2009 Yamaha R6 gets new engine mapping, flashy colors and tacky decals

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2009_Yamaha_R6-1.jpgThe 2009 Yamaha R6 was unveiled today in Las Vegas alongside its bigger sibling, the all-new 2009 Yamaha R1. As expected, not much has changed from the slightly re-geared and utterly amazing 2008 R6. In fact, the only major update is to the Engine Control Unit, which has been remapped for what Yamaha says is a better linear power delivery while driving out of the corners.
>2009_Yamaha_R6-2.jpgWe’re hip to the black and gold with it’s subtle textured variations and the traditional blue and black is always nice in terms of decent branding. We can’t say the same for the white-on-red-on-grey-on-magenta, much less the orange and black with those wonky tribal decals.

2009_Yamaha_R6-3.jpgTo be frank, between this Yamaha and Honda’s god-awful limited edition 2009 CBR600RR, we’re down-right frightened to see how the 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R ups the ante in this new war of ugly decals and color schemes.


  • Sasha Pave

    So much for being understated.

  • Rob Burch

    looks like I will be switching from Kawasaki to Yamaha for ’09 Roadracing Season.

  • Rob Burch

    looks like I will be switching from Kawasaki to Yamaha for ’09 Roadracing Season.

  • mplsripper

    That black and gold is a direct rip off of the 2008 Triumph Daytona 675 Special Edition!

  • Mindiraser

    Not a rip off of anything, do you research, the European R1 has had a Black and Gold color scheme before, they ripped off of themselves.

  • Mindiraser
  • jake

    any pictures of the european colours?

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  • ben dover


  • eldorideshonda

    Yamaha colors, bikes and despirit attempt to make them sound better than what honda offers makes me laugh and sick at the same time…. The bike is weak and the frankly the colors bore me try being creative for once there is nothing inovateive going on with yamaha AT ALL… Try makeing a 406 lb curb weight with ES and ABS. MAYBE just MAYBE you might be able to compete with honda but face it, there’s nothing like a honda and every motorcycle mag on the planet seems to agree

    • greg smith

      your not very smart are you?

    • Josh

      Honda made a cbr600rr that has a curb weight of 406 including ES and ABS? Sorry where did you get that info from? From what I’ve seen from the cbr600rr specs is that it weighs 410 WITHOUT ABS. And then 432 WITH ABS. Haven’t learnt to read yet have you?

    • Tony Shabani

      Get real. You’re obviously a die-hard Honda fan and don’t appreciate other bikes like you should. The R6 has always been known as one of the best track bikes any manufacturer has made. The power it delivers from it’s high-end RPM’s is unlike any other 600cc. I’ve raced my stock 2009 R6 with a 2007 Honda CBR600rr with a two brother’s exhaust and BMC air filter countless times and walked all over it with a roll off from 30 mph–150 mph. So right away, when you say the Yamaha engine is weak, you are clearly lying. I am 100% sure of that because I’ve delivered an ass whipping to Honda personally, and the guy damn well knows it. Also, don’t get caught up into what brand motorcycle seems to win a lot on TV. Those guys are professionals, and the winners are the ones that are the best racers. It is 90% racer and 10% motorcycle that determines who finishes a race in 1st place. Why would you go on a website for Yamaha and just talk about how it sucks and Honda is the best? You are a fool. Bro, I would’ve had a Honda right now, but I chose the R6 over any other 600 because I think it’s just the sexiest bike man has ever created. What you say on this website means almost nothing to all these other guys who are smart like me. And you want to brag about ABS? LOL Well, I guess Honda is really good at slowing down. Now if they can work on how to speed up, MAYBE, then MAYBE Honda will keep up.

  • ollieboy

    ‘face it, there’s nothing like a honda and every motorcycle mag on the planet seems to agree’
    Ha – they also seem to agree the new ZX6 is better than the CBR6. Apparently the R6 is a better track bike too

  • brian dicosmo

    the mags say whatever the highest bidder wants them to say. if you look to magazines to tell you what to get mabye you need to find a new hobby. opinions are like assholes. every one has one and they all stink. find the bike for you. if its not an r6 you should contemplate a 2009 new brain!

  • Lee

    I agreed when people says the yamaha R6 is the greaters 600cc sportbike. But the seat is too high atleast for us here in asia. So i think it’s little bit unfair for us. The other bike like suzuki and kawasaki can make their bike lower, why can’t yamaha?



  • Mr. G

    All bikes individually bring thier own uniqeness and style yet to say that Honda hands down is complete stupidity granted they are a smooth bike 2 ride doesn’t mean jack it’s obvious that if u feel only 1 bike is the best then u are a fucking moron bcuz not everyone is the same some people want a comfy bike which may draw them away from an aggresive r6 so to any one that is biastly ignorant before you make a claim only 1 bike is the best get please leave ure comments to yourself and save the time of pissing people off and frankly looking like a jackass oh and most of the time it also depends on the level of riding you’re at

  • mike g

    dam now im stuck between the triumph daytona 675 se and the beast

  • stu

    chill guys bikes are cool full stop ive had rrs r6s zx6r great bikes dont get drawn into whos the best bike shit as there are very little us road riders can tell difference apart from personal looks

  • Toth

    U r all little girls on Barbie sized scooters.. Get yourselves a mans bike like a 13 or 14.. Scared ass niggas

  • dan dowell

    Ihave a 2009 r6 blue and i love it

  • ruben teofilo

    só um maluco é que troca a r6 por uma 600rr a r6 é uma mota com maior disigner linda entao o preto e dourado deixa ainda mais gosto por ela tomem juizo

  • Chris Johnson

    Okay umm i want The 2009 Yamaha R6 !! send me a email and i’ll give you my shipping address tyvm. That bike is soo hot