2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS released in Repsol colors

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2009_Honda_CBR1000RR_ABS_Repsol.jpgThe 2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS and non ABS equipped models have just been unveiled. The addition of Honda Combined ABS adds 11kg to the kerb weight (the standard model weighs 199kg), a continuation of the front fairing to cover the front power unit and a bulge in the black underseat cowl to house the systems ECU. The non-ABS model is largely unchanged mechanically, but, in the UK at least, it gets new colors, including an awesome tricolor HRC scheme while the Repsol replica is available on either bike. Additionally, the engine is now painted matte black. You’ll be able to tell the bikes apart because the ABS model uses bronze-painted calipers, while the standard version’s are black. >2009_Honda_CBR1000RR_ABS_2.jpgHonda’s optional C-ABS system (As used on the 2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS) is designed to boost both performance and safety, allowing riders to brake later and harder with more confidence. The company says:

“A Super Sports ABS system must allow the rider to brake very close to the limit before activating, and when it does, the reduction in braking force must be very smooth in order not to unsettle the machine, or rider.
In addition the extreme pitching forward of weight under braking, which enhances the braking ability of the front wheel while reducing traction from the rear, calls for a very subtle and advanced system in order to provide an acceptable level of performance from a Super Sport braking system.


“Honda’s new electronically-controlled “Combined ABS” provides just this level of performance. All the basic ABS and CBS functions are provided, including the prevention of wheel lock, improved balance and easy operation. This is achieved without any compromise to stability during ABS operation. Pitching is minimised so that the bike keeps its normal position. Overall, sport riding performance is uninterrupted – cornering feel remains the same and controllability is enhanced.”


  • Ben

    I really want to see a comparison test between the abs and non abs identical bikes, be it the 1000′s or the 600′s, both on the street, and track. I’m curious if there will be any significant difference on the track, though I assume they’re won’t be.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Ben: I don’t know that there’d be a huge out and out performance advantage. After all, WSB and MotoGP don’t run ABS. What I do think it’ll offer is increased confidence for average supersport riders, thus allowing them to fully exploit the bike’s braking ability. It’s probably really nice in the rain, too.

    What I really want to know is how drastically the rear pedal applies the front brake. Honda’s current CBS systems apply way to much front brake, eliminating your ability to drag the rear brake for stability at low speeds.

  • Ben

    Wes, I know WSB and GP don’t use ABS, and that’s what is making it a curious decision to do on a supersport bike. Your point about regular riders being able to exploit the bikes brakes is probably accurate, but kinda scary when you think about squids overshooting a corner and ham fisting the brakes to save them.

    There was an article on motorcyclenews that went into detail on how the new ABS system works, and I seem to recall that its no where near as bad as the linked brake system currently in use.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Here’s the C-ABS system explained: Honda Combined ABS.

    While it looks like it won’t drag the front too much, I’ve had such negative experiences with the older CBS system that I won’t trust it till I’ve tried it.


  • Jason

    why cant have the HRC and repsol in america AKA the worlds largest motorcycle market?

    • marvo

      becuse US is a cruiser market.

  • http://sturgisbike.blogspot.com/ Joe Rocket

    Personally, I’d love to have ABS available on all my bikes. You never really appreciate it until you have to use it.

    There’s no reason for street bikes to not have this as a standard fare.

  • Corin

    Actually, without wanting to be a pedant (but going ahead and being one anyway) the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indian motorcycle markets are all far larger than the US.

    Personally I’ll be investing in a C-ABS equipped ‘Blade next year. As a sportsbike rider and year-round, all-weather commuter, I’ve been waiting for a litrebike with the equipment to back me up when I run out of talent- I’m certainly man enough to admit that this happens from time to time. Honda are the one company who I’d trust to get this sort of system right.

  • todd wood

    I have heard that the new Honda has been restricted as far as the power goes.Apparentlly the european models have another 10hp(or around there).

    Is there anything out there that can be done to over ride this???


    Bt the way I’m going with the black ABSA.


  • Patrick

    Do you think you’re really going to miss that extra 10hp??? I highly doubt it.
    I’ve ridden the new 1000RR, and one thing you wouldn’t say is that the bike is lacking power.
    As it is, on a 600 you still can’t use all it’s power on the street.
    Time to be a little more realistic.

  • Jonathan

    I for one think having ABS on a super sport is a fantastic idea, and should have been implemented a long time ago. Kudos to Honda for starting the ABS revolution on sport bikes. Even the most experienced rider on the street can benefit from this system, as most conditions on the street aren’t always controllable.
    If you’re in the market for a track bike, there’s always the ‘standard’ version.
    What is even more commendable is that it’s “Combined ABS”, whereas most bikes only have front only ABS.
    For people who commute year-round, in all weather conditions, this will be an invaluable feature.

  • todd wood

    I’ll be taking it to the track and the dragstrip so the extra 10 hp will matter.

    I’ll be adding a few things to increase the horsepower as well like a new pipe,powercommander and anything else I can find.

    • Randy

      I would have to say you need to be fairly proficient to see the benefits of 10hp on a track bike..

      If you are running withing a few hundredths each lap? You will probably see it..

      if your lap times are a few tenths apart? probably not.. Most guys can not lap with enough consistency to use the power reliably..

  • tiago

    how much??? im in australia, when are they coming here??

  • Rolf Humm

    Is there any chance that the beautiful HRC tricolor edition (blue-red-white) of the CBR1000RR will be available in the USA? I know that this edition is offered in the UK and Germany. They even offer a Hannspree replica in Germany.


  • http://sabry_46@hotmail.it sabry 46

    ehi raga l’honda repsol 2009 é stupenda………..la voglio io quella moto………..

  • adam petrillo

    great bike . i want one please

  • http://www.motorbeam.com/ Car Blog

    The bike is no doubt awesome but it would have been even better with more horses and better colours.

  • Michael Fedeli ( Wales – UK )

    Having my 2009 Repsol delivered to my home on Wed 4th March,cant wait to run the engine in ( 600 miles ) …..have test riden this new model, traded my RR7 Hrc in for this one.

  • jake dominguez

    My name is Jake and I own a 2008 honda cbr1000rr. Anyway, i was just wondering if this repsol cowlset for the 2009 would fit my 2008 cbr 1000. If so, i would like to have the set for myself. I hope you can help me with this. Thank You

  • Chuck

    The ten extra ponies can be found with a Bazzaz Performance Z-Bomb…Honda retards the timing at 10.5K RPM for US bikes….the Z-Bomb will take care of this. You will need adjustable fuel mapping to take full advantage of this.

  • ricky

    Just got my 09 repsol love it enought said

  • Brandt Schneider

    IS Repsol going to come out with a 2010 model and if so can the public expect one every year?

    • Tony

      I just bought the very last CBR1000RR9 Repsol Replica here in OZ and have been informed there will be no more released….. or so they say…
      Such a popular bike, It would be interesting to see how long it lasts and the demand becomes so high, that they would be foolish not to release more Repsol Replica`s.

  • bill

    CAn you just activate the ABS from the rear break and not the front break or are the sinked once you hit the break?

  • fitz samuels

    interested in purchasing 2009 repsol cbr 1000rr.

  • jay

    May be a silly question, but I also would like to know if ’09 ’10 fairings will fit ’08? Though I’ve heard a full set costs over 1.1K and is hell-and-a-half to get on the year that it is intended for. Thanks.