2009 Honda CBR600RR leaked with ABS and crazy colors

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2009_Honda_CBR600RR_ABS.jpgThe 2009 Honda CBR600RR has leaked onto the internet. Details are still scarce, but we do know that it comes with Honda Combined ABS and some pretty bizarre color schemes. We’ll bring you details as they emerge.

Update: The official UK press release, with technical details, follows the jump.
Update 2: ABS, which is optional, adds 10kg to the non-ABS 184kg kerb weight.

>2009_Honda_CBR600RR_mudguard.jpgNow in its fourth generation, the 2009 machine builds on the
heritage of blistering pace and supreme control set in 2003 by the
first CBR600RR. When the all-new CBR600RR was launched in 2007, Honda
once again was at the forefront of the 600cc Supersport class – the
most intensely fought in motorcycling – with a machine which was the
most advanced in the category.


For 2009, the goal for Honda’s development team has once again been
to enhance a machine capable of fast, intense track riding while also
delivering a controllable, easy-going road-riding experience. Adding to
this experience is the inclusion of Honda’s Combined ABS on the
CBR600RR C-ABS version. The highlights of the technical enhancements to
the 2009 CBR600RR include:

• Changes to piston, cylinder head and exhaust which lead to
improved torque from 8,000-12,000rpm for increased engine flexibility
and driveability
• Fairing improvements to enhance stability and reduce wind noise
• Electronically
controlled Combined ABS for better braking performance along with
increased safety and all-round rider confidence (optional)
• 184kg kerb weight to keep the machine the lightest in its class

2009_Honda_CBR600RR_tank.jpgTo enhance the new performance and mild aesthetic update, a new
colour range has been introduced to make the most of these changes, to
include a limited-edition Pearl Sunbeam White design with electric blue
fairing and front and rear cowling graphics, a Pearl Sunbeam White
design with white/red/blue Tricolour, as well as Graphite Black with
Bright Lime Green Metallic and Graphite Black with Italian Red.



  • Mat Rempit

    Nineties revival on the way!

    Dust yr neon leathers off.

    (I like the blue one)

  • http://www.horsepowerandheels.com Erica

    I sooooo want that blue/white one. Sigh!

    • Gavin Baxter

      can you help me i need a colour code for the blue on konica minolta thank you.

  • Alfonzo

    That blue one is hot! Reminds me of the Honda RCV211V Konica Minolta MotoGP bike livery.

  • jake

    ahh! i liked the more sober and refined colors of the 08 600rr and the new 1000rr, i though they were really starting to turn in the right direction, i dont really like this flashy colors, they remind me of vulgar ricer cars. i really wish they hired someone with better taste and style, and let the ricers and squids do their own paint jobs and stickers.

  • Jordan

    Jake… just to remind you, you are looking at a Honda, it’s japanese and a lot of ppl are squids on them. The bike I think you would be looking for with what you said, would be a Ducati or MV Agusta or recently, BMW, since they have started in the supersport category with their 2009 S1000RR. But for a nice 600cc class sportbike that isn’t japanese, you can’t beat the Triumph Daytona 675.

  • Ben

    I’m disapointed by the ’09 600rr. I was hoping for a complete restyle/redesign, going away from the undertail exhaust, etc. I know the thing is incredibly light, and has good power, and a great all around street bike, but I was hoping for a new track oriented screamer, but then I remembered that Honda doesn’t bring a standard to the US market (at least for ’08) so the 600 and 1000′s have to do double duty. American Honda’s 50th aniversary is this coming year, and they’re claiming (again) that it will be a big year for new bikes. We’ll see if that’s true next month, but as always, I’m not holding my breath. I know they’ve got a CRF230 Motard coming, but it won’t be as cool as that FTR, and I’m going to be really upset if that’s the sum of they’re ’09 US new models.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes


    I think you’re dismissing the Japanese sportsbikes too quickly. Afterall, they’re lighter, more powerful and last longer than the European competition. If they’d just adopt some decent solid colors (witness the CBR1000RR) they can leverage their more frequent updates for sharper looks too.

  • Jordan


    I didn’t mean to dismiss them but it’s a matter of fact there are more squids on Jap bikes. I owned a 07 GSX-R750 and have to say it was an awesome bike. Once I got the suspension dialed it carved up corners very well. I just like to see some good competition and support the Euro bikes a bit more. The new BMW 1000cc sportbike looks like its gonna be very good, especially considering it’s their first attempt. More power and lighter than the CBR1000RR, I can’t wait to see them head to head in 2009.

  • Chuck

    The BMW doesn’t count. They’re only going to make enough to go racing, and almost everything else they make is ugly.

    Their HP2 sport looks nice, but it’s too expensive when you start comparing against the Japanese liter bikes.

    Interestingly enough, I only see squids on GSXRs around here…

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Chuck: They’re going to make 1,000 S1000RRs in 2009, maybe more after that and new S models will most likely be joining it.


  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Jordan, I think you’re really asking too much of the CBR600RR when you try to compare it to liter class European bikes that will cost a minimum of double the 600 for a Ducati and more than 3 times the little Honda for an MV. Although you’re comparison is a testament to the incredible capabilities of the 600, let’s not get carried away.

    With the exception of Triumph, the 600 class is strictly Japanese. And to be frank, I think the CBR1000RR is a more elegant looking luxury machine than the 1098.

  • Jordan

    Grant, I might have gotten a little carried away but yes you’re correct. Both Honda’s bikes are top notch and are very competitive. I’ve ridden both and I really can’t fault them, especially the CBR1000RR. Incredibly smooth power and power spread out very well. For that amount of money and an inline-4, the only bike I would recommend is the CBR1000RR.

    I’ve thought about getting a Ducati monster or the 848, but now considering that Honda offers ABS on their bikes, I’m torn because I’m sure ABS would prevent so many accidents on the street or at least make them less lethal, especially the on-coming car doing a left turn in front of you.

    Other than that, I’m a fan of Euro bikes.

    Chuck, yes some BMW motorcycles are very ugly but check out the 2009 G450X enduro and the 2009 S1000RR. Also I was hit by a 5-ton truck on my bike, I never was a squid before and I definitely won’t be a squid after seeing how good the protection was. And I’m virtually all healed now, no broken bones either. I’m quite lucky.

  • S Xiong

    Hey, the 07-08 model was a great bike. A lot of things, if not everything on that bike made it a winner. Why make major changes if you’ve come so far to developing a bike this light and quick, and then after two years just change it all over again? I can understand why there is only minor changes…just to improve what really needs to be improved. I have an 08, and it’s a great bike. I love it. As far as the new colors, they look great.

  • Anthony

    Based on the past trend, Honda will radically change the RR’s style for the 2011 model. Remember that the 1st gen RR was introduced for 2003 and was only refined for ’05, with a complete design/style change for ’07.

  • http://www.hrcusa.com newbikegod

    It is nice for a change that Honda doesn’t have to radically change the 600RR for 2009, shows just how competant it really is. With this sluggish economy here and abroad, I’m sure that is also a factor for the light upgrade. Stay tuned on that new supersport CBS-ABS, the traditional Sportrider may poo hah it, but Honda claims faster track times [less pitch forward into the corner allowing faster corner entry speeds] as well as safer street riding with it. Honda technology that works!

    That new BMW like mentioned before will start in the 30+K zone, even the “low priced model” will still be in the high teens or low 20K zone when it finally comes out. So yes, it SHOULD be better than a 12K priced Japanese bike. Bet it won’t be! I too love what the Euro bikes bring to the table in styling, sound, personality, but their price point is just out of most peoples range.

  • Neil

    I have a 2008 Cbr 600rr. I love this bike. It is the most well rounded 600 class bike. Including the Triumph 675 cheater. The proof and videos are available online. Various motorcyle outlets have done shootouts and the Cbr 600rr has come out on top on all the test I’ve seen. I like the blue bike but I don’t like blue. Why couldn’t one on the red bikes come with red rims. Honda get it together.

  • Mike

    The White and Blue One is beautiful along with the red/white/black. and by the way what bike won the best 600cc Bike in 07………. Oh yeah a Honda, so take your triumph 675 comment and shove it right up your A** Jordan. Not everyone that rides a Honda is a Squid theres more Squids on Suzukis than Hondas!!! Honda Rider For Life!!!

  • polo

    love that green one ishould ve waited

  • Aser

    The white and blue looks great! Will it be available in the U.S. market? I hope….

  • Kym

    Uhm…I could be wrong…I don’t think I am, but the first blue and silver bike will not be released in the U.S., it is only available in the Japanese market. I read about this one somewhere.

  • Aser

    That’s too bad if the blue & white will only be available in Japan…. Kym, thank you much for the info……..

  • Robert

    It dosent matter what the colors look like, this is an all around great street bike, i have a ’08 and it is the greatest bike i have ever owned, it is light weight, and a few suspension adjustments at first and now it carves the canyons like a pro, why dose it matter what the colors look like? look at what is between your legs, a power house that is just waiting for you to unleash it, and take it for a fast run, the only down side that there is to this bike is that it is light, and when the wind kicks up…well we all know what happens there, but other then that off the show room floor it will defientally put just about all the other stock 600′s to shame, trust me.

  • Aser

    I totally agree with you Robert,the color is just a personal taste to me….

  • http://ebob6286 bobby spencer

    i just wish they would do another silver on white like the 2007 model

  • shawne

    I have an 04 f4I and I can’t not stop looking at the blue and white. If it doesn’t come out in the US, they will be missing thousands of sales.. second choice is the green. And I love my f4I but can’t stand the banana seat. As far as power, my brother that is more, much more, expeirenced bust ass on my Honda over a 07 GSXR 1 and a 08 ZX10.. YES HE DID.. I too am Honda for life. I’m waiting for February to go pick mine out.

  • Bryan

    The new 2009 models look great. There is no need to do an entire overhaul of the bike yet. The bike performs almost perfectly and the new paint skemes are a nice alternative to the 08 versions. As far of the people who comment for redesign and a side exhaust, you people have no fricken clue. Honda is last one left with the nice sleek look and the side nub looking pipe blows.

  • ron

    All the colors are nice. not to crazy abought blue rims but still nice. but ya they should keep the undertail exaust though. to me big exaust/mufflers can take away from a bike.

  • Nebie

    I will definately get a 09 cbr 600. the blue and white on looks real good. if they dont bring that one to South Africa i will import it from Japan if i have to

  • Jordi

    I sooooooooooo want the blue/white one!!!

  • Nebie

    OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH just came from my local honda dealer and they say the blue and white one is comming to South Africa. They should have one onn the showroom floor in the next two weeks. so going to go and drool over it ( maybe i will get a discount if i drool all over the bike) :)

  • mitch

    to tell you the truth, i think the new color schemes are great, instead of just going with the norms of maybe just a black, or black white, or a plain blue. i think that honda is really trying to stand out from the others. so when someone sees one of these bikes, they will instantly know “hey, there’s the new honda 600rr!”

  • ces

    Me prsnly i like the honda 600s. I have the grafiti and its a great bike. I thnk people undrestmt the honda 600s. It fits me perfect its the rite height powr and weight. But thats my opinion.

  • ces

    o yeah the white and blue 1 has my vote

  • Dave

    I like the color schemes, and the concept, but on the other hand i think if you cant handle a bike bigger than that get off the road, and for the record my wife has the graffiti so i have ridden the bike, but i own a harley.

  • Nebie

    I drooled over the bike today and alas no discount. goign back next week to make a deal on a 600. the white one looks real neet but it picks up a lot of dust and you can see it.

  • ces

    Id like to see the white one in person. Our honda shop has the green one its pretty sharp. Nebie i think your maken a good choise on gettn a cbr i think you’ll be very pleasd with it. I love mine!

  • Nibi

    With the credit crunch the Tri colour one is not available in Uk now with out having to order ABS on it. Whats that all about? And the Lime green one looks Pants. Its not a Quacker why make it green. White a blue looks ok but will needs lots of cleaning thouse wheeels especially.

  • Minhaz

    Personally, i think the green and black is the best out of the bunch for 09, my only complaint is that honda still hasnt added a slipper clutch to their 600rr, makes riding awkward because i can sometimes feel the rear wheel jerk a bit when down shifting. But other than that, this bike is really the best out of the supersports.

  • sammy09

    just ordered my blue and white one today..first time on this site and must say a lot of well informed valid comments but i have to agree the beast that is hondas 600rr should be loved by all a great bike, lets stop squabbling and start riding…..

    • Minhaz

      but still no slipper clutch…. lol

    • Kristen

      Can you get the blue and white one in the U.S. or just in the U.K.? And how much more did it cost than the regular colors? I want to buy one :)

  • Rob

    I cannot believe so many like the blue and white L.E. colours… admittedly they look better in the flesh, but in my opinion pretty girly and pretentious. Its poor that you have to have the tricolour if you want the ABS version here in the UK and cant even get a plain black version, I dont understand why a bigger range of colours aren’t offered, particularly for the ABS bikes.

  • andy

    I’ve just bought the 09 white/blue. I think its the best of the other colours they offer but I’m going to remove all the stickers on nose fairing, mudguard. They add nothing to the design IMHO and look a bit cheap. Rest of it looks great

    • Kissy

      Hi, i have to agree, the blue/white is defo the best colour!
      random question, but do you know where I could buy a diecast model of the 09 blue/white?


        I agree, I had a 2005 Honda CBR600RR (black and grey tribal addition) this blue and white color scheme is awesome. When and where will this be avaialble? I sold my CBR600RR last July and when I come back from Iraq this will be my very first purchase, where can I purchase this fine machine? Any Intel would be greatly appreciated…

  • nadeem

    i have my cbr 600rr for 3 days now very happy but missing the shift light from my 2006 cbr600rr

  • http://cbrfairings.com CBR Fairings

    Looks sickk

  • leo

    Im so Happy with my cbr600(2008) had it for 6 months alredy. Gotta love the handleling and light feel, easy to flick into corners. In my opinion THE best 600.

  • Justin Boyd

    How do I buy this?

    • Justin Boyd

      How do I buy these FAIRINGS I mean

  • Peter Kelly

    I am from Boston, MA in the United States. How can I get a 2009 honda cbr 600rr with the neon blue black and white color scheme. The one with the blue rims??