would actually seriously consider owning one. but if the price tag tops 18k US. then this one can also go to the needle dicks. thank you all.

    • Nick

      i’m guessing you’re twelve, thirteen tops?