2009 Yamaha R1 revealed with big bang engine

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2009_Yamaha_R1-1.jpgThe 2009 Yamaha R1 has been officially unveiled by Yamaha, and as we predicted, it has a Yamaha M1-like big bang firing order. The first time a big bang engine has been used on a production bike, Yamaha is calling it “Crossplane Technology” and it puts each connecting rod 90º from the next, meaning the cylinders fire at 270°- 180°- 90°- 180°. This spreads out the power pulses to the rear tire, allowing it to regain traction in between each pulse. The result is more usable traction under large throttle openings, meaning riders will be able to accelerate out of corner earlier and harder. While the rest of the machine appears fairly conventional, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Update: Check out the official launch video after the jump. The engine sounds awesome, shame about the cheesy voice over.
2009_Yamaha_R1-3.jpg The first thing you’ll notice about the new R1 will be the round projector beam headlamps set into openings that mimic the traditional R1 shape. This is more than just styling however, the headlight opening incorporate the forced air intakes. The designers also included retractable eyelids to differentiate between dip and full beam. Basically, a plastic cover conceals part of the beam when dipped, and retracts to fully reveal when the high beam is needed. Despite the huge, ugly underseat exhausts –necessitated by draconian emissions and sound regulations in Europe — Yamaha claims better mass centralization, largely made possible by the sexy magnesium rear subframe.

2009_Yamaha_R1-7.jpgThe aluminum Deltabox frame is also all new, using a combination of gravity cast, die cast and stamped components for the lightest possible weight. The engine is also a stressed member. Yamaha claims and ideal mix of rigidity, flex and low weight. A Honda-like electronic steering damper, that varies the degree of damping depending on speed, serves to keep the whole thing pointed forward.

2009_Yamaha_R1-5.jpgAs with the previous R1 and the 2008 Yamaha R6, ride-by-wire Yamaha Chip Control Thottle and Chip Control Intake are also present, smoothing out your inputs and optimizing power and torque. There’s also Suzuki-like variable engine mapping, which allows you to switch through three different ranges of power delivery and throttle sensitivity settings.

2009_Yamaha_R1-2.jpgYamaha has switched to quoting a wet instead of dry weight. So we can’t yet compare old and new models. But at 206kg (454lb) wet, it should only gain less than 1% overall. 

The official press release follows:


    * In the supersport liter class, there’s always lots of talk about power. You expect that. What you wouldn’t have expected – until now – is a radically superior way to deliver that power. Introducing the 2009 YZF-R1, the first ever production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. Crossplane technology, first pioneered in MotoGP racing with the M1, puts each connecting rod 90° from the next, with an uneven firing interval of 270°- 180°- 90°- 180°. This all but eliminates undesirable inertial crankshaft torque, which allows the engine’s compression torque to build smoothly and provide a very linear power delivery out of the corners. It’s a feeling that’s simply unmatched, like having two engines in one: the low-rpm torquey feel of a twin with the raw, high-rpm power of an inline 4. In fact, the new YZF-R1 is not a continuation of existing supersport development; it is breakthrough technology that represents a paradigm shift in both technology and performance.
    * This next-generation R1 keeps all the technological superiorities developed for its predecessor: YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) is MotoGP inspired fly-by-wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response. YCC-I is Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake which is a variable intake system that broadens the spread of power. The fuel injection system provides optimum air/fuel mixtures for maximum power and smooth throttle response.
    * The R1 features Yamaha D-MODE (or drive mode) with rider-selectable throttle control maps to program YCC-T performance characteristics for riding conditions. The standard map is designed for optimum overall performance. The “A” mode lets the rider enjoy sportier engine response in the low- to mid-speed range, and the “B” mode offers response that is somewhat less sharp response for riding situations that require especially sensitive throttle operation. Switching maps is as easy as pushing a button on the handlebar switch.
    * In keeping with this machine’s exceptional cornering ability and crisp handling, the all new aluminum frame has been designed to offer exceptional rigidity balance. The rear frame is now lightweight CF die-cast magnesium, contributing the optimum mass centralization. Suspension includes new SOQI front forks which use one of the tricks developed for our winning MotoGP bikes: independent damping. The left fork handles compression damping and the right side handles the rebound damping. And the rear shock adopts new bottom linkage for optimum suspension characteristics. Want even more? For the first time, R1 comes standard with an electronic steering damper.
    * All new bodywork does more than add break-away-from-the- crowd styling. Completely new, the new model has a more serious, less busy look. The side fairing is smoother for a sleeker appearance. And, instead of the usual four bulb headlight design, the ’09 model now has only two projector-type bulbs mounted closer to the nose of the bike. This positions ram air ducts closer in for a more compact, smooth look. In addition, the rounded lenses are new and unique to the supersport industry.


    * Crossplane crankshaft technology proven in victory after victory on MotoGP machines provides a high-tech uneven firing interval. Unlike typical in-line-four engine design, where the two outer and two inner pistons move together in pairs with 180°intervals, the crossplane crankshaft has each connecting rod 90° from the next with a unique firing order of 270° -180° – 90° – 180°. This overcomes the inherent fluctuations in inertial torque during each engine revolution, and the accompanying peaky torque characteristics. Instead, compression torque continues to build, giving the rider more linear throttle response with awesome power and traction out of the corners.
    * To maximize rider comfort as well as power output, this newly designed engine adopts a coupling-type balancer that rotates in the opposite direction as the crankshaft.
    * This engine features new forged aluminum pistons to take maximum advantage of the power characteristics. As proven on previous models, titanium intake valves are lightweight titanium.
    * A forced-air intake system is adopted to increase intake efficiency by using the natural airflow during riding to pressurize the air in the air cleaner box. This contributes to outstanding power delivery characteristics in the high-speed range, while the design also helps to minimize intake noise.
    * Slipper-type back torque-limiting clutch greatly facilitates braking/downshifting from high speed.
    * The exhaust system is completely new. It’s meticulously designed to enhance engine output while, thank
s to its threeway catalyst technology, also reducing exhaust emissions. The silencer is a single expansion type, and, the sound coming through from the unique crossplane-crankshaft-equipped engine is unlike any other in-line four cylinder production supersport.
    * This fuel-injected engine takes full advantage of YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle), the MotoGP-inspired fly-by-wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response. There’s also YCC-I, Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake, the variable intake system that broadens the spread of power. Fuel injectors have 12 holes for precise fuel delivery that translates to the most power from every fuel charge.
    * Have it your way, thanks to Yamaha D-MODE variable throttle control. There are three modes that control how YCC-T responds to throttle input from the rider. The selectable “A” mode puts more emphasis on acceleration in low to midrange rpm. “B” mode, on the other hand, provides less sharp response to input for riding situations that require especially sensitive throttle operation. Selecting the map you want is as easy as pressing button on the handlebars.


    * The frame is completely revamped, with a combination of uncompromising rigidity where needed along with carefully achieved flex for the precise rigidity balance this bike needs to give the rider the full benefit of its handling and engine characteristics. No one-technique-fits-all-needs design, it is a sophisticated combination of CF die-cast, stamping, and gravity casting… the exact technology needed for each portion of this advanced frame.
    * New SOQI front forks take a page from the championship-winning design of our MotoGP weapon, the M1. Since both forks always move together, compression damping duties can be confined to the left fork, while rebound damping is precisely handled by the right fork.
    * The new SOQI rear shock both high and low speed compression damping plus an easy-to-use screw adjustment for preload. This unit also adopts a pillow-ball-type joint for exceptional shock absorption, road hold feeling, and damper response. To achieve maximum performance, a new bottom linkage is used to work with the rest of the chassis refinements for brilliant, crisp handling characteristics.
    * Factory racers get machines tailored to their preferences. Welcome to the club. R1 has adjustable footrests, with a 15mm height and 3mm front-to-rear adjustment.
    * Long valued equipment on the track, an electronically actuated steering damper is standard equipment on the new R1.
    * The press-formed fuel tank has a shape developed using 3-D simulation analysis technology. The elongated shape of the tank allows it to fit neatly within the frame in a way that promotes concentration of mass.


  • http://www.motomeme.com motomeme

    Crud, you guys beat me again. =)

  • Clive

    As a 2002 R1 owner, I have to say i’m disappointed.

  • contender

    That exhaust is huge. Yikes.

  • SteveR

    My favorite line:

    “As proven on previous models, titanium intake valves are lightweight titanium.”

  • Steve Zielenski



    How about a 130-150HP bike in the 350lbs (wet) range. Less power+Less Weight = More Fun

    • T.L. Scott

      Cafe racers want lighter for faster turns .

      Street racers want straight line acceleration ,
      where light weight is not key .

      Todays super bikes are all
      Engine ,
      Rubber frames , too much “trail” ,
      Bad suspension. Invert shocks allow one-piece Carbon Fiber upper ! Also BMW street bikes w/ 2 ball joints could use one piece Carbon Fiber upper .
      Bad brakes . ( tiny holes in pads , NOT rotors) .
      Clutches are never wet in racing machines.

      Rules force engine size lower . Much larger Atkisson cycle or Miller cycle engines are same weight . Better throttle responce , More fun

      I can only praise the Japaneese engines …
      Engines are good enuf to power a Ultra-Lite .
      2 shafts with 80 teeth , one on each side ,
      drives 40″ props , is the lightest , most
      reliable airplane power plant .

      • brad

        Clutches are never wet in racing machines?! I take it you’ve never been to a race track?

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Get used to it, contender. With continually harsher emissions laws, we’re going to have to sacrifice a little bit of aesthetic litheness for god-like power.

  • EJC

    Sigh – looks like it got caught pinching a loaf.

    Also looks like you’ll have to cut the faring to put in frame sliders.

    So sad – maybe in six months it won’t look so bad.

    As an 06 R1 owner, this stops me in my tracks. Maybe I can find a used 1098….

  • Mike


    Get a R6 if you want less power and less weight……

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to trying that big bang engine.

  • http://www.tlzone.net crashtd

    big bang engine = good

    the headlight pooping out of the eye socket look = bad

    Yamaha reached aesthetics nirvana when the 2004 R1 came out, its been downhill since. (I might be biased).

  • http://flailings.blogspot.com/ Dan

    one interesting detail that’s not nearly as technically impressive is the red frame and swing arm option (on the web site) Apart from the ER6 I can’t think of a previous bike without a silver or black frame.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Dan: Thanks, I added the white w/red frame to the article above. Looks like that’s a Euro-only color.

    Bikes with colored frames:
    KTM’s R range
    Many Ducatis with red trellis frames
    Aprilia RSV-R Factory
    Aprilia Shiver
    there’s a few others.

    Hopefully, unlike the ER6, this finish won’t rub off at the very site of a boot/keychain/weather.

  • Dock

    Oh man. This bike had better provide an absolutely DIVINE riding experience because it looks like a dog’s breakfast. How can Yamaha make such a good looking bike (R6) and such a dreadful looking one?

    Oh well. Maybe new R1 owners can sell their end cans to B-King owners looking for something slightly more subtle. (Only slightly, mind.)

    That new Fireblade looks better and better every day – and in Repsol colors for next year no less…

  • Mitch

    I agree with the ‘pinching a loaf’ sentiment. Tail all squated up, eyeballs bulging out. Maybe it’s the ‘Big Dump’ engine.

  • Peter

    Finally! Japan makes an inline-4 that I’d actually like to own. Thank god they’ve made “Big Bang” available to the masses. Now there’s an I-4 that will feel at home with the twins in the garage.

  • http://flailings.blogspot.com/ dan


    Yeah, within minutes of writing about the coloured frame I remembered the Ducatis, KTMs, HP BMWs etc. I guess I should have confined my comment to Japanese bikes.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com nick2ny

    They keep going on and on about torque, but this shouldn’t technically have more torque than an engine with a normal firing order, right? I thought that the benefit was in the pulses, not the actual amount of torque…

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Nick: correct. But the way that a rider experiences torque varies greatly. Technically, 1,000cc inline-fours make more torque than 1,000cc v-twins, but everyone always talks about how torquey those are. They’re not, they just deliver what they have in a way that emotes it.

  • SDMike

    I don’t think this is a big bang engine. Big bang engines concentrate all their pulses and then essentially coast. This engine seems to evenly spread out the power with the even crankshaft spread. I wish there was a sound clip as I think this bike will sound quite a lot like a Honda VFR. The firing interval is the same anyway.

  • Tanshanomi

    “This spreads out the power pulses to the rear tire…”

    Actually, big bang engines do the opposite, bunching them up rather than spreading them out. A typical single-plane 4-stroke crank has perfectly spread out power pulses, and that’s the problem that big bang engines are designed to combat.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Tanshonomi and SD Mike:

    Both of you are correct.

    When I say it “spread out the power pulses” i mean it creates more of a gap between them. It’s this gap that’s important to the traction characteristics of the engine, allowing the tire to regain traction between the pulses.

    This is more of a long bang than a big bang engine, we’ll have an article later that explains exactly how this works. For the time being, check out the video clip in the article above to hear the engine running.

  • Shereef

    Until yesterday, I thought the Fireblade was the ugliest bike I had seen. Yamaha needs to fire the whole art department for allowing this. When I first saw the bike, I thought it was some kind of joke, but then I realized it was a nightmare come true. I know looks aren’t important to some self-righteous riders who say it all about performance, but honestly, this is just bad.

    My god, this bike is just too ugly.

    Yamaha you fail.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    The styling could come across better in person than what we see above, hopefully.

    I do like the use of the projector lights & wish Buell had retained that look on the 1125R.

    Perhaps a different layout between the intake and projector lights would be spot on for the R1?

    The tail section does need work. Suzuki’s return to the 2 cannons on either side is a welcomed return instead of increasingly bulky undertails. With ti or cf, the cannons on either side should not impact centralized mass too much.

    Plus, when the overall bike is as small as the R1, the cannons on each side would accentuate a forward motion

    Wes – I look forward to the other article . Good stuff

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    Hoyt: me too, but I’ve got to figure it out first!

  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforum.com Isaac

    You know what in this bikes defense I’d have to say that I am positive we all hated the new CBR1000 RR when it came into our sportbike world. When I saw that bike in person I fell in love and when I heard her moan I was even more smitten. Maybe the same will be true when I see this beast in person. Hopefully it will prove to be more beauty with all the beast in the engine where it belongs.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Isaac, I’m afraid you’ll need to speak for yourself concerning first impressions of the 2008 CBR100RR. Wes and I both thought it was the best looking thing shy of a Desmosedici RR the moment it was released.

    I’m having a hard time understanding Yamaha’s direction for ditching some of the R1′s best branding features. I’d really like to think it’s not been radicalized for the sake of being radical.

  • Isaac

    Well, I hope some after market exhaust manufacturer makes a ‘slimmer’ looking component for the new R1. I think that will be the only think us mere mortals can do to clean up that tail; Unless your a fabrication master. I just think (for me at least) that I need to see the bike in person.

  • andrew

    that cross fire pattern is pretty gangster but…

    i second grant.

    the cbrliter is gorgeous, light, and fast.

  • http://screamingrockets.motionsforum.com/ Isaac

    Yes I agree the CBR is very light and sexy. However I am still holding out for the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 road bike. Then I will make my liter bike decision. I want to know the power of the R1 at the wheel as well as the the RC8, CBR, 1098, GSX-R (K9) and ZX10-R.

  • Bill

    Well reading through all these comments i have to agree, as an R1 owner I’m very dissappointed. It has to be the ugliest superbike I have ever seen! How could they get it so wrong? I was so excited when I saw artist impressions of what It may look like but what a shock! Yamaha wont get my hard earned cash, big dump or no!

    • brad

      Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Performance is a beautiful thing.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant

    Don’t get me started about the Aprilia, Isaac. The best and most beautiful bike I’ve ever owned was a 1999 RS250, track only version…

  • Dock

    When analyzing the long bang motor, don’t forget that the crank has to go through 720 degrees of rotation before the entire cycle is complete. So there’s a long bang and a long rest as well.

    When I spent my tender youth in design college, we had a single and most damning word for a design presence such as this, and it applies in the most gruesome way:


  • Isaac

    I tried Photoshop CS3. However I still don’t know about this bike. Here is the render.

  • Isaac
  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes

    That last one’s really nice Isaac. I’d ride that.

  • D3@7hpr00f

    r u serious?

    honestly this motor is gonna be the future of inline fours… an as a 05 r1 owner im not disappointed at all…yea the exhaust is huge but who says you cant get aftermarket… and i actually like the lights… same as the current w out the plastic covering it… and as far as the appearance u can customize it to look however u like… n for all the haters dont b upset when this fatty comes flyin by

  • bugref

    Its not a Big Bang, Yamaha based on their M1 concept that is now back to its winning ways called it LONG BANG, since cylinder is fired 90 degrees apart.

    almost everybody called it a little bit fat but its weight is 10lbs lighter compared to the 2008 version. the 2009 version is the closest to the M1 since it has a firing order like the of the M1 already.

    Put a pneumatic Valve Spring on it and it will be a cousin of M1 already ahahahahah.

  • bugref

    But the LONG BANG has one disadvantage though vibrations. but somehow they are able to developed a solution in handling this undue vibrations and thats putting weights, to counter balance those vibrations. So Far its been doing good on their M1. so I think that weights is an innovative solution. in making the engine run smoothly.

  • paulyobishop

    To be honest I don’t see what all the bitc*n is about. The bike looks good except for the tail section and that can be fixed by aftermarket parts. As for power at the rear the new zx10 is the best then the gixxer. Look at the 07 and the 09 side by side, I have not that much of a diff to be honest. I think peoples minds will change when they c it in person and get on one. It is still one of the best looking bikes out there!!

  • http://www.screamingrockets.motionsforum.com/ Isaac


    I think you said it brother. I first I hated the bike but the more I look at it the more I appreciate it. I am just as optimistic as you are about after market parts. I was messing around in Photoshop again and I threw some Forged Marchesini’s and Brembos on it as well as a Povi exhaust. IT LOOKED BAD A–!

    If anyone wants to see it email me at; isaac9698@msn.com

    I am in the process of moving. So, If I dont reply right away don’t think I’m ignoring you.

  • Grant

    As the owner of a 99 model R1 – then upgraded to an 04 model I was looking forward to my next upgrade. Thinking it would match the looks of the R6. What the….. The 04 looks way better than this ‘Big Dump’ model.
    Surely the same group did not design the 09.

  • Yam07R6

    I thought that the bike looked bad at first but after watching the yamaha micro site video I started to like it. I think when this bike hits the showroom people will like the way it looks alot more.

    The exhaust is an easy fix, the lights close together in the front are not going to be that exaggerated in person. I am looking forward to this bike. BTW your always will get Suzuki and Honda owners ripping on Yamaha. If you think the new Honda is a nice looking bike you need glasses and that is a fact. The front end looks like a Barneys head. JMO of course.

  • Sam

    It looks sucky I agree fire everyone on the design team I think I will buy the new Honda and I have had yamaha R1s every year since 2003 Time to move on

  • Ron

    Don’t go out and buy the fugly new blade. The k9 gixxer is to be released in about 2 days from now and it’s bound to put suzuki back on top of the litre class in every aspect where they belong.

    this trend of putting litre motors in 600cc chassis has got to end. It makes for really ugly bikes.

    I used to like most R1′s except for the very wide “dashboard” feeling they give when you sit on it. This 2009 model is like the hummer of R1′s!!

  • Ron

    oh and the can’s on the back of this thing looks a lot like the ti cans from the k5/6 suzuki, mounted upside down. Only there’s two of them where the gixxer had one.

  • Ron

    sorry one last criticism – those indicators went out of fashion in 2003.

  • Brett Sell

    The 09 R1 looks great in my opinion. I think the two headlights look mean as hell coming at you. The motor is redesigned for better application of power with a bad ass new sound. I agree the exhaust is a little fat but its an easy aftermarket fix….which most people do anyways. And I’m sorry to say guys when Yamaha redesigns their bikes it takes the other 3 companies about 4 years or so to catch up and that is a FACT. When the R1 came out in 04 it was at the top….and it wasn’t until 08 that it started to show its age. The 09 facelift will put Yamaha back on top again….right where it belongs.

  • Iwantabigfatliterbike

    Rong says “this trend of putting litre motors in 600cc chassis has got to end. It makes for really ugly bikes.”

    I agree. Having big power AND nimble handling is such a horrible trend. LOL

  • Silent Assassin

    What the hell were they thinking ? I’m glad I didn’t wait on the 09 and went ahead and bought the 08 Raven

  • Niteen

    This bike blows, I thought about it and decided a Ducati 1098 is the way to go.

  • Americo

    the 2009 yamaha R1 is awesome.its out of this world.it has the KW of a in line 4 and the NM of a twin. now come on,are you sure don’t want that

  • Tony

    I think most people instinctively know when something looks good, with the odd exception of the minority (and that can be attributed to bad eyesight, up-bringing, mental illness etc etc) I guess you can call it taste. Or in this case, bad taste.
    Officially, there is no real debate to be made, Yamaha have squandered a perfect opportunity to produce, at the very least, a half decent looking bike but instead have almost deliberately gone out of their way to create this monstrosity that is the 09 R1. Now it’s not like Yamaha haven’t got a clue, the R6 is a perfect example/ exercise of balance, style and performance, so we know they can do it. We know there will be ever increasing obstacles and challenges manufacturers have to overcome like issues of ever increasing emission laws and the resulting increase in exhaust size, configuration and catalytic converter placement etc, but if they applied as much ingenuity to their exhaust design as they do to their engines, I’m sure they could come up with something that doesn’t mimic touring panniers or propane gas cylinders subtly positioned either side of the swing arm or under the seat in this case.
    I sceptically looked at the British publication ‘Motorcycle News’ artistic impression of what they anticipated the new R1 would look like and I can honestly say, if Yamaha had produced anything close to it I would have been the first person to place a deposit. But I was doubtful about the compact style and sleek lines, the neat exhaust and the dreamy talk of Magnesium frame and engine components and not’s let forget about the ‘crème de la crème’ REAL traction control, not some Mickey Mouse switch on the handlebar.
    I currently ride a 1098s, and whilst the engine is still a little ‘agricultural’ there’s no doubting it’s a fairly attractive bike to look at albeit the exhaust could have been little sleeker. The handling and power, additionally, is good but the pinnacle of pretty much everything I have discussed is summed up with the 1098R, it is the complete package.. with one exception… it’s ridiculous price.
    In summary, Yamaha could have produced a bike that looked like MCN’s vision and had wheel censored traction control for half the price of an 1098 R and people would have been queuing up to buy one. Alas…
    Do you know what it reminds me of?? When we were kids we had a lie-lo, a small inflatable bed for playing in the pool, this one had a big frog’s head which stuck up at the front. When you sat astride it like riding a horse the front and back would stick up either side of your body… perhaps Yamaha should have made it in green to get the look just perfect.

  • knowne

    Initial thoughts on the bike…WTF is the underseat exhaust still there? Where did my second set of light go? Front end looks buggy and the backside looks like it needs trim/diet. All that’s left is the pitch about the engine. Will it make a difference for riders that don’t track often and just ride the streets?

  • alaa

    sorry idont speak ingles good
    if any body can help mi to now any moto mor good from other honda cbr1000-2009
    suzuki gsx 1000-2009***yamaha r1 2009***
    evrey thing


  • animal

    av baught the new fireblade and its crap on the tight twisty stuff[no power out of
    the corners]you have to keep it in a lower gear than nessesary to exit the corner like i use to on my 1998 r1.but on the long sweepers boy does it go.perhaps i can buy the new r1 and get it all back. (my mates k5 still blows me off} byee.

  • Roarke

    This bike is amazing it has defintly made a an provement

  • joel1

    I you are riding a new fireblade and getting dropped by a stock k5 you are doing it wrong.

  • olive

    i have a 2002 liquid silver with a mig high mount. looks awesome and just raw power. im happy. this bike doesn’t look too good. too “busy”

  • dave

    I have to say being the owner of a red/white 07 r1, this new bikes looks are terrible what is with the lights what were they thinking????although the engineering side of things sounds positive.

  • kenny

    I’m a 60 year old with a 04 R1 with 28,000 miles on it and half was on one wheel. my experience with new bike, cars,women,ect. is allways it takes some time to get used to new stuff.last year I bought the 600 gixr for my wife, that bike is really sweet[don't understand the traction button on a 600?], so I think I need to ride the new 1000 gsxr before I make the decision!kenny

  • silencer

    wow i saw the bike, sat on the bike, and still don’t like it. i shouldn’t have to put that much work into a bike after paying so much for it, to make it look how i want it to. yamaha is in a class of there own there bikes should look and perform that way.my opinion is they dropped the ball on the 09 .

  • chris rsa

    read this one! i am a suzuki fan,but sadly never owned one,and if yamaha keeps up giving beautiful bikes like the 09 r1i wont either.i am a proud owner of a yamaha thunderace.i have already driven 83 thousand kilos with it and without any trouble.in south africa we dont have emision laws,so i can fit any pipes i desire.this bike makes m heart ‘bang’!yamaha has earned m respect.but guys,all the japanese bonies have come a long way and i really dont think any of them are bad,but the new cbr needs serious body work.

  • http://www.poweryamaha.com Don

    Ok, sounds like most haven’t seen or ridden the new R1, at least for the posts further up the ladder….. The raven is sick. Get rid of the license plate setup w/ signals, new exhaust, and drop the mirrors. Stunning. Stunning. I will say, I am the proud owner of a 2009 raven R1 and it’s worth the little extra work. Great bike, unbelievable motor, great brakes, handles well. No bike looks perfect out of the box. Silence all you haters, ride one. Looks at the back end don’t mean anything when you’re riding it, only to those behind you!! And if you’re that worried about looks, buy a car. Motorcycle’s are about performance.


    Power Motorsports Parts & Accessories Manager

    • Huntermacd2009R1


      Amen. I am a 2009 R1 owner and am blown away by the bike. I have also owned a 2006 R1 and a 2007 R6S. “A” mode on the bike is straight Fing scary. I pull the thing to 12:15 for a mile in 1-5, but I don’t even think about pulling up in mode A, primarily because that is a given over 8K RPM.

      I have no clue what everyone is talking about with the looks of the bike. Some angles are better than others, but from the worst one the bike is subtlely fierce and from the best it is the one of the most gorgeous pieces of machinery 10 Thousand Zipper-Heads could pop out after Decades of world-class engineering.

      Exhaust should be swapped for after market slip-on’s……had the bike for 10 months and don’t feel the itch like I did with my other bikes.

      It really is an unbelievable machine.

      Balance point is high – fYI :)

      -Hunter 2009 R1

  • rob



    This is not a big bang motor. Its actually called a long bang motor believe it or not. power spread and all that… this is the first R1 that cought my attention in lets see 10 years. what is more amazing is the shock setup. one leg controls rebound and the other damping. what more can the japs think of. this bike, besides the looks, has just moved the benchmark for road bike perfomance to a new level. i dont care how it looks as long as you are in my rearview mirrors.

  • bugref

    well the 2009 R1 seems loved by, many already after Spies starts smashing Records, as a Rookie in World Superbikes.

  • Jarrett Carson

    Well i have just purchased my first R1. I pick up my 2009 R1 and I will post comments and let everyone know how they run.

  • boto

    i barely got my permit to drive a motorcycle. I don’t have much experience and the more I look @ the weird looking 2009 R1 it makes me want to get 1 and own the street. my 2nd choice is the gsx-r750. But the new engine of the R1 is roaring out my name. I went to look @ it today and 1 guy said he bought one and he couldn’t handle it, so he traded for an R6. i realize the R6 seat is higher than the R1. when are they going to make a lowering kit for the 09′ because if i cant wait for it, im going with gsx-r750

  • phil

    Just picked my new 09 up two days ago.Awesome power!!Cant wait til its broke in to really open it up.Should only take another day or so.

  • Anthony

    stop bitching about it unless you’ve driven one

    its Bliss to drive i love it !!!

  • Paul

    I love my new 09 R1… It is the smoothest of the 4 streetbikes ive owned in the last 6 years… anyone who rides a bike with 150hp+ hard through corners will love this bike… PS last bikes were 2 Hondas and a Suzuki…

  • JR

    As a buell rider for the last 5 years and being against japanese bikes… I just sold 2008 my buell Firebolt XB12R and got the new R1 and all have to say is daaaaammmnnnn it isnt as torquey as my buell but it is fast and also I love the look of the bike and the smoothness is great and I love the different throttle positioning button also!!!!!

  • Shawn

    I picked up a new yellow R1 2009 last week. I put 450 kms over the weekend. Not impressed at all!
    This is my 4th bike and I had a GSXR 1000 2007 for 3 years till a few weeks ago. GSXR is better bike in terms of performance and sitting position. Also my R1 tends to blow hot air to my legs when going slower than ~70km/hr. My next bike will not be an R1.

  • Stevebox360

    I just picked up the new ’09 R1. My previous bikes have been a ’08 GSXR 600, ’04 CBR 1000rr and ’04 CBR 600rr. My first impression is WOW (just like many other reports out there), down low it feels like my buddies ’05 RC51, VERY throaty exhaust tone with an immediate power/torque delivery once the throttle is turned. Once its rolling and you open it up a bit more it has the inline 4 burst of speed which by far is the fastest I have encountered. Its a unique bike in the sense that it really has a DIFFERENT characteristic than any other street bike I have ever ridden, definitly in a class of its own. Very smooth bike. Looking forward to breaking in the drivetrain and tires and taking it up Angelus Crest to see what it can really do.

  • Justin

    I just picked up my new 09 R1 Raven yesterday. I’ve never riden any bike above a 600. My last bike was a 99 R6 and its been about 8 years since I’ve even riden a bike. I have slip on Yoshi pipes and I have to admit I will have to get used to the sound. I’ve believed the louder the better and never cared for the V-twin sound.

    Maybe my expectations were too high but when I pull the throttle all the way in 1st gear the front wheel doesn’t come up. I have to double throttle or pull up on the handle bars to get the tire to come off the ground.

    I also have a supercharged 05 Dodge Viper and it really feels faster than my R1. A few of my buddies said that it will feel faster once its broken in.

    I love the look of the bike and I’m not a pro racer anyway so maybe I should just ride it and quit worrying about why it’s so difficult to ride wheelies.

    • stevebox360

      What the hell is this guy talking about? Double throttle? This is a Liter bike! The front end will come up no matter waht! Pull up on the handle bars? Is this guy serious? This isn’t a BMX bike buddy boy!

      It’s nonsense posts from people who haven’t even rode this machine that give it such an aweful rap…I’ve owned this bike since June and I only rode it in A mode twice…thats how fast it is….PERIOD.

    • Brian

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I hope you have good health insurance SQUID!!!!!

  • Stevebox360

    QUOTE FROM LAST POST (Justin) “Maybe my expectations were too high but when I pull the throttle all the way in 1st gear the front wheel doesn’t come up. I have to double throttle or pull up on the handle bars to get the tire to come off the ground.”

    What the hell is this guy talking about? Double throttle? This is a Liter bike! The front end will come up no matter waht! Pull up on the handle bars? Is this guy serious? This isn’t a BMX bike buddy boy!

    It’s nonsense posts from people who haven’t even rode this machine that give it such an aweful rap…I’ve owned this bike since June and I only rode it in A mode twice…thats how fast it is….PERIOD.

  • Thomas Ehrhardt

    Been riding Yamaha for quite some time. I switched from a GSXR to an R6, then went to an FZS1. I am very impressed with how far Yamaha has come and I will continue to stick with it. On the R1 Crossplane…. SWEET!!! I am trading in the FZ1 for one here real soon.

  • MIKE


  • Hai Nguyen

    I import this Yamaha R1 1000cm3 from the US. Vietnam custom officer require emission certificate of this motor.
    Please help me
    Thank you all

  • a-rod

    I’ve owned my 09 r1 for a month now and I can say that this baby is fast. I ride it on a mode all day long and I can’t complain. I do agree the exhaust is a lil big but she is a sexy bike. I got the white/red and it turns heads on and off the highway. I love the aatention. good to kno that I own a bike that wonw bike of the yr..

  • MC

    my 99 R1 still does 90% of all that for under 3.5K
    its paid a long time ago. 385lbs 152hp. Cheap thrills.

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