2009 Kawasaki KLX250SF brings supermoto to novices

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2009_KLX250SF.jpgBased on the 2009 Kawasaki KLX250S, the SF weighs just 126kg / 277lb (wet), making it seriously light and very fuel-efficient. Equipped with a four-stroke engine, 17-inch wheels, grippy road tires and street-tuned suspension, it should be a fun, easy-to-ride, economical introduction to supermotos and could be just the thing for urban commuting. At $5,299 it’s a little expensive for our tastes though.>2009_KLX250SF-3.jpg2009_KLX250SF-2.jpgKawasaki

  • Ben

    It’s a lot cheaper than Yamaha’s alternative which is a little over six grand. Given it’s carburated instead of EFI, but on this kind of bike, who cares.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    It is cheaper, but it’s also more expensive than throwing an old set of road wheels on an old dirt bike. For $5k, I’d want a three year old 600 or maybe a 650 VStrom or KLR or a two-stroke 500 supermoto in race trim.

  • Ben

    Well if we’re looking at used stuff, bang for the buck street supermoto, pick up an old KTM LC4 and slap 17′s on it, with the later year tank and bodywork, and you’ll have a kick ass little moto on the cheap.

  • contender

    I look forward to a real comparo of all the budget motard bikes that are available. A 250 four stroke doesn’t seem like it would be good for much outside of running circles around your mother’s neighborhood electric vehicle.

  • redwood

    I just bought this bike 2 days ago, very comfortable ride, handling around corners is incredible and overall feel is really good. only problem is that it is severly underpowered, but im still breaking it in and I think a pipe and re-jeting will help alot.

  • redwood

    I found a muffler and header pipe form FMF racing, price of the kit is about $550 to $600. they recomend the complete kit and offer the correct jetting for the carb. they also recomend completing the break in period (5 to 6 hundred mi.) before making the upgrades.

    • Dutra

      And if you perform a before/after dyno test the HP gain is significant 4-5 horsepower. That of course requires the FMJ exhaust pipe, muffler, and accompanying carb changes. Mileage remains the same, but sound level is noticeably louder.

  • Michael

    Hillsboro Motorsport sold a batch of 2009′s for $2900 (3/2010). It is underpowered compared to my 250 Ninja, but is more practical around town. Its low saddle height and suspension makes it a better ride than a converted enduro.

    • tim

      $2900 !!!

      I have a chance to by a kaw 250sf for $3,600. what do you think?