2009 Kawasaki ZX-14 / ZZR1400 gets even uglier

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2009_Kawasaki_ZX-14.jpgNow available in Truly Horrible Bronze™, Unfortunate Kawasaki Green™ and Just Plain Awful Monster Energy Black With Silly Green Claw Marks™, the ZX-14 has completed its metamorphosis into the ugliest motorcycle ever made. No mechanical modifications have been made to the 193bhp, 257kg / 557lb (wet) monstrosity for 2009.
>Making all of this worse are the truly awful Kawasaki press photos,
which look like they were shot using a Canon Rebel fitted with the
for-novices-only stock 18-55mm lens. Of course, even that’s not as bad
as the “edgy” urban shots.

2009_Kawasaki_ZX-14-2.jpgStyled with some of Icon and Joe Rocket’s tackiest gear,
they just look like a lame, middle-aged marketing person who doesn’t
ride tried his hand at art direction, which is probably precisely what
happened. The company would have been better off just turning over
shooting duties to Icon itself, the clothing maker’s own press and
marketing shots actually capture the whole urban street aggression
thing Kawasaki tried to go for.

  • Larry Kahn

    Yes it’s hard on the eyes but the BMW1200C cruiser-thing was harder.

  • Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Hey, the Kawa cruisers are even worse.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    BLJ: We choose not to acknowledge their existence.

  • Ben

    Oh come now, the ZX14 is a wonderful bike. It handles better than the ‘Busa, and makes stonking torque and hp. Sure, it’s not very pretty, and it’s awful in these colors (I still really like the red from ’06), but do you really have to call it the ugliest motorcycle made? Think about the Multistrada, or the Helix, or the Mantra. Come on, there is worse…I think. Kawi’s color and design group needs to be fired after what they’ve done the last couple of years.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Ben: Yeah, it’s a pretty good handler and it’s ridiculously fast. But it’s really hard riding with your eyes closed (trust me, I’ve tried it).

  • Kevin White

    Orange/black looks like a tarantula. But in a good way.

  • http://www.iwiht.com Adam

    I would have this over a busa any day.

  • http://raresportbikesforsale.com/ Rare Sport Bikes For Sale

    A face only a mother could love!


  • Jeffrey Johnson

    Love it, cool bike. Love kawasaki’s lime green color.
    I’m ordering one now.

    Dr. J

  • Dr.Danger


    That green one looks like it should have a neon glow underneath it to complete the “fast and furious” look.

  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

    Tell it like it is boys! Ha ha

  • contender

    It is funny how Aprilia appears to carve a bike out of pure sex, while Kawasaki looks to use solid ugly with nary a sprinkling of sex appeal.

  • http://Http://TriumphDaytona675.wordpress.com Sam

    Maybe Kawasaki are trying to teach us an important lesson through the medium of motorbikes about how everyone deserves to be loved, no matter how ugly they are?


  • Tim Miller

    I realy like the new Bronze ZX14,
    It is even better looking than the 1999 Hayabusa was.The Green
    looks like my 2001 zx12 Green,

  • busa boy

    well I have Busa also I do respect zx14 which is 0.02 ms is slower than new 2008 busa and pro riders agree that you can have more fun on busa as experienced rider.Well about that 2009 zx14 from the top photo if is available to order I will order it now i love it zx14′s same as Busa’s they are the best on the earth but also for that people who making war between busa and zx I can told ‘em from own experience …there is no slower ZX14′s there is no slower Busa’s ,slower can be only a riders skill because the skill is what is make as win .I love my 2008 Busa her power is something from dream of any rider but if you know how also 1st time upcoming 2009 i want to try as people says new king around the block zx14′s Im happy he is and if is anyone of you have any photos of zx14 2009 please send to my email thank you and have safe ride .

    • J.R. Robinson

      Yes I agree with you, you can’t go wrong with a Busa or 14. I have a 2006 ZX-14 and I’m totally satisfied. Until this up coming year of 2009, the Busa color schemes were much more stylish than the 14′s. Now that I’ve seen the 2009 ZX-14 color PKG’s, they jump out at you like the Busa color schemes have all along. From 1 to 10 I give the Busa a 10 and the 14 a 9.9 on initial look value. The Busa looks like a cross between a Shark and a Eagle. And the 14 looks like the Bike that the (Predator) would ride. I love that Alien looking front end with all those head lights, which have come in handy when riding on poorly lit unfamiliar roads where I had to turn on the brights. I got a 14 instead of a Busa because the riding position is more comfortable during long distance interstate rides with the boys. I’m J.R. bike friends call me Jay-Ah. Also, one more thing, my 14 is lighter than the 07, 08, & 09 Busa’s and 14′s out the box. They both have gotten a little heavier each year since 06. PEACE OUT !!!

    • Jay-ah 14

      Now that’s what I’m talking about. These 2 bikes are flagsships of (Sport Touring). You can ride easy & comfortably ( Tour )without your wrists, hips or knees getting sore after 15 minutes, ( If you haven’t been riding regularly ) especially on the 14. Or you can find a open stretch of highway and open it up to 120-145…^in a second or two. You got the best of both worlds here. I have a unique styled 14, but I have to give kudos to Suzuki for the beautiful Busa, it stood alone and untouched for 8 years, now there are two to chose from, the Busa a little more towards sport and the 14 a little more towards comfort & touring, cruising. Can’t go wrong with either one.

    • chris

      Boy, didn’t your mother teach you anything about proper English diction. We can hardly understand what point you are trying to put across. Anyway, no bike is perfect. One man’s thrill ride may be another’s nightmare or inadequacy, so love what you’ve got! Peace out.

    • james

      hey , that was a nice comment about both bikes, I have a 06 zx14, mine is red.

  • busa boy

    As always looking as King of power
    everybody must love it ZX 14′s in 2009.

  • black zx 10 r

    Greetings from sunny South Africa,i like the new colours on the 14.The new Busa has the ugliest tail ever looks like a old vintage.I disagree the new busa is not faster on the road.

  • Motorcyclemaniac

    is the ZZR1400 the same thing as the ZX-14. I really need to know cause im going freaking crazy seriously. Give me the 411

  • Jamie

    I have owened a CBRXX 1100 Blackbird & still owen a zx12r, & now the 2008 ZX 14, & let me tell you this bike is a work of art!!! I don’t think that anybody should talk crap about the 14 or the Busa. These machines are truly awsome in there element. Color can be changed to anything you like people… Now could somebody wake up Honda please?

  • marcell

    Folks who think the ZX 14 is ugly, have to reconcile with the fact that they are just plain jealous. Personally, I think it’s a great looking bike. I applaud the candy orange and I must say, bikes are about the riding experience, looks are about impressing non-riders and women. Although I highly support impressing women, as a married man with a little boy a home, I have this to say. Ride one, it is fierce and truly smooth machine to throw around at highway speeds. For my own bias, I’ve got one on order.

  • Rexton

    To be honest, the ZX 14 has it’s apeal, every rider has there likes and dislikes so one lame report can not judge the bike as he/she is puting there own personal likes and dislikes on the bike instead of doing a proper review on it!

    don’t take every review personaly, instead go to your nearest dealer and go take it for a test ride then you can judge it for your self on looks, power and proformence…

    i personaly like the look of this bike and i am going to go test ride it then make my dicition… i am now drooling over the 2009 ZZR 1400cc and the 2009 GTR 1400 tourer… sex on wheels i say lol

  • Dale

    I miss my ’97 & ’99 Blackbirds!!
    However, my Atomic Silver ’08 ZX-14 is scary fast, and so sure footed. I’ve had it two weeks and have over 1700 miles on it. I just wish it had the fairing coverage of the Blackbird for those rediculously long, fast rides I like to take.

    I don’t care for the “electric” green, or the “Monster” scheme. But, the black, orange, and silver are ok. I did see one with a mix of red and grey that was alright.

    Like the man said, the colors are easy to change.
    I told the dealer who sold me mine, “I want black. I can pull the panels off and change the color if the price is right.
    He pulled the bike out in the sun, and I immediately knew I didn’t need to change a thing.
    The Atomic Silver POPS! It reflects other colors when the light is right.



  • Dave

    Every person out there has a look they hate, me I hate the look of Harleys and certain parts of all the new litre bikes especially the megger ugly exhausts.

    The 14 and the busa rule the roads if you don’t believe try and catch em. This will fix the wankers who need to complain about the looks of the bike you won’t seem them for long.


  • ZZwhale

    To ride a 14 is to love it (2006)

  • Jay.M


    I bought myself a brand new orange n black K8 Busa , rode her for about a 150kms and then sold her off to be able to buy myself a brand new K8 pearl white and silver Gixxer 1000.

    I totally love my Gixxer 1k and plan on buying another bike in addition to my Gixxer. I am looking at either the K9 Busa if not the ’09 zx14. I have not ridden the zx14 hitherto hence canot comment on it but then in regards to riding the Busa as long as I did have her I did pretty much have no grouse againt it excepting for the underside of my right thigh almost getting burned up is all.

    Peace all!

  • unknown

    the zx14 doesn’t look all THAT bad but it could be in another color

  • Larry Quick

    My first bike was a 1982 kawasaki gpz 550. Since then I’ve had an intercepter,then an fjr then a cbr,a black bird,and on and on til 2006 when I bought my black ZX14. It is by far the best bike I have ever owned or ridden. Of corse I have personalized it with chrome wheels,carbon fiber this and that,muzzy exaust…etc… Guys on Busas aren’t my rivals. They are my compadres cut from the same mold with different tastes. There is a reason why riders,no matter what the ride give each other the thums up when we cross paths. We all love to ride and give each other props for dealing with the f-*.kin idiots in cars……. Keep the faith and ride gentlemen!!!!!!!!!!
    Larry Q

    • danie

      Hi ,now that is a biker , be save on the road buddy

  • goodwrench1

    I think the bike looks great. I’m in the process of figuring out a way to make a new one mine. They say bueaty is in the eye of the beholder. What performance bike looks better to you I ask? I wanna know. For me it can’t be a bike I don’t fit like almost all other sport bikes on the market. If my knees don’t fit in the tank or my hands go to sleep in 50 miles I can’t explore the twisties 100 miles from home can I? If there is no wind protection or the mirrors and handlebars are mislocated that won’t due either. I need a head light that puts the road in my eyes so I can see it too. This zx14 meets and exceeds all the requirements I want in a pleasure bike like nothing else doe’s. Plus all that aside I think it looks GREAT. I don’t know what planet you hail from but I’m from Earth. 9 second, 180 mph, fully ridable and functional/ comfortable street bike for alittle over 10k BRAND NEW is unreal to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes but I don’t think I wanna see your grilfreind!

  • Nick Murray

    Hi Guys, i’m a bike with a few years riding experience, my collection comprises a 2005 Honda SP2, a 2006 Honda Fireblade, a 2006 Aprilia RSV1000 Factory R, a 2008 Kawasaki ZZR1400 in Silver, and a couple of Beta and Scorpa trails bikes all bought and kept from new.

    I ride hard and very fast and in my opinion the Kwaka is one of the nicest bikes I have ever ridden. I bought a new Blue and Silver Hayabusa in 2006 and I absolutely hated it. The Kawasaki may look like a Pigs Arse and the colours don’t do it any favours, but try owning one and you will find it is money well spent.
    Often the comments made on these sites are from wannabees who have no money and take enjoyment in slagging bikes they don’t like the look of or cannot afford.
    I think that any 2008 ZZR1400 owner will tell you that it is a lot nicer to ride than the Busa all the way up the rev range. I have had mine round to 182 on the clock.

    If you don’t have any constructive comments or critisism then please dont respond. Biking is about fun, not poncy colour schemes. Get on the bloody thing and ride it till it brakes, the colour will be ruined when you drop it anyway.

    • frank

      Yes you are 100% correct. I have been riding since the age of 9 starting in the dirt. I have taken the ZX14 2007 special addition and have ridden the bike five straight days and nights putting approx. 600 to 720 a day. I never not once needed to stretch (I’m only 5’9 200lbs) nor which I had a car. That bike rode as good as it gets with no one ever passing the ZX14…A lot of muscle under the tank after 6000 rpms…..



  • robert

    For those who talk trash about the zx14 it is only that they cant afford them and are still stuck on the r6.
    it is ok little man one day when you get a real job and can save your money you to can own one.

  • JB

    Yea screw this…You clown the colors and that is it? Shame on you, plus your blog is a speck on the map when it comes to motorcycle blogs. Who cares what you clowns have to say!!

  • The Flying Dutchman

    Owned four Hayabusas over a period of seven years.
    Loved riding them but was never really enamoured with the looks of the bike! In 2008 I bought my first ZX14 in Saphire Midnight Blue. Fitted Yoshimura mufflers, carbon fibre hugger, radiator guard and Ventura sports rack. It’s a better bike
    because it feels lighter, handles better and has better brakes. And it looks like a real muscle bike!!

  • Martin Millar

    I have just done a deal for a ZZR 1400 in yes “green”. I loved it the first time i saw it. Traded in my 2005 Aprilia RSV 1000R, at 46 i am getting to old for over the tank riding. This will be my first Kawasaki cant wait to get her.


  • http://www.myspace.com/hotbike0077 TatMike

    This past summer I had a 1990 ZX-10(till an lol hit me). I plan to get a 2009 ZX-14 next month. they have the same wheelbase and weight, but the 14 has more HP/torque. This will be AWESOME! Anyone can get a bike painted, so no big deal on the color.

  • Dave

    Just picked up my new 2008 silver zx14. Chose it for its ride handling stopping ability turbine power and its bullet proof like all the Zeds I’ve owned before. Tried the busa but I prefer the older busa looks and it fits me better especially on the long rides. As for the looks of the new color schemes of the 09 ZX14 the bronse is out standing in real life I would guess the complainers, ride “little” bikes to match their minds. That is only a guess of course but if looks are all they are concerned with “get another mirror” then try a life.

  • Grant

    I ride a black 07 ZX14, having previously owned a bunch of bikes including a VFR750 and CBR1100xx. Two mates ride Busas. Our riding is usually long distances (we’re in Australia) covered very fast, and often with plenty of luggage including camping gear. We seek the winding roads and it is rare to find someone that can match or exceed our speed, particularly over a sustained period. Strangely, when we do, they are often riding something other than what you expect (thinking now of a guy on a 990 Adventure) – just some guy that can ride like a demon.

    Both bikes are just awesome for this type of riding. Splitting them is a matter of taste only. I love my 14 and my mates love their Busas. Personally, I’ve never loved the look of the Busa but I didn’t like the 14 at first either – but it grew on me.

    On either bike, when that long straight road opens up and you wind the throttle to the stop and tuck down, it is a truly awesome experience. You can never get used to that power, it just keeps coming and coming and its intoxicating. If I had to split the bikes I’d say that the Busa feels grunty and powerful down low and on the initial surge, where the 14 starts relatively mild and just keeps building an endless wave of power. Through the bends, I jump of mine onto a Busa and it feels light and flickable. They jump off the Busa onto mine and say it feels light and flickable.

    The bottom line – why do I own a 14? Coz everyone else has got a Busa.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/gardenofparrots/2208627773/in/set-72157600304259921/ larry

    I have a zx14 2006 red.I agree with some of the comments regarding the colour finish on these bikes. They are not well done especially the red/black colour scheme.Styling is important. The tail is too high for my liking as well.I am planning putting on a single saddle seat on mine as the tail does not compliment the tank.
    The handling and motor and brakes are first class, it needs restyling in the rear.
    I like busa just as much.Check out my idea for a restyle, using Busa rear on a zx14.
    The power is endless and superb.Use mine to go to work at times and actually get there with a huge grin on my face thanks to the thrill of riding it.

  • Crowe

    Is the colour really important at 180 m.p.h.? Ten years ago I could only watch bikes at the salt flats going this fast , now I can own one for under 10 grand. Macco can paint it if you dont like the colours. Turn and burn!!!

  • jonathan

    its not ugly at all its actually a very nice piece of machinery yall are just to picky but thats my opinion

  • RIP

    Well, I originally read this blog before I went on my search for either the Hayabusa or the zx-14. Turns out that opinion is everything. I ended up buying the 2009 special edition zx-14. The orange and black is beautiful and I would have to say that this is the best looking bike that I have ever seen comming straight from the factory. I do agree with everyone who actually knows something about the bikes, which is that the Hayabusa and ZX-14 are both excellent bikes.

  • Hammer1319

    I think the bike looks awesome. I’ve seen the orange and black model in person and I can tell you it looks mean in the sunlight. I really like the Kawi Green too, but I can see how that one is a love it or hate it kinda thing. As far as the on going competition between the zx-14 and the busa is concerned all I can say is that from everything I’ve read it comes down to simple rider preference. They both have plenty of power to do something stupid with. In regards to the styling I’m glad the zx-14 looks so differant, who wants to live in a world where all rides look the same. How boring would that be?

  • Pat

    Have been considering either a ‘Busa or a 14 for a while now. Saw the ’07 14 and fell in love. Sat on the ’07 Busa and it fit just right. For those of you that say a ‘Busa is better than 14 and vice versa get a life. It’s plenty of power on both bikes and it comes down to which fits you better. Both bikes run like beast and nothing else can touch ‘em.

  • hayabusa 13

    I have a 07 busa,with stock bars was good for about 200 miles.I added real handlebars and did a 5 day 2400 mile round trip to Sturgis,no problem.The 14 seems more comfortable in stock configuration,but I have not riden one.I don’t like the front or the v-taillight;but that is just me.Both bikes are winners and thank God we can still buy stock bikes like these!

  • hugh

    I bought an ’08 in the atomic silver and like it because of it’s “stealth factor”. With this color, most people don’t even give it a second look…especially helpful around the police. I, too, wasn’t crazy about the looks of the bike when it came out in ’06, but it’s grown on me and after riding the bike for several months now, I absolutely love it. I’ve been riding 30 years now and this is by far the best bike I’ve EVER owned…nice work, Kawasaki.

  • kim

    i have owned 3 fj1200s, a few cbr600s, a superhawk, a fazer, a vfr 750, an h2750 kaw, a triumph daytona 955, sprint st, a tiger885, an xl 600 honda, a concours 1000, an sp650, a bmw r1100rt, a katana 600, an ’88 zx10, a ’97 blackbird,and a few others i can’t recall right now.
    i now have an ’06 zx14 (red) for 2 yeears. it is the best bike i have ever owned except for the crappy milage. my fj1200s would get 50mpg on the highway and the 14 gets no better than 39mpg so far. they weigh about the same and the 14 has better aerodynamics, less frontal area and is fuel injected. there is no reason for it to suck so much fuel when you’re taking it easy. i have a power commander usb3, a muzzy 4into1, and flies out. it has better ground clearance than my blackbird had. i grounded the stator cover on the honda in a curve but the zx14 has yet to touch down anything. the brakes are awesome too, but be forewarned, if you change your own tires, be careful with the rotors as they are easily bent if they so much as touch anything during the tire swap. i’m 48 and often give juvinile squids a maximus spanking in the curves. i plan to send obama a pic of a zx14 with a watermelon paint scheme to try to intice him into getting one too. it’s awe good.

  • adan


  • Superpit

    I guess all the guys who don’t like the 14 or busa must be those GRANDPA harley riders, or should i say OLD FASHIONED, see the scenery kind of guys. And all you guys talkin about gas milage, BE FOR REAL!!!! It’s made for speed and power, that’s like buying a dodge viper to comute to work!!!!!

  • John

    I’m getting an ’09 ZX 14 Special Edition next week. Was gonna get a leftover ’08 Spec. Ed. till I saw the ’09. Hate spending the extra $$$ but that ’09′s just too purty to pass up! Nothing at all against the Busa’s, both are great bikes.

    Ride safe, y’all

  • MLaughnan

    I own a candy plasma blue zx14 and I think it is one of the most beautiful bikes I’ve ever seen. The only busa’s I’ve like as well are the first copper and silver color and the pearl white limited edition. The new version is ugly.

  • The Man

    ZX-14 Monster- mount it, ride it, buy it!

  • Nicholas

    I love the Monster scheme on the new zx-14. I just bought one this month. The men love my bike. The handling is awesome. I did not like what suzuki jack up there prices this year on all of their bike $700 dollars. But I believe I made the right decision. I am 39 years old and I went from a 2002 suzuki katana 600 to a 2009 zx-14. I must say the zx-14 rides like a champion.

  • Larry

    Bought a 07 to replace my FJR1300 sports touring bike, the ZX-14 is a great touring bike, comfortable, loads of power and overall good looking bike. I also have the pearl blue and it sure gets a lot of attention by other riders, love it!

  • Chase

    I just picked up an ’09 burnt orange/black. Everywhere I go people tell me the bike is beautiful. Women AND men. I’m not even out of break in yet and its already obvious this bike has phenomenal power. The power comes on very linearly from start to whenever. It handles VERY well.

    I love this bike. It’s incredilicious!

  • Chase

    Secondly its not bronze genius. Stick to being a hair dresser.

  • Randall Carroll

    I like the bronze, but I really dig the black bike with the small green pinstriping. BAD ASS!

  • John

    I have an ‘o6 ZX-14 in Passion Red and it is gorgeous, get compliments on it all the time. I do think Kawasaki has lost the way on the paint schemes lately though. My favorite paint scheme besides the ’06 Red is the ’08 Atomic Silver, very classy…..and simple. This bike is one of those that responds to different paint very differently, best kept simple IMHO and leave the wild paint schemes to the Busa. Looks are subjective, these are fantastic warp drive time machines though, nothing pulls like a modified 14 or Busa this side of a Formula One Car, handling is superb for such a big machine, comfort is Lazyboy recliner plush and the brakes are the best I’ve ever sampled. Speaking of the Busa, strictly matter of taste, both are equally fast and it always comes down to the man turning the throttle whe these two Titans clash. I would buy this bike again in a minute, it’s that good.


  • eli

    well i have the ZZR14 for 2 years now.
    i had well passed the 50k (50,000) on odo meter, i practickly leave on the bike. i travel alot for work, and i can say its 100% relaible,rigid and frindly machine. i enjoy it as an every day bike as well, long rides, short rides, after 5-6 hours of ride i get down, visit the site,do my job, and get back home without beeing a wrack afterwords.
    busa is nice, brutal machine but on long rides i had to reset my bones to place.
    both great bikes. if you pick one of them, do it with your eyes closed. not matter what you choose you cant fail…

  • Mike B

    Each to his own: when I saw the ZZR1400 at the Birmingham Motorbike show in late 2005, the next day I went to my dealer and ordered one. Beats my previous Honda Blackbird I had for 8 years on everything, speed, fun, handling,comfort, and the ZZR is the best looking bike on the road – for me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholdder etc.

    Last year I rode my ZZR from the UK through France, Spain, right round Morocco, and back to the UK, sometimes at light speeds.

    My record was 1650 kms in one day – how many bikes can you do that on without being crippled.

    The bike has done track days, and was put into the fastest groups on the track. Never saw a Busa on a track day…maybe they go on different days.

    Yup, for me, the ZZR best bike on the road.


  • Ted

    I own a blue zx1400, 2007. I’ve been riding since 1981. My problem (opportunity!) is that I’m 6’4″, 230 lbs. I shopped the Busa first, and being long in the torso, could not even SEE the instrument pod. I went down the road to the Kawasaki dealership, sat on my zx1400, and fell in love. There are at least 8 great canyons around the SLC area, and I’ve ridden them all a bazillion times. I’ve seen 150mph before chickening out (hey, I have 2 kids). Nothing I’ve ever ridden comes close to this machine. And yes, I’ve taken high-performance riding course given at the Laguna Seca raceway when I lived in California, and defensive riding up in Napa. It is an expert’s bike, because of the power of the thing. Aesthetics are personal; power, handling, and rider skill are not. Ride safe, all.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hotbike0077 TatMike

    Hay guyz, I’m back! I just picked up my new(for me) 2007 ZX-14 and man this thing is freakin BAD A$$!!! I went the 90 mi. to San Mateo, purchased it and road home…WOW, like I said…This thing is freakin BAD A$$!!! It’s all black, only has KAWASAKI on the tank and it’s got a Power Commander(III, I believe, custom mapped), Muzzy pipes, K&N filter, fame sliders, front smoked signals, brand new Gold D&D(?) chain and new sprockets, fender eliminator, short bar risers, smoked windscreen, and gold adjustable clutch and brake levers. I am very impressed with the bike and happy with my purchase.

  • SionS

    I have replaced my classicaly good looking (Black) Daytona 1200 with a ZZR1400, also in black.

    The daytona got lots of comments off old men. But i’ve been chatted up 5 times in 4 days by predatory women at service stations while standing by the ZZR.. so i’d have to say the ugly bike must be making me look good.. nuff said..

    • james

      good stuff dude, i have a 06 red zx14.

  • KK

    I own an ’07 in black. Great bike. I never get tired of looking at it.
    You don’t like it? To each their own.

  • Ryan Morin

    Been riding dirt and street all of my 41 years and just took a ’09 ZX-14 for a scoot.It took a few days to get over it,and just walked around in a daze for awhile with a silly,faraway look trying to comprehend what I just partook of.This morning I’m headed to the shop to put a downpayment on an orange and black ’09.When I pick it up,I’ll be giddier than a king’s kid at Christmas,but unfortunately winter’s just getting going.Oh well.I’m parking it in my family room so I’ll have a few months of looking and drooling to get the awesome looks out of my system.Don’t like the looks?Tell someone who cares.The world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things.

  • Empalador RR

    Nunca se subieron a una moto, asi que mejor no opinen y sigan jugando con sus palystations

  • dlat

    I currently ride an 08 ZX-6. After comparing a ZX-10, Busa and the ZX-14, I decided that I will get the 14. It’s not the prettiest bike but it actually looks good coming head-on! I like the dash and the fact that it has more power then I will very possibly ever use.
    After sitting on it at the dealer, I found the bike very comfortable and can easily rock it back in forth, not heavy as it looks. I am 5’8 at 160Lb. That bike kicks @$Z and I have seen riders pull away smoothly and quickly. Plus It rides two up easily and with some good pipes, the sound is awesome! I plan to get one before they change the nose to that pointy, narrow front like on the 6 and 10.

  • Jon

    I have owned 20 bikes and currently own a 07 ZX14 (Candy Plasma Blue). Best bike I have ever owned, ridiculously fast, handles great, excellent ergonomics, good looking.. What is there not to love?

  • black zx 10 r 06

    Just sold my 06 zx 10 r,waiting to see if Kawa brings out a new zx 14 supercharged for 2010,if not will get me a new 14 ,no busa for me.

  • busa basher

    My vote was to buy the ZX14. Feels good to ride, crazy amount of power and far better looking than those “Spastic Sperm” looking Uki Busas.

  • http://www.myexperiment.org/users/5710 Hargrove

    Nice to be visiting your blog again, it has been months for me. Well this article that i’ve been waited for so long. I need this article to complete my assignment in the college, and it has same topic with your article. Thanks, great share.

  • brian

    hello fellow riders . own a silver 08 zx14 put some two bros pipes and juice box on it.this thing is the GREAT WHITE OF THE HIGHWAY if ever in upstate new york and a silver blurr goes by you its not a plane. its the ZX14 PS.BUSAS ARE AWSOME TO. RIDE SAFE AND WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!. THE WARTHOG. OUT.

  • RealityCheck

    Are you people serious? The ‘Busa has held the title of the world’s ugliest motorcycle since it’s introduction and the ZX14 does nothing to challenge the Suzuki’s “superiority” in this area.

    The Kawa is certainly not a great looking bike, but it’s not claw-your-eyes-out ugly like the Hayabusa.

    I’ve admired the Hayabusa’s performance for years, but it’s simply too fugly.

  • genie

    I rode an anniversary edition HD fatboy for a couple of years, til I saw the zx14 in the burnt candy orange. I thought it was the most beautiful bike I ever saw. This is a graduate and professional in the design field speaking. I now own the bike… and people still give me compliments.

  • steve

    just bought a 07 z14 last week in ocean blue fantasic bike rode it back from london so quick sold my 2000 busa for this no regrets. more comfort easy on the wrists like the dash and those mean looking lights trust me this bike is far superior to the busa get one