2009 Yamaha R1 horsepower and torque revealed

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2009_Yamaha_R1_bugeyes.jpgFor some reason, bike manufacturers have stopped quoting power and torque figures for new models. This could be to do with variations in individual engine power due to production tolerances, but we’re guessing it’s to avoid both litigation and legislation. So thanks to our saner European neighbors, we can reveal that the 2009 Yamaha  R1 makes 180bhp at 12,500rpm and 85lb/ft of torque at 10,000rpm. In comparison the 2008 R1 made 178bhp and 83lb/ft, both figures occurring at the same revs as the new model and all figures sans forced induction. Considering that the 2009 model is 2kg heavier than before, all this appears about even. Of course, the big difference will come in the way the new motor and its M1-like crossplane crankshaft delivers its power. We have yet to figure out exactly how that works, but we’ll get back to you when we do.
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  • http://www.robotribe.com robotribe

    Nice shot. If Wall-E were a motorcycle…

    • Speed Racer[Tom]

      Wall-E…. nice bike and a improvment for Yamaha. just give the bike some treds and it would fit right in. to the robot world that is…

  • Dr.Danger

    It’s looking at me.

    The new motor sounds really interesting though.

  • zbg8000

    Crossplane is just fancy marketing speak for a big bang engine.
    Instead of a cylinder firing every 180 degrees of rotation of the crankshaft in an even power supplying interval, the cylinders fire relatively close together then a long uneven interval passes before the cylinders reach they’re firing order again. This causes the tire to have more time in which to recover traction and match engine speed between power pulses.

  • Devious

    A cross plane crank is NOT a big bang engine.

    A normal inline 4-cylinder engine uses a flat plane crankshaft (pairs of connecting rod journals are 180 degrees apart) and fires each cylinder evenly 180 degrees apart – 2 cylinders each revolution.

    A big bang I4 uses a normal flat plane crankshaft (the connecting rod journal pairs are 180 degrees apart) and fires PAIRS of cylinders at the same time, with one pair firing each revolution.

    A cross plane crank ( with all 4 rod journals 90 degrees apart) sets the firing order 90 degrees apart at the closest, and 270 degrees apart at the farthest. So the firing order can be either evenly spaced (180 degrees apart), oddly spaced (90, 180, and 270 degrees apart). There is no way to fire pairs in unison as in the big bang firing order.

    Yamaha seems to be using an oddfire firing order on the cross plane crank.

    • hap

      Big Bang engines do NOT fire cylinders at the same time. “Dock” described the big bang engine very well. The main reason for developing this type of engine was to give the rear tire a rest to keep the tire gripping. They basically tried to copy what Twin Cylinder Flat Tracker bikes did with their odd firing order.

  • Dock

    Take your average 1 cylinder 4 stroke thumper. To go through the normal 4 stroke sequence it goes through 720 degrees of crank rotation (like any 4 stroke engine.)

    180 degrees of crank, piston pulls the mix down.

    180 degrees of crank, piston compresses the mix up.


    180 degrees of crank, piston does down under combustion pressure.

    180 degrees of crank, piston pushes the exhaust gasses out.

    Cycle complete. 180 + 180 + 180 + 180 = 720.

    With an even-fire 4 cylinder (flat crank) like last year’s R1, you can say that you get one Bang from one of the cylinders every 180 degrees, and that works.

    But with the throws on the new crank phased at 90 degree angles, it helps to compare apples to apples.

    If you cut the cycle into 90 degree slices, you can see things more clearly. I’ll put in a letter at every 90 degrees in the crank rotation – B for Bang, r for rest.

    The old R1 would look like this (Bang, rest):

    B – r – B – r – B – r – B – r

    Evenly spaced bangs, evenly spaced rests between bangs.

    The new one might (because I don’t know the real firing order) be able to fire like this:

    B – B – B – B – r – r – r – r

    Hence the “long bang.” And also, the long rest. I’m not sure what the actual firing order is, this is just an example. It could even look like this:

    B – r – B – B – r – r – B – r

    It remains to be seen. Mainly, 90 degree phasing gives the engineers latitude to make these kinds of decisions.

  • Mike

    goto youtube and search for crossplane engine.

    the first video that comes up is the 09 r1 and it has a pretty good animation of how the firing order works.

  • Sean Jordan
  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforum.com Isaac

    85lbs of torque huh? I guess I can handle this bike. I got feel 100lbs on a Super Duke R. It was fun!!!!!

  • http://www.aiqu.wnqxfy.com melf xqkoha

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  • 09 R1 Rider

    I have one. I previously rode an 07 R1 and it is like night and day. The suspension and cornering was the first thing I noticed as the bike was in STD mode. But setting the mode to A mode gives it that V-twin feel that Yamaha has been bragging about at the lower RPM which took precedence over the suspension. The bike has much more seat room compared to the nut cracking 2007 and sits up higher also. I could go on all day about it. Personally, I am very pleased and it has lived up to all the hype so far.

  • jules

    I think from Yamaha statements that it fires at 270, 180, 90 and 180 so the sequence is b-b-b-r-r-b-r-r then repeat so it isnt as long bang as it could have been nor as short. It has 3 power strokes within 180 degrees then one after 2 dead (90 degree) phases just to help the pistons keep moving during a further two dead phases up onto compression for the next long bang comprising 3 firings. Am I right? Feels great in practice. I had a test ride!

  • chad

    i dont have a clue how it works, but it sure sounds good and its fast!

  • Paul

    I just bought the 09 R1 and it is the smoothest bike ive owned, and if you ride bikes with 150+ hp you know its all about transfering the power evenly to the rear wheel… this is bike 4 for me in the last six years(2 hondas, 1 Suzuki)… and i am very impressed…

  • Mike K (09 R1 owner)

    I’ve done 5 weeks of good riding on my black 09 r1 (1300 miles). I’ve come to the conclusion that I couldn’t have picked a better bike. This is technically my “first bike”. Although i’ve riden a gsxr 750 and a busa once in a while it’s still my first personally owned. And if I had a dollar for everytime someone said “You can’t handle an R1!” Since i’m 19 years old, I would have another one. I think it was perfect for me because of the 3 modes it has to offer. For starters I rode on “B mode” which i like to call “r6 mode”. Because in that i had just a little more power then my friends with r6′s and chr 600′s. Anyhow, I used B mode to break in my engine up to 400 miles (I’m surprised i did go that long without running it hard). But B mode even impressed me, I learned to respect the bike and it eased me into the riding process. However, after those 400 B mode miles I switched into A mode. No doubt about it, the torquiest bike out of my group. It’s acceleration is unreal, I give busa’s a run for their money and leave 600′s eating shit. It’s such a beautiful bike and I have put a few mods on it. First I got evotech sliders, which are great. Gas tank pad, new grips fender eliminator and most of all Two Brothers Slip on exhaust. The bike runs sooo smooth and the sound is better then I could have asked for. It just rumbles down the street and when I hit over 11k in the rpms it’s just streaming. Overrall though I think I chose the perfect bike and although I was sketchy on the look of the 09 r1 at first, I’m in love with it now.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I really hope you’re wearing head to toe gear, and quality gear at that, because when you crash it’s not going to be pretty.

    • darren

      19 is usually way too young for a bike like this. Maybe your more mature then average but be careful. Just cause you can take a turn or two and get up past 150mph doenst mean you can handle it. Can you handle resisting the urge to race? the urge to not show of infront of flashing tits? The urge is lurking, are you man enough to know and respect your limits? I really do hope so cause if your not, you wont see 22. Think will you ride and be safe!!

  • Vann

    I have had my 09 R1 since May now and I have put 3200 miles on it of which almost 1000 miles are on the track. I am 39 years old and I have been riding since I was 8. I learned on the dirt and graduated to sport bikes in high school. My first was the Honda Intercepter 500, nice bike for a starter I had fun with it. Next was a Kawasaki Ninja 1000R, this bike was very fast on a long straight but handled like the Titanic. I fell in love with the Suzuki GSXR 750 after that and had several different year models over a 10 year span. Got out of the sport bikes for a while and went to the big twin with a harely softail, total 180 when it comes to power and handling. Good for light to light drag racing and taking your girl for a cruze. This year my 19 year old son decided to buy a used R1 older model. This was not his first street bike so please dont bash him for being a 19 year old with an R1. Any way I rode his bike a few times and yes it handled well and had plenty of pep to get you going. After seeing him on the track I got the bug and could not resist doing the same. But I was more interested in buying a twin (Buell) becuase I wanted the low and midrange torque to pull out of the corners on the track. I test drove the 1125R twice and didnt hold back any, the handled well, the brakes were impressive and the torque I felt while riding was what I was looking for. Thank God they didnt get right with me on the price. One week later I test drove the 09 Yamaha R1, HOLY SMOKES this bike was awesome. It handled very well, the midrange torque was comparible to that of any V-Twin I had ever ridden and the power was outstanding nothing like any other 4-banger I have ever owned, as you can see this is not my first rodeo. First thing I done after purchasing my R1 was switch out the monster stock pipes for and Akrapovic full system with carbon canisters, these pipes are excellant more power and they sound wonderful. I added a power cammander and got it dyno tuned. This bike is off the chain now, the power is sick, Be warned this bike will stand tall very quickly with these modifications. I will be honest it has alot more power than I may ever be able to handle. I have had it on the track several times and I have no complaints, other bikes in its class do not stand a chance. This bike has relentless smooth power all the way through the RPM range, by far for the money this bike is the most powerful best all round sportbike on the market now. Keep her rubber side down, race on the track not on the street.

    • Tony Henriques

      If u dont mind me asking what kind of numbers did it make I recently did a full brock exhaust power commander and a race filter and just trying to get an idea of what kind of #s I should have made thanks

  • Chuck

    Hey guys,
    looks like some great info and stories here, I just want to add a little about my bike; a 04 R1 I have put a commander on it and done a couple of small mods to it, the thing is a beast, I have, since 05 spanked many bikes including busa’s GXR’s and Kaw 10′s, I have had it right at 200 and let off on the interstate, I have the ticket to prove it…lol Not real great on curves though, seems it wants to stand up and I have to fight it to keep it down on a sharp curve… Anyone have any suggestions on handling equip. Oh, I am 43, a state Cop, and formerly 7th grp SF Officer in Iraq, this bike is about the closest to jumping out of a plane I have gotten… Anyway the last part is a disclaimer on being a “juice junkie”, but I have been riding for about 10 years or so, alot of dirt X Cross in past… I recently got a custom paint scheme on it and hidden LED’s behind the plastic for the glow effect while in shows. Funny story… I went to a all in one bike shop and talked to the Mgr. who was a pro rider in the day, after telling him what I was looking for he allowed me to ride a GXR 1000, then a Honda, and a Busa, I came back and all seemed pretty impressive, then he laughingly told me that they only had one R1 and it was going to be the shop’s show bike, and of course I talked him into a ride, honestly I tried to kill all of them and upon return on the R1 I felt sick to my stomach, I got off and put both hands on my knees and looked up at him smiling and saying “what did ya think”, I said “I’ll take it”. the rest is, or has been a fun ride.

  • Brandon

    Cross plane firing helps to eliminate inertial torque (caused by the long 180 degrees between firings) and maximize cylinder torque (that caused by the firing itself). This combination makes the bike more predictable and ridable.

  • Ankit Ahlawat

    Nice bike guys.. I like it very much n planning to buy it in near future. I m from INDIA