2009 Gas Gas Halley 450 SM, like a supermoto but harder

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2009_Gas_Gas_halley_450_front.jpgThink of the 2009 Gas Gas Halley 450 SM as the antidote to high-price, super fancy supermotos. Instead, it offers a strong tubular steel frame, solid no-frills suspension, a powerful single-cylinder engine and basic matte black bodywork.
>2009_Gas_Gas_Halley_450.jpgWe actually really like the Ducati Multistrada-esque front mudguard,
but the rest looks like it was assembled and rattle canned in your
garage, which is a good thing. The 450cc four-stroke is fuel injected
and offers 50bhp. Forks are upside-down Marzocchis, which support a
single front disc. The ride height is lowered 90mm below the enduro
it’s based on. And that’s it; everything you need and nothing you
don’t. Oh, and there’s also a 125cc, two-stroke version for the
euro-residing 17-year-olds.

2009_Gas_Gas_halley_125.jpgGas Gas via Motorcycle Specs

  • Gerald

    i was wanting ti know the price on the gasgas sm 450 its a suoer sweet bike and i canat find a price antwhere.


  • Pere

    Hi Gerald,

    Hope at now you have a price, in Spain, in fact, about no more then 60 km from the factory GAS GAS, the price rates at 6.099 €
    Very nice bike, and it weights nothing.

    Want to see it on mountain roads…

    A Hug