450 Super Single racing to kick off at Mid-Ohio September 19-21

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450cc_super_single.jpgThe inaugural 450 Super Single race will be held at Mid-Ohio Raceway the weekend of September 19. The class should offer a high-speed, accessible class for less-experienced racers and old hands looking for a new challenge. We’re not so secretly hoping that the series will lead to road-legal 450cc single-cylinder sportsbikes.
>rsd-prod-450.jpgThe race, which will be held at the AMA Sports Road Race Grand
Championships is backed by Gavin Trippe, the man behind the Superbikers
series from the ‘70s. The bikes are made from 450cc MX chassis and
engines, tilted forward onto R6 forks and running shorter, wider
wheels. Available from Roland Sands for $14,999, he expressed interest
in building road-legal versions should there be enough demand. If this
race turns into a full-blown series, and that series finds popularity,
then we think there will be. Here’s hoping.

AMA via The Kneeslider

  • Ben

    I’ve been watching this idea grow, and I’m pissed that no one is giving credit to the Supermono racers here in the US and abroad, who have been building and racing 450 singles in custom chassis for multiple years now. Tigcraft out of England builds a beautiful chassis kit, that you can purchase for around $5,000 (last time I checked, which may have gone up some) slap in a 450 MX engine of your choosing, and go racing in the singles class of your choice. These 450 motocross bikes with slapped on suspesnion and bodywork, are not designed for road race use, the chassis geometry is wrong, yes it can be adjusted to some extent but none the less it’s taking something that is designed for one style or riding and trying to make it fit another. Why this gets press, simply because of who is behind it, instead of the validity of the work is beyond me. Combine that with the $14,999 price tag, and it’s nuts. A minimono Tigcraft can be built for under 10k, and I will put money up that says it will handle better than these things. Now, will this class allow the Tigcrafts? If so then game on.

  • http://setthemfree.tumblr.com Sasha Pave

    I really hope this gets popular and bleeds its way into street bikes.

    It’s promising that the euro manufacturers aren’t afraid of putting a racing 4-stroke engine in a street legal bike (KTM EXC, Husky, Gas Gas, Beta, etc.)

    I’m not counting on the Japanese doing this, they’re too concerned with reliability and maintenance for the US market. An example: The XR650r has been a dual sport in most countries except the US.