2009 Kawasaki KLX250S combines off-road ability with on-road economy

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2009_KLX250S.jpgKawasaki is hoping to encourage growth in the economical dual-sport market with  the 2009 KLX250S. A user-friendly, economical, light weight, capable motorcycle, it could be just the thing for first-time rider who want to explore trails and commute to work, or experienced riders looking for a super cheap city commuter.>Off-road prowess comes in the form of standard aluminum engine guards,
stronger wheels, dual high-capacity Denso radiators, heavily modified
suspension that includes reduced travel and a new shock linkage, a
firmer seat and straighter handlebars.

2009_KLX250S-2.jpgOn-road ability and ease of use are provided by the electric starter,
closer 5th and 6th gear ratios for more high-speed (we use that term
lightly) acceleration, a gear driven engine balancer and 50-state
emissions legality.

2009_KLX250S-3.jpgThe KLX250S costs $4,899 weights just 126kg / 277lb (wet), and should
return fuel economy in the high 80mpg range. Combine that with the
10-inches of suspension travel and knobbly tires and it should make
short work of light trail use or potholed commuting.


  • Ralph Grosse

    Nice, nimble, fun to ride, easy to handle bike but a bit doggy for my liking. Anyone have any aftermarket fixes to improve horsepower/performance. We ride a fair bit in sugar sand , the Kaw 250 has a tough time maintaining. I’d like a little more umph. What about about a pipe or carburetor mod’s?

  • Faz Harris

    Its very easy to get the bike to have better performance/hp.
    The engine is the same as the 2007 model which i am riding. All it needs is some plain rejetting,removing of airbox snorkel, a drop of 1 t for the front sprocket, maybe with an after market exhaust.

  • jason

    theres a 351 kit for it if bored.