2009 Suzuki Gladius: like an SV650 but cheaper

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Make sure you check out our Suzuki Gladius Review.

Targeted at new riders, the Suzuki Gladius is a based on the SV650, but uses a Ducati Monster 1100-style cast aluminum/steel trellis hybrid frame and cheap running gear to keep the price down. Suzuki intends the Gladius to be a stylish entry-level novice bike, but to us it looks too much like an androgynous Gilera DNA scooter. More details as we get them.

Update: The Gladius will be available with optional ABS.

Update 2: Suzuki has launched a mini-site. Link after the jump.

>2009_Gladius-02.jpg2009_suzuki_SFV650_Gladius.jpgSuzuki_SFV650_Gladius_pink.jpgSuzuki_SFV650_Gladius_2.jpgSuzuki Gladius

  • dan

    nice picture a la gap commercial

    • Dave Wellman

      As an owner of a 2000 SV 650, I checked out the GLADIUS at my local dealer. I used to hate the “techno-transformer’ look of the last generation SV 650s, but I REALLY hate these new ones! Are they marketing this thing to women, or gay guys? The seat has a useless hump where a passenger should sit, making it a single-person bike. The exhaust, headlight, and little-wings on the front fork look like George Jetson designed them. The paint-schemes are VERY gay. Why do corporate “suits” mess up a perfectly good design? This bike sucks! I will never buy one.

  • Kevin White

    I thought the stock SV650 already had cheap running gear!

  • Larry Kahn

    Looks a little ghey.

  • lenny

    looks like the recent kawasaki er-6
    i like the 2tone color scheme

  • Anders

    What a step foward. Like a SV650, only cheaper looking and with a rodent name. And a sperm headlight.

  • Shannon Baker

    Hate the colors and exhaust, not fond of the headlight but overall looks like a nice bike. More in line with the original SV than the techno transformer current model.

    If the price is right and alternative color schemes are available (or this one looks better in person) I might think about it instead of the new Bonney.

  • Dr.Danger

    The SV always worked as a good starter bike, but loose the streetfighter headlight and put back on the classic round light.

  • Remy

    LOL at their marketing.

  • http://www.hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Remy, I don’t even know where to start at that. Im going to soak in Mr. Dancypants and his dancypants moto for a while and wait for the mini-site to go full blown before I make any judgments.

  • ep

    I assume Suzuki won’t limit the wet dancing version to just this model.

  • Meya

    Sofa king refarted!

    enough with v-twins they all suck! par twins are better balanced and lighter.

    • Rob

      V-Twins suck? Tell that to Ducati.

    • Kev in

      The V gives acceleration, ya pop just from clutchen too hard… wake up man… know the difference… It’s a show off ride in city. Not a cruiser or a racer.. The ‘sperm’ light is a little too robotech… but hell.. it’s got fine styling that enev a hog rider can find fault with if he’s jealous!

  • pemont

    the person that thought of the setup in the second picture and all those that approved it’s use should have their heads caved in with a bat.

    • andrew

      I must say I agree with that

  • contender

    I think it looks like a better beginner/everything bike than the FZ6R or whatever it was called.

  • http://www.fullcustomphoto.com Yuri

    Meya, I want to see you back that comment up with facts, ’cause that’s a bold statement.

  • ignoramus

    whats running gear?

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Ignoramus: the SV650′s 650cc v-twin.

  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

    Silver trousers… never a good look…

  • Ste

    As a full fairing SV650S owner, I like it!

    But I agree with the headlight. Just go with the classic round headlight!

  • v

    it looks like a cheap chinese replica of the brutale,especially in the hedlight department

    the question is HOW CHEAP will it be? it does look better than the naked sv650 that’s for sure

  • http://www.norepmotos.com Tony

    I don’t understand…

    Everyone think it is ok for europeans manufacturers to copy (or to get inspired by) the japanese bikes, but when a japanese manufacturer wants to take advantage of the european style (because it does look like the ducati, brutale and many others) everyone say non-sense about it.

    I believe it is a well designed and should be well fitted for it’s market. Young looking, easy to ride, trust-worthy engineering and affordable pricing.

  • http://www.darngooddesign.com TBS Stunta

    >>par twins are better balanced and lighter.

    >>Meya, I want to see you back that comment up with facts, ’cause that’s a bold statement

    PTs have a single cylinder casting and single head and valve train, which is always going to be lighter than a Vtwin which has two of each. Assuming they are manufactured similarly.

    PTs are shorter front to rear which allows greater freedom in its placement inthe chassis, which allows for better balance.

  • http://www.darngooddesign.com TBS Stunta

    >>But I agree with the headlight. Just go with the classic round headlight!

    Personally I hate those modern looking round headlights. I want something classic like a candle in a brass container.

    • VRP

      >>>>But I agree with the headlight. Just go with the classic round headlight!

      >>Personally I hate those modern looking round headlights. I want something classic like a candle in a brass container.

      Haha. Cute :-D

      The all black one is passable. In terms of the CC rating and what else there is to choose from, it’s not too bad, especially for vertically challenged people.

  • jimbolaya

    Caving in the head of the guy who dreamt up the second picture seems a little harsh….second thought maybe not.

  • billy

    is it a 2 cylinder?

  • some one

    Suzuki has lost it!It’s ugly and would never buy one.

  • Pat Kittle

    I think my 1st generation SV650 looks better than its successors, but even this “Gladius” looks better than those hideous BMW’s and Buells.

    Plus it’s a lot cheaper, and it has Japanese quality, and lots more dealers.

    Important considerations never presented in these stupid reviews.

  • Andrew

    I think that people are missing the market for this bike. A classic round headlight is just that, classic. You can get that on many other bikes. This is a stylish entry level bike. Note the “lower seat height” from the SV650. This will appeal to women riders who want to step up from the scooter they’ve had for the last two years.

    While I would rather a naked SV, I showed this bike to my wife. She really liked the way it looks, and one may be in her future. (esp. the white/blue color scheme)

  • Les

    Errrh! The Gladius is NOT cheaper than the SV650. It’s five hundred bucks more.

  • michelle

    As soon as it is here I’m getting one, I think its perfect for the novice rider like myself and its a suzuki…..

  • JJ

    First before making comments on balance, understand that the balance of a bike and the balance of an engine are two different things. PT’s are harder to balance than V-Twin it’s got to do with the harmonics of the cylinder placement. With that said a bike with a V-Twin can actually have better balance than a PT. Before saying things like that speak to engineers designing and making engines not saying that I’m an expert but the professors at my university are.

    On the bike itself, it looks good and if they do a 1000cc, it may be my next commuter

    And apologies to those that I’ve just bored to death

    • Chicho

      Well put, and thanx for clarifying.

  • First in line

    wow – finally a bike made for girls!! I am a chick rider and there are no girly bikes out there for us. LOVE the pink I am first in line when they are released in Australia, its a hot looking bike. Thanks Suzuki for finally developing a bike for the female riders out there.

  • No Mo Harleys

    I agree with first in line. It looks like my husband’s Aprilia Shiver!! That is a great bike, but a little tall for the ol’girl. I’ve been saying that motorcycle companies are missing the boat with all the new FEMALE riders. Something light, powerful, colorful, comfortable that has lots of accessories… I want to beat a guy off the line, but I don’t want to look like him! Viva la difference!!!

  • Christine

    I hope it can be lowered; the bike looks perfect for a short rider like myself! As long as the bike rides well and I can get my foot on the ground, then I don’t care how lame the advertising is!

  • Jeff Coulter

    Looks OK for small people, but not so good for bigger people with long legs. An engine with another 50 or 100cc would have been good because this bike weighs about 25kgs more than the SV 650. Why is there not a full alloy frame?

  • Jeff

    Sorry I was wrong Gladius 202kg/446lbs
    SV 168kg/370lbs. 34kg/76 heaver than the SV. For that extra weight you have to pay $500 USD!!

  • No Mo Harleys

    There are already plenty of tall bikes for bigger people. Try finding one for someone with less than a 30 inch inseam that has enough power to get out of its own way and doesn’t look like a chrome-encrusted barge. Why do they make lowering kits for bikes and why do people have to get seats shaved? Because those under 6 feet tall want performance bikes. Anyone can touch flat footed on a cruiser. I just need a toe on the ground and I’m willing to give up a little maneuverability to do so.

    The marketing is lame…If I got one, I would say it is like an sv, I wouldn’t say I had a “gladius.”

  • jamey

    I have 5600 miles on my 08 sv650, and think suzuki has dropped the ball. Gladius is a terrible name, especially for anything under 1000 cc. If you’re replacing/restyling the SV you should make it better performance and value wise, not just Target store commercial wise. Yeah, it looks good because its styled after the Duc Monster 696, Bimota Delirio and MV Brutale. But its ~100 lbs Heavier with Way less engine/chassis. HELL, next to the latest naked SV it about 100lbs heavier for about $1000 MORE! what the XXXX?

  • PeteNfla

    I believe the looks of new Japanese sport-bikes are radically changing. I actually like the look of this naked bike, and yeah, it does resemble a Duc in the frame area. Thats not a bad thing, is it? I don’t think so. I like it.

  • palouse cannon

    What’s not to like? I’ll bet the advertised weight is on-the-money, not understated as one often finds. More choices in well made bikes–eets a goood theeng! I’m old enough to remember when rock ‘n roll was taken over by disco and practical motorcycles were supplanted by cruisers, cruisers, everywhere. Gladius?–shouldn’t that call for something like the truck commercials–dodging giant pendulums and driving through exploding buildings? Unless that silver-panted kid in the add means..oh,no! Can’t be! The return of disco!

  • Bill

    Very nice, as the owner of a naked 2003 SV, w/30,000 miles I would buy one. looks like the Ducati Monster, like the colors, and the smaller radiator, more stylish exhaust,Is my beloved SV doomed ?

  • palouse cannon

    Don’t worry, SV aficionados. If your worthy mounts are discontinued, there will still be parts aplenty for your treasured classics. A few months ago I found a ’78 Kawi KZ650 for a song. A little tinkering and this old goat has a ton o’ fun humming machine. You don’t see many of them, which is kinda cool, and parts aren’t too hard to find. In 20 years, why, I’ll step up to one of them SVs you whippersnappers will have parted with. When I’m 90 I’ll get one of these here Gladiolas, Spatulators, er…Platypusses, or whatever you call ‘em.

  • Kiwi

    I’ve just seen one of these in the flesh & the experience didn’t do anything for me. The bike is obviously not aimed at anyone who is in the least bit “traditionalist” in their thinking of what a motorcycle should look like. Suzuki promote this as “Fashion” meeting “Technology”. To my mind there’s simply too much “fashion” here. It’s a bit like your favourite chicken pizza that’s been garnished with strawberrys & cream. Apart from the black one tone option the two tone colour options are hideous – I can’t help thinking that with all those white blobs there’s some Orca’s out there missing their spots. Suzuki may need to try again if they’re not going to disenfranchise a big % of their potential market for an updated SV650.

  • Greg

    I think this bike is bitchen. I just saw a Hot looking FZ1 fixed up by Yamaha of Italy on Motorcycledaily.com and looked around for something similar and just so happened to run across the Gladius it rocks and the head light looks way better than some old looking, sticking way out round thing with air space behind it. I just hope it doesn’t lose any performance, other than that, Right on Suzuki!

  • Jeff

    Not so much of a weight differance between the SV and the Gladius. SV spec is dry weight and Gladius spec is curb or wet weight (fueled, olied and coolant), guess they must be close to the same weight?

  • HowFast

    This will be the only non-BMW mid-sized bike available in the US market with ABS. WTF is up with that? For that reason alone it’s on my short list. In Black. Not fuscia and cream. Oy.

    Toss on some bags and a windshield and it should be a very good commuter.

  • Daniel

    While I applaude Suzuki for holding strong the the V-twin engine, it’s a shame they had to harvest it from the SV650 and leave it for dead. This is one of the worst things Suzuki has done in a while. BOO SUZUKI!

  • Screaming J

    Saw the Gladius at the Cycle World Expo in San Mateo this weekend. I own a ’98 Monster 900; if it was gone tomorrow, I’d consider this bike. If there was a 1000cc version, it’d be game over, absolutely. Arrow makes a pipe for the Triumph Speed Triple that’d be great on this bike (and make it a bit more butch), and metro-sexual marketing and packaging aside, it’s got awesome potential as a first bike, lively commuter, and when they put the SV1000 engine into it…Yee-frikkin’-haw!

  • Rick Scheuer

    See it in person – I did at the motorcycle expo in San Mateo last weekend (12/21/08). It’s much better looking. It looks like an old Duc. The new Ducs are well. . . like that other guy said ‘ghey.’

  • Danny

    So the “Gap” add sucks,
    Big deal. Suzuki saw a new market (Broke @$$ people like me that are trying to save a buck on gas). They probably don’t know anything about bikes and this one (ghey add and all) is appealing to them…Good marketing!
    Once they get their foot in the door with the new riders, all they have to do is drop some Lbs. and put some decent power in it (1000cc’s). And all the rookies who bought the first 650′s will be lining up with the rest of us to buy one of these faster, lighter, more reliable, Japanese Hooligans

  • Danny

    They got rid of all the fruity colors and just left the Black and White/Blue ones.

  • Danny

    Oh yeah, change the name too!

  • Bronco

    Who said to is available with ABS brakes? If it were I might consider it. But if you check it out you will find out that it does not offer ABS….at least in the U.S.

  • Bronco

    Get rid of the funcky looking plastic radiator end covers, paint the bike a “solid” color (red or blue), and put ABS brakes on it………and maybe!

  • Rick in NC

    As the owner of an ’05 naked SV650, I hated this replacement bike in the beginning. Hated the name (still do), hated the frame, hated the color combos (still do), hated the slanted-back headline housing. But the more I look at it in pictures, it’s growing on me. The frame is Duc-ish, for sure; that’s not a bad thing. I guess that loving my bike so much — a blast in the curves, great torque, reliable, etc. — I just didn’t want it to ever change. But as I say, the new one is growing on me. But $500 more? Ridiculous, I say. So keep the design, come up with nice solid colors (black, yellow, silver), change the name, and drop the price a bit!
    (Oh, and I’ve noticed that, after having been on the Suzuki site initially, the Gladius no longer has a “page” there. What’s up with THAT? Has Suzuki changed its mind????)

  • sriguru in australia

    Guys N Gals,

    Nice stuff for India motorcycle makers to copy – Read Bajaj, TVs, Hero, LML, Mahindra-Kinetic

    In addition in design Suzuki Sales folks please kiss my a** to make me buy one of these.

    Thank you Suzuki.

  • sriguru in Australia

    Guys N Gals,


    Nice stuff for India based motorcycle manufacturers to copy – Read Bajaj, TVS, Hero, LML, Mahindra-Kinetic and so forth…

    Thank you Suzuki, please Suzuki Sales folks please kiss my a*s to make me buy one of these.

    sriguru in australia

  • Dee

    I love this bike, I hated it to start with, but the more I look at it the more I love everything about it. I havent had the chance to do my DAS yet for one reason or another, but love to ride and am def. doing it this year, and I would love this for my first big bike. Well done Suzy!

  • http://www.davekarvsales.com David K

    Looks great to me. Enough of the muscle head talk. If you want some fast, and furious bullshit, you shouldn’t waste time on commenting. This is meant for people into aesthetics, and reliability. I have been waiting for a bike like this to come from a japanese company for a while now. It’s like anything new, it takes some getting used to it. I am ALL FOR IT!

  • Claude

    A parallel twin can be balanced and counterbalanced with only a few extra balance shafts and weights. The firing intervals make it either rough running or prone to bouncing, but it can be tamed fairly well. It’s fairly straightforward.
    A 45 degree twin is off balance in every way known to man. It’s virtually impossible to balance, which is why Harleys have giant rubber pads to isolate the engine, and Japanese cruisers have offset cranks to move the piston timing. A 90 degree v-twin is naturally dynamically balanced and runs smoothly. Which is why Honda is so fond of the V-4 engines.

  • David

    Suzuki dealers — really, all dealers — should offer some immediate items:
    1) ditch those ugly plate hangers
    2) ditch the ugly pipe
    3) Ditch the ugly passenger peg brackets (worst ever!)
    4) Replace those cheapo mirrors with bar end mirrors

    Then, its a very cool bike!

    Include these items in a plastic bag…

  • http://none Ali

    Even as a girly rider I prefer the Buells and BMW 1200′s (sorry Pat) but I like this bike and am looking forward to seeing if it comes down under to NZ and how it fairs on our twisty little roads.
    I like the dare of the exhaust and droopy lookin headlight, its a nice change from the angle cut nakeds of the kawasakis, honda etc aka away from the ‘transformer’ look someone else termed it.
    Bring it on…

  • Obzy

    I’m buying a monster 696 with Termignonis. Test rode one on the weekend – glorious.

    The Gladius had great reviews in MCN and general press, but the marketing campaign has tarnished it’s image beyond repair for me. There is no way I want to be associated with any of those character models on that lurid, bile inducing site.

    It’s just too curvy and doesn’t really grab your attention from any angle. I used to ride a SV650S, which whilst not being the best looking bike, still had an uncluttered air about it. This thing is just a ponderous mess ripped straight from the cover of Motown Chartbusters vol whatever.

    As far as parallel twins go they may be lighter etc, but at the end of the day they don’t produce quite as much torque and are usually tuned to behave more like a twin anway – ie:TDM900, Bonnies etc. V twins always look the business, whereas pars just look a bit, well, a bit crap.

    Before you say it, yes, I know, the monster is an ‘l twin’ :)

  • Marc

    That lovely v twin with more grunt, better suspension, and a hugely better integrated styling job.. i love it.Ok those frame covers have to go tho!I note its beating the yammie, ducati and kwaka in all the 650cc comparisons published so far. I have a sv650 which i bought for the engine but have always hated the angular styling. A trade in is looming as soon as the Gladius arrives on our fair shores.

  • Scooter

    Why the steel swingarm? Seems a bit budget to me! An all alloy frame would have been good too, its not a Ducati!

  • AJ

    Defintately not a Ducati Monster which it is styled after, but it should be a good bike for Suzuki for entry level riders who don’t want to spend Ducati money.

  • Ham

    Go to the blackboard young man until you learn your lesson you will write, It’s not a Ducati, It’s not a Ducati, It’s not a Ducati 100 times…blah blah,, duh,, yeah, we get it, it’s not a stupid Ducati already, but, it does appear to be marketed at people who want to be ghey Italians. I guess one requirement for owning it would be that you like wearing a thin black leather jacket, a scarf, and some bowling shoes when you ride. If someone gave me one I dip it in a vat of flat black paint and put Ducati stickers all over it and ride the piss out of it.

  • Morgan Strauss

    I took a look at it last week and I was blown away, what’s not to like? I am a 5’6” tall male with 30 inseam and finally a bike that I can call my own. Just to save my straight male pride I am literally going to dip it in black and wipe the name off and christen it as Duke. Wow, way to go Suzuki thanks.

  • Spencer


    What’s a par twin please?


  • random commenter

    guys may i just say the name isnt half bad infact quite creative i guess for a learner bike it sounds odd but Gladius is actually the version of a short sword that the gladiators preferred to use and hence named after them being “gladius” its a clever name but maybe not right fitting for a learner bike. ive seen this thing up close and the price is $11,900AU which is ok i guess cause its one that would last longer than buying just a new learner bike. just thought i would say i dont mind it at all and the blue/white scheme up close does look very nice

  • barfin allovah

    worst marketing fiasco ever…..ugly ugly bike.

  • cas

    just bought a green and black one the colours are excellent in the sunshine. I’m 5ft 2″ and can reach the floor quite easily but will still get it lowered when the kits are produced. Definately needs a front fairing. excellent first big bike, very quick and nimble, very easy to handle

    • rider123

      Cas – I am looking to purchase this bike as well. What did you pay for it? Since this bike is brand new, I am not getting any help from the dealers to lower the price… any advise?

      • cas

        I paid £4600 and have just ordered a lowering kit for it from soupysperformance.com the lowering kit cost me $114.00 that includes express mail insurance and tracking, takes about 7 days for delivery, done 90 miles the other morning and it feels a great bike

        • Debb

          Cas did you have to drop the exhaust to install the soupys links? I have ordered the same ones and want to drop mine about 1″ any advise.
          Thanks Debb

          • cas

            Hiya Debb, The machanic that fitted it has to cut about10mm off of each one but he said it was easy enough.Its made the bike alot easier to handle as I’m just 5ft 2″. The exhaust didn’t need altering but i have changed it for an ixil dual one sounds great now. Ive also fitted a new givi screen , certainly gives a better ride, just coming up to 900 miles now

  • bmoremyke

    OK, I get it! the classic crowd still would like to stay in their little time warp zone of forgotten deadpan style. Yes, we understand you have the old one and never wanted to see the face of change arrive over the horizon, too bad. The world freaked when they 1st saw the Busa and then they bowed down after it burned the pants off of all in it’s wake and I know this is not a Busa either but there is always room for change. Despite the weak add! Smart people who don’t fear peer pressure can look past the add at the bike for what it really is. When i get my 2 grand me and my buell will part ways>>>>
    Because i can see the future>>>
    Suzu…… Thanks for killing the round boring light……….
    If you want a round eye buy a cruiser!!!!
    So what it has flavors!!!! You same people mad about the colors are the 1st ones to complain about not having a choice….. hey dudes man up! We change the name of everything we own anyway! (She’s my baby, betsy, hammer, etc…………..)
    The ride is all that matters…………..


  • Newt

    I frowed up im my mouf.

  • anton foxx

    Well…I guess it had to come to this sooner or later;
    Great motor/technology
    Naff styling, more naff name.
    Could never buy one, without fixing all of the cosmetics…and then it wouldn’t be worth it, would it?
    “If it aint broke, don’t fix it…”

  • Robert S. Cutty

    Yes, I have to agree with Anton Foxx on this one;
    Styling is terrible; don’t like headlight, exhaust,
    side covers.
    It just looks tacky wannabe to me.
    Would be a ‘night bike’ only…wouldn’t want anyone seeing me in the daytime, lol.
    Sorry Suzuki, you’re trying just a little too hard with this one.
    Time will tell I guess; I’ve had all the time I need already.

  • bw

    Love it! Sweet looking bike… had 15 mototorcycles and would consider this bike I am a guy 5’6″ with out ego no need more power I get enough tickets anyway here in Colorado USA
    Good practical performance commuter and fun for light touring.

  • Jay

    I just sold my o2 Buell Cyclone M2 1200cc this year. I am planning to replace it with Gladius. I was surprised when I read this thread all the negativity with the Gladius. I just have one question.

    I am 5’6″ and was tired of tippy toeing on my Buell all the time. I live near NYC so stopping and going is an every 30-40 second experience for me. I like the naked look and head and really could care a less what the head light looks like as long as I can see to dodge the pot holes in Newark, NJ at night. The Buell was my first bike.

    My question is: I am looking for a commuter bike with at least average pick up for sport bikes from 0 to 100mph, that I can master leaning and defensive maneuvering on before I buy my Harley Softail, Suzuki Hayabusa, and Honda Goldwing. Do you think this bike will suffice? Any thoughts?


  • bw

    Sits plenty low and comfortable for me in the show room I am 5″6″ male. Shure it has plenty of power as long as people know how to ride it – just twist the right hand and it will go as much as you want. I had an naked Suzuki 2002 SV 650 which was great bike. Now have an 05 Yamaha FZ6 also great bike. Also had a 04 919 Honda also in the past. U C I like the naked bikes.

  • 99legend

    I’m just glad there is a standard bike that isn’t just a sport bike with half the farings removed, cheaper suspension, and a dicontinued inline four that has been “retuned” for low end torque coming from the big four. Looks like a heck of a lot of fun at a reasonable price to me.

  • mr_fluffi

    Hello ladies.well metrosexual has become old hat,now u have to be shemale to be chic.what a pathetic unconnected wank this advert is.I dont know who does their marketing but gee it solves the mystery of alien presence as this is clearly not of this universe.
    If any real motorcyclist saw any pantie wearing tosspot acting the way the adds suggest he would without a doubt give him one where the sun dont shine.I am almost speechless and dont even know where to start.Be warned anyone who buys this bike after this add risks an eternity of laughter from all and denial of any blood link with members of family,
    this bike and its associated campaign is so gay it would even offend Liberace..I have been riding motorcycles for more lifetime than probably anyone in here and all i can say is i am glad i will die soon(and i imagine the scooter riders are applauding)as motorcycling has degenerated to a level where degenerates like my self hang their heads in shame.Normally i would say get a grip blokes but i realise thats the problem.to many people in motorcycle related areas need to loosen their grip as its limiting the blood flow to their masculinity.I shall look forward to the real motorcyclists offering their support
    Love and kisses

  • ck

    I saw the SFV650K9 aka Gladius at the Chicago Motorcycle Show in Feb09. When they were available- I bought it (the all black scheme). I needed a standard and this Suzuki fits the bill.

    This is replacing my 2001 SV650 and the newer SFV handles just as smooth, if not smoother. It gets speed up very quickly and it is very responsive to what the road brings my way.

    I only have had it for a couple of weeks and with only 500-some miles under me – there is more to discover and to learn.

    This bike has the potential to be a great commuter and a long distance rider (will know more on this when we do our first 1000 mile road trip in June).

    Issues- the wind screen is on backorder (till 08/09), seems that Suzuki rolled out the bike without accessories in stock. Also I agree with some of the reviewers – the seat design is terrible (that is on back order as well).

    Our other bikes are a 2001ST Ducati & a 2006 SV650 – the SFV is beginning to get its own groove with the road. Looking forward to my next 1000 miles.

    Finally, I refer to it as the SFV650. Just cannot get behind the “g” name given to it by their marketing staff.


  • fulton

    I think it’s a great shame they have taken a great
    standard bike like the SV, and dressed it up in such gheyness…It’s just too ghey to own. I have no reservations about its performance/handling; I’m certain it goes very well, but why such ‘casiotone’ styling? This ruins an otherwise great bike.
    Gladdius=saddious. Dave above is right.

  • tim

    the gladius looks like crap. the sv650 and 650s are a style of its own now the gladius looks like a damn buell.


    Very nice looking bike. Does anyone know if there is available windscreens, OEM or aftermarket? thanks.

  • bobharly

    I’m new to riding and here in the US market finding a desirable standard bike is no easy task as a beginner. My first impression of the Gladius, after having seen all the love for the sv650, was that it was a clever marketing placement targeted towards newer riders with an Euro enthusiast market. I dismissed the bike from my wish list as it looked awkward in photos and receives little love online, until yesterday. While looking at and sitting on several different bikes at the local dealer, I spotted a standard in the back of the showroom all in black. It was a Gladius, and while black is not my first choice of color (I like red), I was amazed at how much better it looks in real life! Sat on it and it felt great! The bike also felt light and easy to balance on. I really liked it. Then I sat on a GSX650F to compare, and that bike you could FEEL the extra weight when mounting up (not to knock it, but not for me). Also sat on a Kawi Versys, and it felt much heavier, even though it really isn’t (It’s just taller). I’d like to see a blue & white one now, but I think that the multicolored variants are just “too busy”. Monoblack brings out the curves just fine, and made a very good first impression. I just wish the frame was highlighted in silver to match the rest of the components. This bike is in my top two for my first bike pick (the other is a Ninja 650r, which is very nice, but different with the fairing). It will be a hard decision.

    As for the bike being labeled “ghey” and being associated with a misconceived ad campaign, I think that is nonsense. Riding a bike is as much about the ride as it is a personal expression of the personality of the rider. I find that many of the post I read are plagued with overly strong opinions one way or the other, with little representation of the average person. If I buy this bike, my wife, friends, coworkers and anyone else I meet on the street (and who know nothing about the ad campaign or of these blogs) will find the bike modern and attractive, showering it with compliments. For example, I bought a 2004 Pontiac GTO, which “professional reviews” labeled as bland styling. Everyone I know loves my car and thinks it is beautiful and stylish. Attractiveness and Style are subjective to the audience. Who are you going to be seen by?! Think about it and decide for yourself, and go LOOK and SIT on one for a real opinion.

    As for aftermarket OEM goes, they have a thicker seat, a small windscreen, tank cover and some carbon fiber stickers. Someone here already mentioned that the windscreens are backordered.

    My final thought on this bike: If they offered ABS brakes, even at an additional cost, it would a slam dunk.

  • josh

    Personally, i welcome the strong comments about the bike; after all, what does it matter? People seem to be getting quite agitated with various comments.
    Why worry about it if someone thinks it sucks, but you love it? Is it about them or you if you buy one?
    Of course, looks are very important; if we all thought the look of ferraris sucked, no one would by them, and Ferrari would either go out of business, or radically change their cars’ looks to something more appealing. it’s the same for Suzuki. If it’s a poor seller, things will change in the next model.
    Now…get back to riding whatever you ride!

  • Mitch

    Took a demo ride 2 weeks ago.

    It is very twitchy. Meaning it surges forward with very little twist,
    yet engine breaking hauls you way down the moment you let go,
    in all gears at all speeds.

    It was not too bad after you hit 60mph. I deem it a fun bike if in the twistys, would be fun on a track, but for stop and go city riding it SUCKS.

    Of course with no shield it was NOT fun at 90.

    The 650 puts out a surprising amount of power, not sure I would call this bike entry level.

    The Gladius website is DREADFUL!!

    The people that the website might appeal to, would never ride a motorcycle dressed as such, or even at all.

    The colour schemes ?? Black is OK. I like the tone of the green but not the application. I demo’d the Blue/White … bla

    All in all, I would never buy one. For a ‘naked’ bike I’ll stick to my KZ650.

  • ville

    wattehell, everybody dissing new suzuki!? it might be poorly marketed bike, give you that, but it`s large enough for any speeds, reliable (suzuki), and alot of fun!
    if there are any bikers out there who seeks something else from their bikes then hell.
    it takes ghey to know one.

  • meal ticket

    It makes me sick reading all this CRAP! You guys can take your “I am just too manly for this bike” bullshit and stick it up your ass. I will tell you what is GAY — thinking that your motorcycle makes you a MAN. Oh my gosh…”look at me, look at me, my motorcycle is so loud and manly, and….black” When I ride by, everyone just stop and LOOK AT ME!!! I AM SO COOL! I think this is a perfectly fine motorcycle for anyone, especially a beginner/novice.

    • cornboy

      Yeah I agree its perfectly fine . To get you where you want to go, but its GHEY!

  • Chris

    Nice. 97 comments and maybe 7 of them useful.

  • Raúl Vicente

    It can only be a good bike, with the V and the frame. I own a naked SV650 and I’m just sad that Suzuki stopped it. Maybe they have no size to produce these two models at the same time… They are obviously pointed to two different targets. Thing is, I bought my SV and it remains 100% stock. I love it that way. Not so with the Gladius, because I would spend a bit of money turning it into something more to my liking. Times change, so do motorcycles. Fortunately, my SV seems to last forever!

  • http://gladius Eric

    say what you will about the gladius. take it from someone that has the gladius plus the 09 zx10R and the 09 R1. the gladius is pure joy to ride! i have done 180mph on my r1 so i’m not such a panzy on a bike. the seat of the gladius is the only gripe. the upgrade seat is a must if you tote a set of nads! i’ve also owned a 2000 R1 and the 08 FZ6 and i think that the gladius is smoother and almost as fast the Fz6.

  • anotherdeb

    I sat on one today. Great feel and fit for my 5’6″ height and short upper body. It has a low center of gravity, narrow seat, feels very balanced, my feet touch the ground without tipping to one side, and it can be ridden in an upright position. My husband is 6’1″ and looks a little cramped on it, but then you should see him on my TU250x. I sat on a SV650F and had to lean forward to reach the grips–a riding style I don’t want to have to ride in. I am a newish rider ready to step up from my 250. This may be the one. By the way, my very manly husband likes the look (especially the sperm headlight LOL), which is interesting because he’s a real fan of retro styling and rides a Triumph Bonneville. So ignore Suzuki’s ads and the name as lame, but don’t dismiss the bike as so. I’ll be test riding tomorrow (in black). If it’s fun and I believe it will stay that way for some time to come, I’m pretty sure it will come home with me. Rodent name, sperm headlight, and all!

  • Wilson from Australia

    I’m not a fan of the colour schemes or the sperm headlight. But apart from that, the bike makes sense for me as I’m rather short and I want fuel economy.

    I understand why people may think it’s gay-looking, but at the end of the day, I see ‘cool’ dudes with pretty girlfriends walking around with pink shirts, too-low-cut singlets, metro-styled hair… makes me feel fine riding the Gladius.

    I’m fine with the extra weight as long as it is kept low. There seems to be confusion between the dry weight of SV650 and wet weight of SFV650. I think the difference between the two on the road is probably closer to 10-20kg (The SFV being heavier). That’s a guess though. Not really much of a difference if your looking at non-high performance bikes.

  • Steve

    What is everyone talking about? This bike looks dead up like the ducati monster and a better and lower engine to the ground than the older sv650′s. The only reason i can see these people objecting to this bikes looks and specs is because this bike is geared towards a younger and newer generation…. I admit some of the colors they put in those pictures make it look like a girl bike, but wouldnt a ducati that is colored pink? This is the future and for you dinosaurs on your typical kawasaki ninjas if you can’t accept that then keep living in the past. Looks like a ducati and runs better than the older sv650′s…….. whats the problem again?

  • John

    I’m not sure what the bitching is all about?
    The color? The headlight? I bought the bike in white and blue brand new for 5600$. I can paint the damn thing flat black for 200 bucks if I cared.
    The price is a steal IMO for a bike that while a bit heavy can still take a doughnut eater like me from 0 to 60 in a blink.
    Do I care if it can do it in 2.8 seconds or 3.8 seconds? I don’t have time to count while riding it.
    This bike was a steal and I will never regret it unless the wheels pop off of it and kills me.
    Budget bike for anyone gay or nay gay.
    PS: those of you with stupid neon lights all over the bike as if you like riding a christmas tree shouldnt question the gheyness of this bike because I’m sure you can manage to make any bike look gay and by God you sure do.