2009 Ducati 1198 gets bigger engine, more power

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2009_Ducati_1198.jpgUpdate 2: The Ducati 1198 official images and info have leaked. Click here for the article.

A company insider has exclusively revealed to us that Ducati will be upping the 1098′s capacity to 1198cc for 2009. In keeping with the 1200cc World Superbike v-twin capacity limit, the Ducati 1098R already displaces 1198cc, so we expect to see a version of its engine used in the 2009 Ducati 1198, but in a lower state of tune and using less exotic parts. An educated guess would put the 1198′s power output halfway between the 1098′s 160bhp and the 1098R’s 180bhp. There’s no word on the 1098R’s performance-oriented traction control trickling down to lesser models. But that’s not all Ducati has in store for 2009.

Update: More information on power, weight and pricing follows the jump.
>Our source has just confirmed that the 1198 will have 170bhp. While the base 1198 receives a $500 price bump (to $16,495 in the US), the 1198S will remain the same at $20,995 (US). We’ve also learned that 1198 will be lighter than the outgoing 1098 and may receive a facelift.

It looks like that $500 price increase will be carried over to most bikes in Ducati’s range, including the 848, which receives no other significant changes.

The same source also says to expect two versions of the 2009 Ducati
Monster 1100
, the regular 1100 and an S with Öhlins suspension. There’s also an all-new model that, “is a cross between a
Tuono, Brutale and fits between Monster and Hypermotard.” It will be
powered by the outgoing water-cooled 1099cc engine from the 1098, but with a smaller airbox that means less power and shotgun-style dual exhausts mounted on one side.

Let’s see, assuming a 2009 Ducati 1198S will join the non-lettered
1198, that checks five off the list of the 10 new models Ducati says it
will unveil by 2010. The capacity increase and name change is in
keeping with Ducati’s long history of gradual engine updates based on
Superbike developments. Think 916, 996, 996R, 998 etc.

We’ll have to wait for the 2008 EICMA show in November for official
info and images, but we’ll see if we can’t sneak you some more of both
before then.

  • Clive

    Man, am I glad I was waiting till this winter to buy a new Duc.

  • Greg

    It’s all the same except, I heard the price is going up $1000.00 on the 1198s. Which would make sense.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com sasha Pave

    holy crap, 170hp from a stock twin? whatever they’re smoking in Bologna is working!

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    I can’t even imagine what a 170bhp twin feels like, but the idea kind of scares me.

  • http://www.ducati-owners-group.com John Shutz

    How about some real changes, or are they coming with the remaining 5 out of the 10? We have no touring bike, the MTS is old and needs updating badly. Not everyone wants faster and gas sucking superbikes. I’m evolving from sportbikes to sport tour bikes. How about one that is comfortable with the Testa motor, the 1098 powerplant would work marvelous in this capacity.

    I just hosted a Testastretta valve adjustment workshop. Five riders who now have the confidence to do their own valve clearances. Just what the doctor ordered for people who like to ride, I’m guessing the sport tour crowd would eat up valve clearance workshops.

    John Shutz
    Ducati Owners Group of Sacramento

    • Susan Broock-Osze

      John you old dog..where the hell are you these days besides on your cycle! I am having hard time keeping up with you. Please e-mail be back. I need your updated information for the ECHS Class Listings!!! Dennis Dilke sez you moved to Lincoln? What gives…Hope to hear from you soon! Sorry to have to use this forum to find you but this was all that I had. If you can’t e-mail me, call me at 650-355-2235.


  • Arend

    Those are crank numbers, not “real” rear-wheel dyno numbers. Ducati said the 1098 would make 160 hp. Production bikes barely made 142 rear wheel horsepower in stock trim, and 150 with Termi full systems and a race ECU.

    • David Greer

      “Real” horsepower or not, that’s not much less than the fours are putting out and you have to consider the horsepower and torque curves versus the inlines anyway. Every company’s crank horsepower claims are always less than “real” rear wheel horsepower so isn’t it more useful to compare crank to crank or rwhp to rwhp? Better yet, power-to-weight and power and torque curves? And isn’t this a moot point because 142 at the wheel in a bike that light is more than most riders will ever be able to really use.

  • John Conforti

    Well John (Shutz), why whine like a baby about the lack of a touring bike? Go get yourself a BMW (or a Honda VFR for that matter) and tour to your hearts content.

    “Real” HP, thats rediculous. ALL car and bike manufacturers (did I mention ALL?) use CRANK numbers. WHY? Because there are numerous drivetrain variables not only between models sharing the same motor, but in the case of a car/truck, transmission types, drivetrain differences, etc, ALL impact rear wheel numbers. Therefore, the only CONSTANT tangible numbers they can use are CRANK HP. Crank HP is the actual HP that the motor can output, rear wheel HP is purely a simple and easy way to measure HP, but in no way is “REAL” HP.

  • Kevin White

    That’s true, I believe Sport Rider showed that even the tire choice can affect RWHP by 2%.

    Anyway, 142 out of 160 is nearly 89% and I typically will estimate 87% to 90% of crank HP for RWHP, so Ducati certainly didn’t under-rate the 1098. So I’d expect the 1198 to put down in the neighborhood of 151 RWHP — and it’s going to be a little lighter too. That’s a big twin with no high RPM breathing issues at all!

  • Sam

    I disagree with you john conforti. Would you rather have the HP number going to the groung or the HP number coming out of the engine? I would rather know what the ‘real’ HP is by taking out the variables (percentage losses by drivetrain) out of the equation. I like reality unlike the distorted crank HP numbers

  • Ben

    On the whole HP issue, I prefer rear wheel numbers myself. Yes, there is variablity from tires, chains, and the like, but there is also variation in air density, dyno’s reading hi/low, and on and on. The big difference for me is between crank and wheel is in tuning gains. It’s difficult for most people to do any performance work on the bike and compare #’s back to back with a crank number. With a baseline rear wheel, I can change exhaust, cams, intake, airbox volume, internal engine modifcations, (including such things as a lightened flywheel which doesn’t actually improve hp, but it shows a gain), and see a direct comparison. Hell if I can get 2% more HP from running a different tire, and I’m interested in drag racing, I might just look at something like that.

    I still want a destroked 848 that makes 749cc’s, but then I’m just silly like that.

  • Brian

    I wonder when the 1198S would be availble for purchase. I am ready to buy a 1098S and now will wait for more news. It would be nice if they could add a slipper clutch also.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Brian: I’d call your dealer, they’ll know. And when you find out, send us an email.

  • chimhr

    nice bike, I just wonder if they worked on the chassis and the worst problem of this bike, i meant the gearbox…when used on track

  • Scott

    giggity giggity giggity………Just put a deposit down on a black 1198S. Word is the S WILL have traction control but that’s supposed to be hush hush since it will detract from 2008 1098R sales :D

  • Tony Strippoli

    I was going to buy a 1098, but then I realized their HP numbers were for the crank and not the wheel. I just don’t feel that 142 HP is enough for me. Really, I need more. Especially in New York City where I live. I think I am just going to use my Desmosedici a commuter bike. What? What are you people smoking? 142 f*****g HP!!!


  • jesse

    i was @ my dlr yesterday & he said they should be arriving around february. he also said that he has seen the new 1098 streetfighter IN PERSON & that it is totally bad a$$. nothing like the ugly photchopped images that are floating around the internet. this 1198 is going to hellawicked. i started to drop the cash on a 1098R earlier this year, but glad i waited! save 20k & just buy the 1198S!

  • ron d

    John Conforti, if duc made a bike to compare with the vfr or the bmw’s then they could make some money in that market.

    bmw riders are absurd they all got a few screws loose, look up a iron butt rally and show me someone doing it on a duc . . . .

    the 1098 powerplant is proven why not use it in a different platform and make some money?

    personally the duc’s are way to rich for my blood rather wad up a cbr or a gixxer on the track . . . .

  • shawn

    149 bhp from 08 1098 w race pack. tuning was a real bitch. gotta get it nice and hot.

  • Ehirim Chukwuma

    Hello,i am a big fan of ducati bikes having watched them on motor gp.Please i want to ask if you have a manual in form of video clips or books that teaches how to handle your bikes very well in terms of stunts.If you do,please send to this address.
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  • Mick Vella

    Need to know when availabilaty on these new 2009 1198 as i live Cairns FTH Queensland and i’m not keen on ride’n it from where there shiped into home ….. to many fools on our roads

  • Mick Vella

    Can’t wait for one to land in Nth Queensland, have my coin ready….

  • frank savini

    Im trading a 999 in dont know weather to spend less money on a 1098 0r spend a little more on a 1198.

  • frank savini

    I took an 1198 for atest ride it has sick power it made my 999 feel like a 749, picking it up this week.

  • stefano panozzo

    Hi guys,just bought an 1198 and delivered at Barber Motorsport.I owned a 1098 with exhaust and ecu.My tech at Corsa Superbike in Milwaukee, dyno the bike at 153 hp at the wheel.I was pretty happy….But still Suzuki beat me at Road America on the straight line.1198 is a different animal,I bought a 1098r exhaust and a Nemesis ecu and the result was beatiful 171 hp at the wheel with top speed 195 mph.The speed was register in the dyno.Two weeks ago I was at Deal Gap with friends, in our group we have two desmosedici and we took the opportunity to run on hwy 360 for a strech of 1.8 mile neck to neck up to 193 mph was a blast.I race Ducati,I love Ducati in the end what is next from Bologna? I will buy if it’s faster. be safe!!! Stefano

  • http://www.club-penguin.org/ Club Penguin Cheats

    Not everyone wants faster and gas sucking superbikes. I’m evolving from sportbikes to sport tour bikes. How about one that is comfortable with the Testa motor, the 1098 powerplant would work marvelous in this capacity.

  • The Chase

    Just bought a 1198. This is by far the best bike I have ever owned. ( GSXR 1000, Hayabusa, R1 ) The power is beyond belief. Fit & finish is great for a bike, and the feel of a Ducati is up there with the Brazilian model of Friday night.

  • mark

    I had a 1098S which was a great bike. I traded the 1098s for a 1098R and put the race kit on (termis, ecu etc) This bike recorded 189.8HP at the rear wheel on the dyno.
    The only differences I can note between the 1098R and the 1198R are bigger fuel tank, lovely colour design and no gold wheels on the 1198R. The DUCATI Superbikes are universally considered to be the sexiest looking bikes on the planet and the 2010 models maintain this reputation.

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  • http://www.buyreddragon.com eali

    I so much want to ride the 1198.

  • http://www.buyreddragon.com E Cigarette Supporter

    but my dad will kill me if I buy it.