2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000: 191bhp, 87lb/ft, 167kg

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2009_GSX-R1000_pr-01.jpgThe 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is here and its lighter, shorter, more powerful and faster than ever.

Update: Press shots, features, specs and analysis after the jump.
Engine: 60mm shorter from front to rear. Over-square with a bore of 74.5mm and a stroke of 57.3mm. Compression ratio increased from 12.5 to 12.8:1. Suzuki claims increased tuning potential.Valves are larger and titanium, the pistons are forged and the conrods are shot-peened. The Drive Mode selector is now located on the left handlebar and offers three power delivery maps. A slipper clutch keeps everything in line while slowing down.
Exhaust: Swoopy titanium cans replace the chunky old ones. We like these very much.

Suspension: 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R-style Show Big Piston Front (BPF) forks. They’re supposed to be lighter, stronger and give better feedback. The rear shock has rebound damping, a collar preload adjuster and high- and low-speed compression damping adjustment.

2009_GSX-R1000_pr-05.jpgBrakes: 310mm front discs with monoblock calipers.

2009_GSX-R1000_pr-10.jpgRider comfort: The fairing has been designed to reduce turbulence, while the footpegs are adjustable.
2009_GSX-R1000_pr-06.jpgOverall: A little faster, a little lighter, a little more powerful and a little smaller than before. But these are evolutionary, not revolutionary changes. The 2009 Yamaha R1 has its crossplane crankshaft. The 2009 Honda CBR1000RR has ABS. Like GSX-R1000s before it, we’re sure this new one is a masterpiece of engineering, but will it compete in showrooms with flashier bikes?
2009_GSX-R1000_clocks.jpgNote: Colors shown are Euro-spec only. US colors will be released Monday.

  • Mitch

    I gotta say – I really like the look! I’m not sure about the exhaust yet (like them from the side, but too wide from the top/back?) but among the new liter bikes, this one stands head and shoulders above the others in the looks department. Are these all the colors?

    • Morgan

      I love the look of the 09 and the shortened wheelbase however besides the weight factor how much more performance will the new titanium pistons have to offer?? I own the 2007 1000 and i love every second spent on the bike(have yet to be beaten by ANY other liter bike including the 2008 lineup of the liter bikes) but am curious about the performance and ride of the 09 seeing as the 08′s are essentially the same as the 07′s.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Mitch: Thanks for reminding me. Colors shown are Euro-spec only. Suzuki USA will be announcing colors and pricing on Monday.

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    That white with gold rims looks great! I agree with Mitch though, not totally sold on the pipes yet.


  • ep

    Very nice. No one else is doing that with the pipes. I like it!

    When BMW announced a 190/190 weight-to-power ratio that sounded really impressive. Leave it to Suzuki to make beat them by almost 29 pounds.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Bear in mind that that figure is dry weight, ready-to-ride with a full tank of fuel is 203kg. The Aprilia RSV4 is 190kg with a full tank.

  • ep

    Yeah, I just realized that was probably a dry weight figure. Dunno where I came up with 29lbs either. Carry on.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Nothing to see here folks, move along.

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  • Alex

    All i can say is i cant wait till they reach the showrooms i like the exhaust too a lot better than all the others.

  • george

    This is a really ugly bike, why do Suzuki make their litre bikes uglier than than the 750 or 600 shape? Maybe the guy who thinks this bike looks good should kick his his seeing eye dog. The Fireblade looks worse but at least Honda make the complete package work. The Yamaha R1 isnt as pretty as the superseded 2007-08 but will have some incredible technology and atleast the tech details appear to be groundbreaking. But as usuall Suzuki keep trying to make lighter more powerful bikes without addressing the inherint problem of addressing the stock front end nervousness.

    • Jared

      George you must be on crack! Since when have Suzuki had a nervous front end? Perhaps you meant yamaha? The Yamaha’s are known for it as they lean more towards a fast steering race setup, the Suzuki’s and Honda’s are known for there planted front ends, Suzuki can feel a little vague at times but nervous they ain’t. Yamaha has just changed to big bang tuning, not a major leap forward just a way to find better power delivery, at least the gsxr has adopted the new Big Piston Fork setup. I do agree on one thing though the 750 and 600 gsxr is a better looking rig than the 1000.

    • suzuki K9 Fan get owned!!

      dude the R1 is ugliest by far and has a big fat ass..the day they released the R1 was the sadest day of stylin for yamaha.. and whatever bike you ride probably has chicken strips fag

  • thomasxxxx

    I am shocked to see how ugly this bike is. I am gsxr guy eversince i was 21, i m 34 now, but this must be the ugliest one yet. Love engine figures, only Suzuki could have done it . Not sure what i m going to do, wanted one desperately, now not sure.I might keep K7 though.

  • v

    ugly but..if it’s anything like the previous generations..it should be a blast to ride

    and i don’t get honda..abs in sportbikes?it adds 10 kilos to the weight and i suspect that a great deal of it is unsprung weight…sportriders want traction control and a slipper cluch not bloddy abs

    • mike

      I have read reports (from guys who state flat out that ABs slows them down), that this ABS is as fast as them in teh dry, and faster than them in the wet.

      Expect honda to dominate the wet races next year.

  • http://www.thechickwhisperer.com Scot McKay

    Nice cans.

  • Justin

    I think the looks are to be expected. Suzuki made small changes to the same ares that the have changed in the last generations, some people like the looks and some don’t. One thing about a Suzuki and I’m sure anyone who has owned one in the last few years can tell you they seem to inspire more confidence in the rider than anything else. They are smooth on the streets and I’m no AMA rider but given their impressive records on the track they must have it down there too. Like the looks or not I’m sure this bike will dominate its competitors.

    • ROBERT F

      My very first motorcycle was a 2005 GSXR 600. I learned to ride on that bike and it brought me to a level of keeping up with guys that had bikes their whole lives. I only had it for 7mo but never droped it and as many times as Got chased by the po’s I never got a tick. Yha, gixers are confidence inspiring and I am most defenetly geting this one, new. Love the cans and the looks. I wont be selling this one for a long time.

  • juan

    just saw these pics and i like the way Suzuki went with this. they and i already have the best liter bike out there so they just made improvements in areas where the saw fit. i’m stoked on the looks and performance figures. while Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha are making ugly bikes, Suzuki is giving us the total package. By the way congratulations to Valentino Rossi the “DOCTOR” MOTOGP Champion!!!!

  • bigq

    suzuki needs to get rid of sdms.the gsxr needs traction control,and a fuel gauge.Like the new pipes.

  • calvin

    no i think suzuki could do better with the 2009 bike. and i’m not talking about the specs. butt just the looks. it’s to much like the old bike….i think.
    it’s not an ugly bike far from that butt they could do better.dough it looks better then te zx-10r and i think the honda.
    butt yamaha is on top with the looks. it always has

  • FFix

    I’m sure it’s an astonishing piece of engineering, but sorry folks… in my opinion, this is one ugly mofo. I’ve loved every GSX-R since the early 90′s when they looked like high-tech Adidas running shoes with wheels. The exhausts on this beast are an aesthetic disaster. If you buy one, your friends will laugh at you.

  • B-Proof

    Not sure about that….yamaha had the gsxr on looks a few years back but i dont like the little changes that they made to the R1 this year…and the Honda is just well no words for that…but I am hating the fact that the White 09 will not be available out here….thats a work of art…I will be trading in my K7.

  • George

    Is it me guys or does this bike look like a tarted up Thunderace? I think the new Aprilia will be the shit and may be the one to watch. It’s all relative I suppose. I do track days every fortnight and even when i think Im doin well, some VFR 400 will show everybody that horsepower means absolutely F**k all when your on the pipe and into the corner. In the end it all comes down to “what colour do you have this in?” But this Gixxer is as ugly as a rottweiller with a mouth full of wasps.

  • Gix Fetish

    Well, you can probably tell by my name that I am a Gixxer fanatic. I have a 05 Gixxer 1000 and I think the 07 and 08 1000 was kind of ugly. But this thing rocks hard. So damn sweet! Out of all the liter bikes, Suzuki remains different and unique and everyone else just trips over each others design cues and styling. Suzuki has the best looks, colours, styling and still created the segment of racer replica like we know it today. If you are saying that this new gixxer is ugly and you like the look of the new R1 or Honda, you obviously must like girls who fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down and run about a deuce, deuce and a half maybe because your ideas of looks is way off. The gixxer will always be king and the other liter bikes, the village idiots. Oh by the way, what happened to underseat exhaust that never made any sense? Suzuki never got on board on that fad train like the others. The fellow that said your buddies will be laughing at you if you got this new gixxer. Who will be laughing when the Honda, Kawi and Yammy are left in the dust and losing in every magazine comparo out there.

    • GS

      AMEN BROTHA!!!

    • zahid

      i like your comments. like u i am a gixxer fanatic too and ride a gixxer 1000 k5.

    • oneflyline


      seriously? wake up and smell the fresh air,i’ve been a gixer fan ever since i started with bikes and racing. But the last few models they have produced are uglier than a hat full of asswholes. And 192hp doesn’t mean shit if you dont have the rest to go with it, the honda looks shit too but it has the performance to back it up. the R1 shits all over them even its power is 10hp less than the gixer it has f#@k loads more torque and what do you think counts more on a race track where is has maybe one or to straights where the gixer could possibly exploit its power advantage? On top of that have you heard an 09 R1 the note from that thing is heaven because of its crossplane crankshaft! And its perfrmance dominates evrything else. I’m sorry guys but the R1 leves evrything else needing to catch up.

  • Soly Nath


  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforum.com isaac

    Wow, I think Suzuki has made a large improvement looks wise! And a 191hp at the crank too. I guess this means we can see 166+ at the wheel. And you couple that with some light weight magnesium or some super sweet BST carbon fiber wheels you could get around, Id’ say, 175+ at the wheel. I love the tail design. It really out does the Duc’s tail.

  • elliott holmes JR

    WOW!!!!love how the new gixxer is looking, what a aggressive look it has.
    Both suzuki had honda bikes both look nice and i like both of there looks.and to have a 1000cc with the hp that equals to a hyper bike is amazing.

    • Tim

      Ive got the k7 1000 and I have some bts carbons on it.I tryed to get some info to see if they will fit the k9 ive got on order have any of you got any thourts on it

      • Yorgo

        nothing of the oldest models fits on the k9 it has its own character and parts, u gotta be sure that u get the K9′s parts bro.

        • Tim

          thanks for that ive had my scorpions fitted with a little work at the shop my pazzo’s break will fit cluch won’t my front BST carbon will fit the back won’t(its on ebay) as its 8mm to wide

  • SpeedNut

    I’m a suzuki guy, so no one should diss me about hondas and yamahas after reading my post.

    I’m really sorry guys, but this bike does not look good. the color strip on the side of the bike (under the air intakes) looks out of place and like it was just smacked on there, the side fairing looks like that of the 07 and 06 melted together, the cut where the clutch cover is looks like it was hacked out with a machette, the curve of the exhaust does not like up or fit in with any of the straight lines of the back of the bike, the headlights are a funny alteration of the 08 750s (which didnt look good to start with). i really dont know what got into suzuki this year.

    I honestly was hoping they would bring out a bike that would make people trade in their 07s… but i dont think this will do it.. i really wanted to upgrade my 06 Gixxer 750, but ALL the liter bikes from 08 upwards (including our cross-eyed racoon r1) are aesthetics accidents. I’m gonna go test ride the 07/08 R1 and see what that rides like. An extra 5hp or less 5kg and reaching 300km/h 2 seconds earlier once every week is not a reason to buy a new ugly bike..

  • bhowell

    I thk the new 09 gixxer 1000 is one of the best liter bikes made by suzuki so far! the power to weight ratio is insane and its by far the best looking 1000 out there. I presently own an 06 750 gixxer and will be getting the new 09 1000 as soon as it hits my local dealer. this machine looks so sleak like it could almost take flight! suzuki is the leader in the sportbike industry hands down

  • V. Monterroso

    love the cockpit. Maybe a fender eliminator kit and four into one exhaust would bring it out a little more, but overall i like the bike

  • caveman357

    its kinda ugly. the zx10 is a waay better bike though. gsxr’s are made for little girls

    • robbyb

      spoken like a true idiot, KUDOS 2 U, Come out of the cave.

      • robbyb

        IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!!

  • John

    Does it have hydraulic clutch? I will buy it for my wife cuz I am sick and tired to get back home from work and find out that my bike is not in garage.She likes ride my gsxr1000 k7 so I think she will like new k9.

  • ziko cvijic

    that good bike
    suzuki way for life

  • nikhil

    Its an marvallous bike, having unbeatable qualities i.e ultimate look, dynamic performance. Thanks for such good thing getting in this space.

  • kazamakingbeaston

    yeah sexy bike like the looks good change befour our century hits double digits the looks drag from the compitition n im sure it will dominate . ben spies will love it . and hell im twenty n buyin three when they come out hell better then buyin a kawasuki chick bike haha it true stats but it depends on rider to see what bike is best n i think everyone who goes home with this will smile all year till next models . suzuki keep it up pull urself out of the crowed n keep showen buyers n racers a new revolution era of bikes with pure thurobred machine blood haha peace

  • Mitch W

    I still believe that the 06 GSXR1000 is still the best liter bike ever built.

  • http://N/A Adriaan

    Nice lines. Pity about the white one. I’ve got a white K8, and that’s the most beautiful production bike ever built. Yes, we all like our own bikes best, but the K9 is definately not the prettiest one yet. STRIP THE PIPES! No 4 to 1, two Yoshis will look super!

  • Stephen Loomes

    I have the dark grey K6 with the single titanium pipe. I was disappointed with the K7 and K8 because they were heavier, but with the same motor and nothing more to offer. Unlike the K5/6 they didn’t win the superbike races either. Now with the compulsory emission rules in the EU this new bike still has two pipes instead of a 4 into 1, although they have lashed out and used titanium instead of aluminium and stainless steel. The new dry weight is almost back down to that of a K5/6. What I want to know is if I buy one will it be any better than what I’ve got already, which to me is as close to perfect as an 1000 sportsbike has ever been.

  • Mitch W

    I have buddies at the suzuki dealership that still think the 05-06 1000 is the better bike.because of its less weight. And the looks no suzuki looks that good. Idont have one but looking at purchacing one. and the 05-06 did win the literbike chalage them years.

  • peter moore

    i think the best gsxr 1000 was the k3 i owned one for 4 years and got rid of it for my new k8, i still think the k3 is a faster bike than the k8.

  • Sean Black

    I like it and will definately be purchasing one for the 2009 race season.
    Sean Black

  • curiousG

    Guys, I just had a chance to see and sit on this thing 2 days ago and I must say that it looks waaay better in person. The most noticeable difference being the overall size and feel, almost like a 600 with a higher tail. By the way, the pipes are kinda bulky looking but who runs stock exhaust nowadays? I loved the large Showa forks and the new digital dash. Can’t wait to ride one! Should I trade in my beloved K6 750 fully modded??

  • pat

    i love it

  • steve

    looks pretty good and i like the motor to but not the bulky muffler but thats easy to change and i dont like the bat signal on the front either

  • Swagger Jack

    Really Hot! I really like the white bike with the gold finished wheels. I will be getting one asap.

  • sinisa

    looks sick

  • Danimal

    The 05 06 1000 is the meaning of life and love suzuki for giving us bikes that would be worth a 100k if you wanted these machines 7 years ago for personal use. track to street trickles down so fast these days. i do miss real fuel tanks!

  • GSXRTwooo7

    Oh the agony. I love my K7; but I think this new girl is so sexy. She appears slimmer;more fit. I feel so unfaithful. Maybe just a test affair, I mean ride, will cure my lust.

  • jace

    wait till u see the gsxr 1000 k9 and not a pic its way better than the rest bodywork design is way better than the competition this is one BAAD AAAS looking bike ,not digging the new CBR at all , i see they still using that front end straight of an NSR 125 or a 1999 ZX6 , and the backend did they get piles and just cop out onnit no design thought at all no cuts no nice lines plain boring it also looks like it was borrowed from a 1999 zx6 on a diet , think ill be going for the new gsxr k9 1000 great looking bike at least there is some thought put into the bodywork nice lines and cuts racey looking.as for the R1 the rear end is like a BMW enduro bike with them stupid cans and protectors below the subframe they got everything hanging in there apart from the kitchen sink.

    TT production class winners remember the gsxr 600/1000 by a country mile

  • Denis

    i think this bike wil turn out to be suzukis 999. im sure some people will try and find a way to love it(the gsxr die hard fans). but i think most will agree this gsxr is about as atractive as my nan. and shes no NILF. For me the best looking gsxr was the K5 and the K6. Not a big fan of the new R1 either to be honest.

  • Gsxr King

    Sorry all of you out there who do not like the new bike but this bike is a work of art . I have a Gsxr 1000 2005 and the 2007-2008 did nothing for me ,but the new bike is the only one that makes me trade my 2005 in for . Plus look at the AMA track races for the last nine years and see what bike was on the top for most of those years. The new R-1 is the new ugly pig , it may have been a better looking bike in the past but it still was not able to hang with the Gsxr , so you guys can buy your R-1 you will just have a ugly slow 1000 , We all know that the only true 1000 out there is the Gsxr 1000.

  • Speed Racer[Tom]

    i like the bike to a certain extent. the exhaust looks like two bananas just got stuck on a bike. the white/gold rims looks really good. the other paint jobs don’t look bad, but not good looking. besides, anyways you could put different exhausts on it. it wouldn’t look so bad after that. all in all, not too shaby. could be better though…

  • Grant

    Not to convinced with the 09 , Granted you cant make a proper assesment just by looking at a photo . I ride a k7 750 with a R55 Yoshi system and i love this bike . the pipes dont look good , its supposed to be a super bike sleak and sexy but these pipes dont do the bike justice at all . have a look at http://www.motocyclismo.es they have come up with a concept gsxr and it looks totally sick , suzuki should take some tips from these guys . cant believe how many people on this forum dont like this bike . anyway i am a die hard suzuki fan so i will wait till i have seen it in the flesh , and besides the cans will get hoofed anyway .

  • Tristan

    I LOVE my K5, but the K9 looks good. Instrument panel looks diffrent, hate the pipes (French horns)

  • turbo 929

    Suzuki has been the top 1000 since 2001 and all other liter bikes just follow..Yo Kawasaki clonies when is the ZX10 ever going to win a championship?I see that Kamasaki is quitting again in Moto GP.Ben Spies owns ZX10S and it all starts with the Gixxer..

    • Jay

      +1. I bought me a new K8 Gixxer 1k (white n silver) and absolutely love her! SUZUKI RULES! PERIOD!

  • glenn

    I have been waiting to get the 1000 for about 7yrs now. Brother has a 2002 and i fell in love with it. As soon as i saw the new 2009′s, i had to make my move. My 2008 is black, beautiful and sitting in the garage right now. As far as the pipe issue, Man get you a single sided yoshi and call it a day.

  • ahmad hamideh

    we are in february 2009 and there is not even one dealer in the u s or enywhere in the world that has the gxer in their show room for sale??? is suzuki having a problem???

  • patrick

    who the hell came up with the exhaust. to me this is an ugly bike. havent rode it yet bout i would not buy it.

  • Gary

    Yes its an unreal looking machine. I have A K6 and love it. Dont like the twin mufflers on the new ones. They need to go back to a single one.

  • Spike Turgeon

    This bike is going to be insane. Hopefully my dad will get one ahahaha! This thing has the sweetest engine, and i defintiely think this exhaust is way good. This bike will be making great sales!

  • hakan

    number one suzuki gsxr1000 k 9

  • George ZX 10

    The 09 still looks the same as 07/08 model,but i do like it.Tipical from Suzuki to claim those numbers,same as on the 08 busa.On the road with staight line speed it always get eaten by the zx10 and Busa by zx 14.

  • coert steenberg

    like the new bike ,cant afford it ,would deffinitely upgraded my K5/yello&black for right price !

  • Stereo Mike


    Just picked up my 09, K9, and can’t quite believe this thing is legal for the street. I was in 4th gear, looked down, and the speedo said 205. The power is so smooth…silky smooth that you don’t realize how fast you’re going. Better be careful of my license! On board mapping for when you do have to hit the hwy’s is a great feature…taken from F1 technology. The exhaust, I hated it when I first seen it, but man, does it ever grow on you. I had a full Yosh ordered – and cancelled it. It looks so mean from the rear! Smooth, sleek, crazy fast, you really have to see it up close to appreciate all the lines and detail. Two thumbs up from this proud owner.

  • Yorgo

    Mmm!! where do i start, I got myself the K9 1000 12 days ago, it took me a few hours to get along with it and learn it well, I will say i was an R1 owner and fanatic and the truth is that I have shifted from that status to GSXR fanatic, it wasn’t easy but not hard also, the mode thing is great, power commander is not needed, u control the strength and all by changing the modes, it is so true that when u go from B mode which i will refer as medium power of the engine on low rev and maximum power on highs, it is SOOO obvious that the bike changes alot, u can feel the strengh on that tire and it realy turns you on, u realy CAN’T ask for more till u get used to what it has to offer… Handling? a baby can drive it, it is so easy to handle.

  • Mike

    You ought to ride this bike because it is very smooth. You will get comments from foes and friends alike. I’m beginning to like its electronic steering damper even better than the manual Ohlins on ZX10 R or 1098 S, this thing is smooth in steering! It fits like a sock. Blue/white/silver is pretty. The exhaust? It makes the bike look curvaceous, even sexy!

  • Tommy T

    Ive had a 2005 gsxr 750, 2006 gsxr 1000, 2007 zx10r with 189 HP to the rear wheel, and then an 08 gsxr 1000, and each year the gsxr just got better and better and i couldnt compare it to the ZX10 it was WAY better to ride in my opinion. now i just bought a 2009 gsxr 1000 blue and white and im expecting it to be even better with all the new changes they have made, i wouldnt expect n e thing less then that from suzuki, they ROCK !!!

  • Tommy T

    Oh yeah and ive tracked all of them but the 750 and the GSXR is WAY more stable in the corners then the kawi.
    wonderful bikes cant wait to get on the 09

  • Damos

    Probably the most sexiest bike i have ever seen other than the ducati, however alot cheaper…. pity about the stock exhaust, however duel pipe looks tough, as long as you modify yourself. I feel it just has to grow on people, as have other models. I have great expectation on suzuki’s future caint wait to ride the animal!!!!

  • nikki

    millzy where is ya comment?????????????????????

  • sam




  • Wolfman

    I am surprised no mention has gone to the new riding position. I thought it was worth mentioning that when I sit on the bike, the position is more neutral and I don’t feel all my weight is loaded on my wrists. Last year the 08, had a more aggressive riding position. I will state I am 6’2 and 200lbs and this change is welcome. Lastly the bike comes in red/black in canada. What a sexy looking sweet bike. I will agree that its angular look and wickedly mean ergos do not blend well with the exhaust, but I am impressed with the titanium pipes. I usually ride em stock and do not strap on the “notice me pipe.”

  • Bluenote

    yes I like it , but I don’t personally feel that it’s something to trade my ’04 in for , at least not for a street environment.

    And to the guy claiming 205 mph in fourth gear……yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhright. It doesn’t produce the rear wheel horsepower necessary to achieve 200 plus mph ,look for it to run right to the 300 kph ( 186 mph) limit that all the factories are currently observing.

    I’ll reserve final opinion until I ride one ,but as I stated I’m happy with my lightly modded ’04 GSXR1000 , it’s fast enough for anyone without little knobby glandular growths along their spine and plenty fast enough for the street.

  • Mike

    I have just passed the 2000 miles mark on my ’09 blue/white Gixxer 1000 and am pleased to report that it is worth every penny i spent on it. The machine is deceptively easy to navigate in terms of its capacity to spit fire monstrous amounts of power. It is NOT a beginner’s bike. My only suggestion to anyone with any bike is to get really used to the brakes at the speeds you use on an open road with no one behind you. Especially the FRONT BRAKE.

  • wes

    i think this bike is very ugly the best lookin year was the 2006 gsxr 1000

  • http://ebookict.com ebookict.com

    it’s wonderful,.. share for me picture about it if you have,.. thankS

  • Ronnie

    I love & my B/white will be tomorrow or wed.

  • Ronnie

    Dam…I can;t wait sold my o7 (orange) a couple months ago so I’m about to bust to a nut waiting.:) Going factory the blue & white, I have never had the factor colors but they pop better than the others. :)

  • Tom

    Pictures don’t do justice at all!

    When I first saw the k9 I had similar thoughts…
    “Wow it’s so fucking ugly!!” …till I saw one in real life with a full Yoshi single side slung and a cleaned up rear. It’s probably one of the hottest bikes I’ve ever seen.

    The quality of the fairings are incredible, that is to say they don’t look “plastic” at all but more metallic, alloy, as if they were beaten from magnesium or aluminium!

    There’s just so much more detail you’ll pick up once you see it in person, close up. The instrument cluster is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive and aesthetically appealing compared to all the other 2009 thous.

  • Mike

    I’ve got to admit that every quote above is more accurate than not for this ’09 beauty. Winter has started to set in around here but I am grateful for close to 4000 quality miles on my K9. I did install the GPR stabilizer simply because the electronic one does not kick in at lower speeds where I like to play a little with the bike.

  • http://www.bmwplanetpower.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/s1000rr.pdf Barry

    I am not sure about this bike, I ride an 03 GSXR 1000 lightly modded and love it will not trade it in on this one. Just don’t feel comfortable on this bike at all. Looking at the BMW 1000 that puts out 193hp…wow…I love Suzuki, however I will be looking at this bike, a little heavy at 449lbs but will look at it.

  • jason

    the silencers are made shitty so ppl will buy aftermarket ones, but thats not going to help the skinny ass tail plastics,or the front shape /design of the fairing,and light
    japan is really fucking up all the designs ,with there origami style shit,this is what we have to choose from they can keep all of them until there are better designs out
    all the bikes are suffering because of it

    im going british ,or italian because of it

  • Jason South Africa

    Hi all

    I have always been a Yamaha guy, but until I owned a K4 1000, I have never looked back. It might not be as nimble and powerful as the new bikes, but it was rock solid and could wheelie her up to 240km/h no problem. i now own a K7 and must say I was a little disappointed in the stability at high speed. If I bring the front down over 200 I totally shit myself. It is a lot lighter and more powerful, but only after I dropped the cat, changed the pipes, changed the filter and fitted a power commander. I reached 184 Hp on the dyno. Too much to handle though, but fun

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    Can someone tell me how to know when you update the information on your website? I don’t want to have to remember to come back all the time. Someone said something about a feed? I don’t know what that is. Thank You

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    please i need to buy suzuki gsx-r 1000 used at neer time

  • Delagos

    Yeah, ok. So I’ve owned yamahas my whole life. R6 then r1. But recently I bought a 09 gixxer 1000. WOW!!!!
    What a bike!!! Looks took a bit to get used to but after a fender eliminator and a mgp growler single outlet. I’m am hooked like a dope fiend. Just smoked a r1 last night. This bike is a beast, trust me. Better riding position, Showa bpf, nice four fairing set up and damn near as nimble as my r6. Oh, and did your yammer come with a paint scheme matched hard cowl? My gixxer did. Come on now, what more could you want? As far as looks, well, it’s not super but it’s better than yamahas re-creation of a starship troopers bug.

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