2009 BMW S1000RR spied testing at Magny Cours, details emerge

Dailies -


2009_BMW_S1000RR_side.jpgThese pictures of the 2009 BMW S1000RR were snapped at Magny Cours as the company tested its new superbike against the direct competition; namely the Yamaha R1, 2008 Honda CBR1000RR and Ducati 1098R. This most conventional of BMWs — it has telescopic forks, chain drive and a 1,000cc inline-four — is aiming to beat the Japanese at their own game, and with 190bhp powering 190kg (wet) it looks like it’ll be able to do just that. With these latest photos, details of the S1000RR’s Formula One-inspired drive train are beginning to emerge.
>2009_BMW_S1000RR_engine.jpgIn comparison, the 2008 CBR1000RR makes 178bhp and weighs 199kg (wet).

2009_BMW_S1000RR_engine_detail.jpgDrawing on its car racing expertise, BMW is equipping the 1,000cc,
16-valve engine with its latest Double-Vanos variable valve timing. The
latest iteration of this system allows continuously variable adjustment
of both the inlet and exhaust valve timing, which boosts torque across
the range and reduces emissions.  Unlike the VTEC system employed on
the current Honda VFR800, the BMW design has no tangible kick in its
power delivery.

2009_BMW_S1000RR_front_detail.jpgSuspension on the S1000RR is by Öhlins, utilizing its latest SBK-spec
FGR 800 fork with Twin Tube Technology and a pressurized cartridge
damping system. The latter can be seen in the external, rear-mounted
cylinder, which contains a damping piston that reduces the risk of
cavitation. The rear Öhlins shock is the same item used by the factory
Yamaha SBK team.

Brembo provides the brakes, with the latest radial monoblock calipers.
These are being used on many 2009 model year bikes, including the 2009
KTM 990 Supermoto R

Fuel injection for the S1000RR is provided by Dellorto, which also
supplies systems for the BMW M3 and M5 supercars. Both of those
vehicles use drive-by-wire technology, strongly indicating that a
similar system could be used for BMW’s new superbike.

Hidden by the latest swirly camo from the BMW car division, you can also  see new gill-like vents on the right fairing.

2009_BMW_S1000RR_rear_34.jpgBMW Motorrad CEO Hendrik von Kuenheim has stated that only 1,000
S1000RRs will be built in 2009, meaning that at least the first year’s
production of this new machine is going to be extremely hard to come
by. With such advanced technology, we’d expect a similarly high price.
The S1000RR will also be entered in SBK competition for 2009; the
company fully expects to be competitive from day one. According the von
Kuenheim, this will be the first of several new ‘S’ supersport models
from BMW, all of which will do away with BMW’s traditional
idiosyncrasies in order to be directly competitive with the Japanese.
We expect big things.

Images via MotoMag

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    That is the sickest BMW I ever saw!

    • Nasser Al Shaiba

      what ever you say but the facts that the Germans are best when it comes to engneering, gear shift, quality etc. Ive tried Japanees for many years or other stuff like Ferrari, California 2010 and I tell you what from day one problem with eng, cluch just good looking car, which ZR1 corvette has too. back to bikes the BMW S1000RR is a machine the Japs will not reach that technology even the Italian

  • Jason

    …but will it beat it the japanese in price? doubtful…have you ever seen a BRAND NEW BMW for $12K?

  • Dian

    Wow, I like what I see, but how much? And what’s the spec on this thing?

  • Dian

    Wow, I’d never thought BMW would make such a beautiful machine. See that BMW, it’s OK to follow on the lead of others. I need to save up.

  • George

    Hi guys, I think the guy who posted the
    2nd reply is dead right. So what if BMW has finally got a (potentially)competitive superbike. You would get arse raped on servicing and parts if you bought this. The only wankers who would buy this would be the latte sippers that Ducati owners generally are. I would rather put my hard earned shekels on the current superbike performers like Yamaha, Suzuki or Honda. Great looking bike but this would probably have the same inherent problems as the RC8 and 1098S- first run of the series issues, in other words a shit load of recalls

    • Dano

      like BMW i am sure they will keep with their practice of a 3 year unlimited mile warranty, No, and i repeat,NO other motorcycle company offers a 3 year warranty on any of their bikes, as for latte sippers, it is expected the bike will come in for about 13-15k U.S., not bad, a bit expensive, but if you were to get an extended warranty for a new bike, it put’s you in the same realm for price.
      I would say, get off your high horse, and praise there is a new bike in the segment not japanese or Italian, I am a proud BMW owner and beleive this is a great venture for them, i truly believe the motorcycle community should be scared of this new Machine, Change is not a bad thing.

    • Nasser Shaiba

      I have BMW S 1000 RR, tryed it at Dubai Autodrom 5th Feb 2010 and it will be at Yas Island Abu Dhabi F1 track oon 25-26th Feb, I tell you what best bike so fare from hi HP on rear, very staible better than anything else, its like you riding 250cc man and if it has too many problems BMW would not give you 2 years warrenty at all.

      don’t get me wrong all bikes are nice and great

      but BMW is something else I promiss cause ive tryed many bike like R1 yamaha 2009

  • Marc Hossegor

    I doubt that a Ducati owner would ever buy a BMW. The bike looks nice, i think it will probably sell for something like 30k Euros.

  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforums.com isaac

    I am thinking this bike will be around 40 – 45K USD. Being that the HP2 is almost 25K and doesn’t have all the performance upgrades or exclusivity that the S1000RR will have.

  • harry

    the Price is not more than 16000,- Euro.

  • Corex

    Wow!hopefully it will make WSBK 2009 more excellent than motogp.

  • v

    “”the Price is not more than 16000″” not with those forks…those alone are 12k or more

  • http://yes mvd

    very good

  • kaiser

    well anyway Ive doubts about that germans can really make a ss bike.And I been rapedin services of BMW in my country and now am happy to see that its the same in other countries as well.thanx german but am happy with Japanese smalls.They do not hurt so much :-)

  • Erwin

    I see you guys like the new BMW. And you know why? ‘Cause it looks Japanese. That shows the Japanese are still the best. And by the way, the new BMW is not even close to beating its rivals in Superbike. Just the way BMW can’t beat Toyota in Formula 1 for instance. Of course this craziness about German engineering is an ongoing thing, but it will fade in time. For a European who had to switch to a Japanese car after having reliability problems with 3 BMWs, I think I kinda know what I’m talking about. Anyways…a Lexus IS 350 is so much better…unbelievable. As for the bikes, if you want the real deal get a Japanese. If you want to be different get a Ducatti but definitely not a BMW. Are you out of your mind? It’s like buying an RCA or Insignia home theater instead of Sony, Panasonic, Yamaha, Technics or Toshiba and claiming it’s better.

  • Robert

    Hi guys,

    the other guy is right about the price… about 15.550€
    Here in Europe pré-orders are being filled as we speak, but with only 1,000 bikes produced this year I doubt the US will see them at the dealer before 2010!

    Anyway the bike looks great, but like the other guy said, FORGET that kind of suspension and the brakes are just TOKICO’s not BREMBO’s like you see on the pics.

    Hope I can find a way to order the SBK black carbon model instead of the boring grey ones I’ve seen so far??
    Anyone got any contacts who might help me??

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    Pretty much the coolest bike part I`ve ever seen.

  • http://www.bradylawgroup.com/practice-areas/motorcycle-accidents/index.html San Francisco motorcycle

    Awesome BMW bike. I love the cars but the motorcycles are cool. I’d be scared to ride it though! It’s like jumping on a rocket!

  • Jacko

    Awaiting the delivery of my S1000RR yeah in baby shit yellow, 3 month waiting list in Australia, one of the fastest selling bikes in BMW history. Ok so aesthetically it may not the best looking bike on the road, but I’m here to ride it not look at it.
    Based on the tech specs, everything has been taken into consideration down to the lighest abs/stability system in its class.
    Pick mne up in three weeks, love to be different or maybe not so with the waiting list as it is.