2009 Kawasaki Concours 14, 1400GTR available in black or red

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2009-Concours-14.jpgUpdate: Check out our 2009 Kawasaki Concours 14 review.

The Kawasaki Concours 14 (or 1400GTR as its known outside the USA) is a mature, classy sports tourer. So we’re pleased to see that its new colors — black or a rich, deep red — reflect that. Both are better than the previous silver at making the bike look expensive, which at $13,499, it really isn’t. For 2009 it receives no other mechanical changes, but with a 155bhp engine and 155mph top speed, it didn’t really need any.


  • Craig Haynes

    Can someone tell me the differences between the ’08 & ’09 Concours 14 (besides the colors)? I’ve owned a 2001 and I really want a new connie …(and still wanna keep the ’01 too) but I’m wondering. THANKS!!

  • rick

    They are the same bike. Only the new colors have changed. It is an awesome bike…you’ll enjoy it.

    • Craig

      Ok ..thanks Rick …but is then the only difference REALLY, ONLY in the color and the price? Nothing else? What about the problem that I’ve been hearing about, regarding burnt shins, form the engine heat? I am thinking that those folks didn’t have the fairing vent on. Any comments?

      • Jim Price

        I have 15,000 miles on my ’08 Connie 14, including a trip to Hyder AK and back in the late spring and a fall trip through the Colorado Rockies. I have not found a problem with engine heat on my shins. There is some heat, but nothing I would complain about. I do wear protective clothing, so I can’t speak for those who only wear a pair of regular jeans, or worse, shorts.

        • Rich

          What kind of fuel economy are you averaging? Compared to other super-sport-tourers, it’s got the smallest tank capacity, so I just wanted to check. Thanks…

      • Rich

        You still have the Connie14? If so, tell me how you feel about the bike when you get a moment, please. Also, fuel economy…my greatest concern is that with 5.8 gallon capacity, Connie14 carries the least amount of fuel compared to other super-sport-tourers. Thanks…

        • Vince

          HEy Rich
          My 08 gets over 40mpg consistently, 5.8 gallons will last longer than my bladder’s comfort zone.
          I have a 06 gl 1800 as well. The Connie isn’t the long range bike that the Wing is but it is my preference for daily driving fun in good weather.

          Some guys use Viagra—-I use my 08 Connie

      • Jack

        I just purchased my 09 Connie on Labor Day weekend. I now have about 3500 miles on it. I am 6’4″ tall. I had the heat thing looked at. No problem found by the dealer. I found just moving my foot on outer part of peg works for the most part. Still hot sometimes but bareable. I am thinking about upgrading wind screen and seat. The seat pushes me forward into the tank. It is probibly do to me being 6’4″. Wind screen to short for me as well. Just like all the bikes I have owned, I need to modify them to fit me. I am positive, after all modified, It will be the perfect bike. I love it. It is fast smooth and an attention getter. I did just upgrade the horn to http://www.bikerhiway.com/stebel-magnum-motorcycle-horns-dual-tone-electromagnetic horns. This moves people out of the way for me. Sounds like a big rig.

  • CM

    I bought a brand new 2008 in March of 08, I live in Kansas and have about a 40 minute commute to work from living out in the country. You do get some heat rising but I never burned anything on my bike. I ride in shorts some times and never had any issues. I love my 08 Connie. I have 6700 miles on mine.

  • Trace

    I will be picking up my 09 Concours at Easter,it will be my first sport/tour ever and I am happy to read all the positive input on this bike.My last bike was an “84 v65 magna,which I loved,but it is time to up grade. What’s your take on the ABS on this bike?

  • RichG

    Really like the bike and I am considering a purchase. I frequently take long trips and fuel consumption is crucial to me. Can anyone please tell me what the fuel economy is like on the Concours14? Thanks…

    • Kirk

      Its between 37 and 45mpg

    • nmanhipot

      35 mpg, just like the ZX-14, so they say. In all defense, the mileage I get on my Kawi is exactly what they claim.

  • Paul

    I got my Connie 12-26-08 – Used w/ 2200 miles. I have put 500 on it in IL winter (Feb-Mar). I took the deflectors off and have found it helps warm you up. We’ll see how the summer goes. Mileage = 34-36 while running fast (+90). I think at 65 you will get near 40mpg.

    • Art

      I get around 34MPG doing 90+ Around the speed limit, you should get above 40, and close to 45MPG.

  • Derek

    You are going to love the new Connie. No problems with heat at all! I also ride with protective gear so I cant speak about the shorts thing other than I would not recommend it on any bike. The only difference between the O8 and the 09 is truely the color. If you can get an 08 I would recommend it due to the reflection from the sun and setting in the sun. It will reflect the heat instead of absorbing it but that is just up to you for preference. I got the trunk right away and would recommend that as well. I am going to purchase a taller windshield though so if any of you can recommend a proven and tried windshield that would be great! Flat out great bike at a great value. Over 5k on my new one and still in love. Ride safe!


  • Rob

    Try a CeeBailey Ultra Dome windshield. It;s taller than the factory offered “Tall” and fits riders 6′ and over.

  • Gcookie

    I just picked up a 09 Connie. I swear my Aprila Futura was faster, it was 100 lbs lighter. The Connie is a lot smoother and more comfortable. It is hot on the right lower leg. With Sidi boots in Texas, you foot is soaking wet when you pull it out of the boot after a ride. It’s bearable, but sure would like to see a fix on this problem. I’m glad I purchased this bike I think I could cruise all day on it.

  • Dave-O

    I am a former GL1800 Goldwing and Nomad owner. I am very interested in a sports tourer. Is there anyone out there that can give me a comparison on the riding position and 400 miles per day comfort?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      I’ve ridden both the Concours and the Goldwing on long single-day stints. If you’re just looking for comfort, there is no motorcycle currently in production that can match the Goldwing. I did 6 1/2 hours stopping only for gas and got off the Honda feeling refreshed, but that could be because it’s about as engaging as driving an Accord.

      That said, the Concours is far more fun of the two. The ergonomics are fantastic and really allows you to push the bike around in the sweepers. Oh, and it’s really fast. Definitely my pick of the two.

  • Greg C

    I bought an 08 at the end of 07. I have almost 17,000 miles on it. It does get toasty on the legs but nothing I am going to kick the bike for. I have taken out the flies, put a two brothers muffler on, as well as a power commander. It is the best bike I have ever owned. It is hard on the front tire but it handles as good or better than my zx12 and is as fast up to 140. On trips I get upper 40′s if I stay around 70-75. If I start to push it it drops. I am still amazed at the how smoothly and comfortably this thing gets after it.

  • Steve

    Took a test ride on a 2009, found the turn in to be hard and slow. I found it easier to put prussure on the bar then to lean. I’m coming off a cbr1100xx which has perfect balance, no over or understeer. I’m considering purchase has anyone noticed this.

    Thanks, Steve

    • Todd

      Am interested in your comparison. I had a 1999 XX for 5 years and loved it. Supidly got rid of it to get a Harley, been there now done that. I got rid of that to buy a house. Am totally behind getting the Connie 14. Seems to be similar to the XX speed wise with the bigger engine, but easier on the longer rides. Your thoughts on your test drive compared to the XX

      • Sonny G

        I still have a 97 CBR1100XX that I’m selling very soon, and Now Owner of a 08 Connie. The truth is the xx Pulls harder flat out and turns twisties easier but that is where it stops…. It takes more engine input and elbow grease to turn the connie but with more torque and comfort you have more fun playing on the endless road.

  • Dan

    I own a 08 model, bought new in April of 2009. I previously owned a SV650 and a VFR800. I really like this bike. I bought a 2 bros slip-on and a cee bailey euro tall windshield. It’s running a little lean, so I plan on buying a power commander next and also ripping out the flies. I’ve ridden this bike on a few 500 mile trips and the only complaint is wrist discomfort after a few hundred miles. I’m 6’3″, so that may contribute to the discomfort. I also notice the heat on the right side, but it’s really not too worrisome to me. I’m not a fan of high 20′s/low 30′s mpg, but I suppose I could loosen my grip on the throttle if I REALLY cared…. It’s just too damn fun to run up to redline. I was hoping the novelty would have worn off by now. I’ve gotten over 200 miles to a tank on the hwy at 80-85mph.

  • Arnie

    I have a 2008 Concours that I bought new in March of this year. I did not notice the heating issue until recently when the ambient temperatures during the day are in the 80s and 90s. It’s not a big deal unless you are ‘hugging’ the frame and even then, I’ve only noticed it once on my way home from work when I was wearing ‘business’ clothing instead of the Levi’s that I usually wear. Other than that, this bike is extremely comfortable, balanced, and smooth. Oh yeah…one more thing…it’s the closest thing to a ‘land jet’ that I will ever ride

  • Bob

    Kawasaki for 2010 Concours 14 needs to Move the mirrors up about 1.2 inches, tilt the back of the bags down a few degrees in line with tank cover top. lower that nasty high mounted platform of a rack on the back. It must be 46 inches high from the floor. Can not throw your leg over it. I have to do a cheerleader kick over the tank to step into the seat.. And most of all Move the Side fairing Vents forward 2.5 inches so when the 180 degree hot air comes roaring out for you leg it has time to be cooled to 105

  • Chris

    Guys, about the heat issue my Honda ST1300 does about the same. It will get hot on the legs when the outside temp is 90+. These hot mama bikes just put out the heat, there is no getting around it. The engineers at Yamaha, from my understanding, put a lot of effort into cleaning up the heat issue on the current generation FJR1300. The ST is great but man, I like that Concours.

  • bob blair

    just got my new 09 concours 14 7-17-09 I also own a ST1100 honda and a 1800 goldwing. The 14 is FAST , MPG- avg 38 , yes it seams a little warm on the right side , but know one has said anything about the vibration between 4000-5500rpm.The dealership could not explain it so after the bike being in the shop for the first 6 days I owned it they gave me another bike. It does exactly the same thing.Now kawasaki says this is common on all 1400 concours. Is this true with the other readers? or have i just been riding these sissy la la hondas to long?

  • Jim Newland

    I currently have a 2000 ZX12 R and have loved the bike since I first got it in 2000.I traded up from a 1996 ZX11 which I also loved.Now that I am older I am looking for a more comfortable ride and still desire a bike with some power in the engine.The Connie sure looks like it will fill the bill and then some.I was planning on looking into a Harley but it sounds like they are too labour and money intensive to keep on the road.So big road test coming up.

  • bob blair

    I now have 1000 mi. on this bike . Just lowered it last weekend and rode 300 mi. A BIG differance in the way it handles, all for the good.also I can flat foot it now. muzzy lowering links $69.00 national cycle V stream windshield $200.00 kawasaki gel seat $539.00 corbin may be better for the same money?

  • Steve Boucher

    Have had my connie for two seasons now and absolutely love it!! Don’t notice the heat issue at all. Did some mods to mine as well. Baileys 15″ Eurocut windshield, Corbin Seat, Throttlemeister, Handlebar risers and Two Brothers slipon exhaust. Just recently decided to paint the black cowling underneath. For a 600lb bike it handles like 300lb. Balanced nicely.
    I also noticed a little bit of a wrist issue but I think it’s because I’m not used to riding over 200 miles a day. I would highly recommend this bike. Kawasaki nailed this one.

    • Bob Blair

      did you also have to add a power commander? If so did you program it or have it done?

  • Greg Leach

    Get rid of the OEM tires on the Concours ASAP and put on a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2 – best investment you can make for this bike. It will handle like a dream.

  • Mike

    I am thinking of buying a Concours14, I had one a few years ago, 1985. I am a little short, I will need to lower this bike as well and get a new seat from corbin.
    Question: Has anyone done these modifications? I like to know what the seat height would be after.
    I am 5’7 and would like both feet on the ground.
    Thanks Guys

  • Paul

    OK – I love the Concours 14. I have had it since December and put 3,600 miles on it. I just finished a 1,650 mile trip in 4 days around Lake MI & Lake Superior. This is the perfect bike for traveling. I had no issues w/heat on the shins. I averaged 42 MPG. The side bags are great. Overall, this is a great bike. It eats up straight roads and loves the twistys. My only complaints – no helmet lock & the muffler is ugly. I like the silver paint – some don’t. I will add a helmet lock and may change the muffler. If you are looking for a sport tourer or bid cc sport bike this is a good choice.

  • John

    Hello All,
    I love my 2008 C14. I have had her since April 08 and have about 6000 miles on her. She gets about 43-45 mpg when I am driving sensible. There is some heat on the legs,especially in this warm climate, but nothing to fear. The stock windshield is pretty much designed for a rider about 5’6 or so. I am 5’10 and the wind break is directly eye level with the windshield all the way up. Really, my only complaint. I would definitely recommend this bike. Have been tempted to upgrade with the PC V and aftermarket exhaust, but have concluded that this Connie is plenty fast as she sits. If I wanted a sports bike, I would have gone with the zx14. Cheers.

  • Ted

    I have put 37,000 miles on my 08 Kaw, C14. Traded my beloved CRR 1100XX with great trepidation. I guess no man hath greater love for his wife than we who trade Blackbirds for touring rigs.

    OK, aside from the greatly improved domestic tranquility, what did I gain and what did I lose?

    Well, the C 14, with the addition of a Corbin seat, is comfortably tour capable, for any distance. 600-700 miles days, no problem. I’ve done lots of them. Put the windscreen up, at 50 mph or better, and the rain misses your face.

    I’ve heard some complaints about heat on your legs. My take is, yes, there is a little heat, less than the FJR, probably a bit more than the Honda ST. No problem. Actually, wouldn’t mind a bit more of it on those cool evenings.

    Ergonomics work for me 5’10″ 32″ inseam, with the Corbin seat. I found it a bit tall around town with the stock seat, but I’m coming from
    the lower slung Blackbird. Love the instrumentation. Checking tire pressures while riding with a touch of a button is so cool. Like the gadgets missing on the Blackbird like knowing how many miles left in the tank, and the keyless locks. Just stand next to it and it knows its me. Like the headlight flasher trigger on the left bar too.

    Nit picks? Sure. Still need a team of consultants to figure out how to set the clock. Battery ingeniously concealed under the engine, safe from re-charging. (I installed a pig tail, so now all is well) Tire inflation stem is perpendicular to the rim. It can be an epic pain in the a.. to make a gas station air supply fit on it, without removing the brake disk. (found a gadget to solve this too, after a tsunami of explitives.) Worst, that is the worst, owner’s manual I have ever seen. Beloved wife deems the breeze on the pilon to be excessive, campared to the aerodynamically elegant blackbird.

    Now the good parts. The motor is a monster. It is ferocious in any gear, almost any speed, except 6th. Top gear is a leisurely overdrive, which actually gets hot, at around 80 mph. At 50 you are almost at idle, so enjoy the serenity. The handling was terrific once you get past parking lot speeds right out of the box, with the OEM Bridgestones. (they suck in the rain btw) With the Michelin Pilot Road 2′s, can you say “sportbike”? I’m not kidding, I honestly ride the twisties with the kids on GSX’s, ZX’s and stay very close. I can out brake most of them and often out gun them coming out of corners, without dragging a knee or even wearing leathers of many colors to match my helmet and bike. Remember, I’m coming from a Blackbird. No, it won’t out run a Blackbird unless you are going 600 miles, which takes two days on the Blackbird and only one on the C-14, and you can still be able to stand up straight.

    Bottom line, this bike is not for everyone. My Goldwing friends think its a sportbike. If you want the ultimate in touring luxury, this isn’t for you. It is fantastic at what it does. Its brutally fast, truely amazing handling and brakes with the Michelins, for a big bike, 42 MPG at 70-75 mph interstate cruising speed, beautifully made fit and finish (again remeber I’m coming from a Honda that was built like a Rolex), and reliable as a stone bridge.

    I love this bike. Most fun you can have in public with hard luggage and intercontintal range. Unless someone comes out with something a lot better than anything I have seen, I’ll probably keep it for another 37,000 then trade if for a new one like it.


  • http://www.ride-eat-sleep-repeat.com Harvey

    I rode a 2000 Concours for 10 years and although the wind protection was awesome, it was very hot in the summer time. One month ago I purchased a 2009 Connie. What a fantastic bike. Frankly, it is the nicest bike I have ever ridden in my life. Compared to the old Connie, this new one is simply awesome, and a smaller windshield will be welcome. The old Connie was great, but my 2009 is top drawer. Yes, someone said Big-K nailed it with this one, and they are right!

    p.s., I don’t perceive a heat issue on the legs. It’s a motorcycle folks, there’s an engine down there, and heat means power. Enjoy the sensation.


  • Eric Battaglia

    Has anybody ridden an ST1300 and how does the riding position compare to the C14?
    Any other thoughts on the comparison of the two? I am looking to buy soon either or. Thanks.

    • Craig

      I rode my friend’s ST (he, a former Connie owner), swapping with my ’86 (yep) Connie fitted with a Russel Day-Long seat. When I rode the ST, I felt that I was riding ON the bike rather than being part of it (unlike the Connie). The ST also sounded like a lawnmower (I checked the engine, and it was indeed a 1300….). I also subsequently rode the C14 at my local dealers, and while it didn’t wow me relative to my old Connie (perhaps it was my aftermarket ignition advancer), I was still impressed relative to the ST. My vote stays with Kawasaki — as a matter of fact, I’m considering the ’10 CGR as we speak….

  • brad downs

    I have an 09 concours and the bike is great, except i am having trouble with my throttle hand going to sleep. I had an o8 concours and put the heli bar risers on it and that solved the problem on it. I have put the bar risers and a softer grip on the 09 and my throttle hand still goes to sleep. I also ride a bmw and yamaha currently and have no problems with them. I notice there is a slight buzzy feeling in the throttle grip , is there anything i can do to get rid of it(the vibration not the bike’)?

  • H.S. ( Sweden )

    2008 1400GTR, with 0km on the meter, pick it up in Mars 2010, 2 months and 4700km later it was dumped in the market with 35% loss, just to get rid of Kawasaki’s Flagship (crap). A thing that was marketed as Transcontinent Travel Machine that had so much heat on the right side that I couldn’t rest my right leg on the panels, not to talk about the heat on the feets after 30 minutes riding.(Kawasaki Service in Sweden will not even recognize that there is a problem with the bike!)
    Months of hard work saving, and planing a trip to Europe all down the drain, No thanks to Kawasaki.
    Back to riding a Suzuki Bandit…!

  • Eric

    Just picked up a new 2009 C14 Friday. Has anyone used the wind deflectors that Kawasaki offers as an accessory? If so does it help push the heat away from you or just pull the heat towards you? Are the deflectors adjustable?

    I’m new to the street world of biking and having a wind screen. How high should I adjust the wind screen?

    I plan on buying the Heli risers but will this effect the bikes handling or this just for comfort?

    How far ahead should the low beams hit the ground when I am sitting on the bike?

  • mike

    I have an 03 Suzuki Bandit which I like a lot.
    I am looking at leftover 09 C14`s.

    I want a shaft drive bike instead of chain.

    How is the heat, and what is the best slip-on get rid of that ugly super-long exhaust pipe?

    Do I need to get a power commander to make the bike start and idle right if I change the pipe?

    • H.S.

      My personal advice, stay with the Bandit, or take the GTR for a long run in a warm day before wasting your money…! ( I lost 4000 USD in 2 months )

  • KN

    I got a new ’09 Bandit 1250 last year. I put on serious miles, so I’m told @ 24,000 in 15 months. Great bike, glad I got it. Shaft drive is very appealing for the amount of riding I do. Just replaced chain and sprockets. Has anyone ridden both the B1250 and C14? Can you give me a pro/con comparison of them? Before I take the sales guy up on his offer to test drive one.

  • Eric

    C14 is awesomme. Like drivilng my Z06 vette